Everything You Need to Know About Your Pug’s Licking Behavior

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April 22, 2022

It can be tough to identify the exact reason why your pug licks here, there, and everywhere. Your pug may lick for many reasons. Your pug will frequently lick you as a way to show love, as licking is a natural response.

From the instant they are born, pug puppies are licked by their mommies. At this point, their eyes aren’t even open, but they have their very first sensory experience and become close to their mother. So, licking develops as a deep-seated habit and a crucial element of bonding.

Why Do Pugs Lick So Much?

Think of a pug’s licking as a sign of communication with you or with other dogs. Since pugs are licked by their mothers from birth, this behavior remains with them during their lives. A pug’s licking behavior generally conveys love and affection.

Your pug’s routine of licking may be due to other reasons as well.

  • To scratch off dead tissue
  • For keeping their noses moist as it enhances the smell
  • Some behavioral influences
  • A few medical reasons
  • To keep enjoying the salty taste of skin

In most cases, licking is not problematic. In some cases, though, licking may become concerning and a veterinarian might need to be consulted. A doctor can tell you whether your pug suffers from any behavioral or medical complications that cause extreme licking.

What Makes My Pug Lick?

A lot of pug owners want to know why do pugs lick so much? You may not be able to identify the root of your dog’s behavior. So many reasons are probable for pug illness, so you should monitor your pet carefully. When you become suspicious that your pug is licking unreasonably, it is recommended that you monitor their licking habits. The sooner it becomes customary, the harder it is to change.

You should perhaps keep a thorough log of when, where, and how your pug licks over some time. If your pooch is licking you, ensure that you note whether it is easy to stop it or divert them. Your pug may be licking more for numerous reasons.

  1. Medical Reasons

Sometimes your pug’s licking issue is produced by a primary medical condition. Simple reasons could be dehydration, nausea, or heartburn. Other times, licking can specify serious health problems. This can be due to some serious or temporary medical reason.

  • Bacteria, parasites, and fungus
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological problems
  • Dementia
  1. Behavioral Reasons

Licking can occasionally be caused by behavioral issues. There are many forms of behavioral reasons. Possibly your pug just wants more attention. Pugs are known to be attention seekers. Generally, they want to be loved and petted all the time. Pugs will lick you if you haven’t been holding them as much as they would like.

In distinction, if your pug develops unremitting nervous energy, something more important may be happening. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is sometimes characterized by extreme licking. It could be that your pug is in mental suffering if it licks too much or results in hair loss, cuts, and lesions.

  1. Natural Character

Pugs lick unconsciously. In addition to licking their mothers from the moment they are born, pugs also lick their mothers when they feel hungry and express their love to them. This is the same when you receive a kiss from your pug. Liking displays admiration and submission in the doggish world. Pugs lick their possessors to classify you as the pack leader.

Also, pugs use their tongues to discover and scrutinize the environment. Smell is one of the most important senses for dogs. A dog’s tongue comprises millions of sensory cells that help it understand its vicinity. It surely isn’t uncommon to find your pug licking your hand. Salty skin is a preferred outlet for many pugs, and they are also well known for being drawn to feet.

How Can You Stop Your Pug Licking?

A pug is known for licking and kissing moderately. But some people are worried about this behavior and they look for answers to why do pugs lick so much? What should be done if the licking gets out of hand? A habit of unsuitable licking may be more problematic to reverse as time goes on. First, you need to prevent your pug from licking.

Having these negative behaviors reinforced by our activities is not even a conscious decision. If your pug receives plenty of treats, cuddles, and attention for its licking, why would it want to stop?

Avoid Positive Strengthening

If your pug commences licking unduly or needlessly, you need to step back and ignore them. If your pug licks you over and over again, perhaps it’ll get some cuddles or petting in return. It will become usual if we do so.

Withdraw your attention for a few minutes if you want them to stop. Your pug will finally learn that kisses are not identical to cuddles if you follow this routine over time.

Command Training

If you feel that isn’t enough, increase the training routine of your dog with strong command. Say “no” inflexibly and clearly when your pug licks you. You should then walk away. You’ll have a new and operative training command in no time if you do this every time your pug goes in for a lick.

Make your pug more attentive by teaching it new tricks. Strengthen these new behaviors with positive support. When you want your pug to pay attention, you might want it to sit. Your pup will love a favorite treat and plenty of cuddling when it displays this behavior.

Once you have become familiar with sitting for attention, repeat the procedure until it becomes second nature.

Provide Mental Stimulation

If your pug is not getting enough mental encouragement, they might choose to lick. This might not be serious at first, but to keep your pug from needless mental suffering, you must offer your pet adequate attention, fun, games, and exercise.

Key Takeaways

If you’re often out and about, or busy working, make a mindful effort to spend more time with your pug. Pugs need love and attention to be strong. Giving this love to your pug is part and parcel of accountable pet ownership. Exercise and playtime are super significant. Exercise provides lots of mental stimulation in a new environment full of sounds, smells, and people.

Similarly, games and toys are a great way to maintain your pet’s mental health and liveliness when you are otherwise occupied. With so much to do and explore, licking will be far from their mind.