How Much Would a Boston Terrier Cost?

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April 15, 2022

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility, but it can also bring a lot of positive changes to your life. For instance, if you get a dog, you will become more active as you will have to take him out for walks. But before you decide to get a dog, it is important to do your research on the breed. You should also know how much it would cost so you can prepare for it accordingly.

Boston Terrier

Boston terrier is an American dog breed which is known for its striking appearance. The breed originated in the US in the last half of the 19th century. Boston terriers come in different colors but the most common one is black and white. The white color is often in the form of markings, while the darker color covers most of the dog’s body.

Other colors of Boston terriers include brindle and seal with white markings. There is also a blue-colored Boston terrier but it is not very common. It was created as a result of a genetic mutation.

Reasons to Get a Boston Terrier

There are over 300 dog breeds, which is why choosing one can be a difficult decision to make. But if you compare your needs with the breeds, you will be able to find a dog that’s suitable for you.

Friendly Nature

The number-one reason behind the popularity of Boston terriers is their friendly, loving nature. They love to play with kids, which is why they are the perfect pet for households with children. They are also very affectionate towards their owners. They are also a bit silly and clumsy, which means that you will never get bored with a Boston terrier.

Highly Intuitive

If you want a dog with the perceptive powers of a human, you should get a Boston terrier. If you are ever sad or crying, your Boston terrier will cover you with doggy kisses to make you feel better. They will also know when you are mad at them and feel remorseful. Their high intuition will help you form a strong bond with them.

Little Guards

Although Boston terriers are small in size and don’t have the appearance of guard dogs, they will protect you from danger. They will protect children from dangerous situations. They are also good judges of a stranger’s intention. If your Boston terrier is nervous around a stranger, it is their way of warning you of danger.

Low Maintenance

Another reason why Boston terriers make great pets is that they are low maintenance. You won’t have to worry about their coat every day. You can give them a bath once a week. If you train your pet properly, they will take baths happily and won’t cause you any unnecessary trouble.

Easy to Train

Boston terriers are stubborn by nature, which is why training them can be a challenge. But once you figure out how much they love to please their owners, training them would get a whole lot easier. As long as you are kind during training and reward positive behavior, the process won’t be difficult for you.

Affectionate Towards Everyone

Boston terriers are great with kids, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t make good companions of the elderly. If you want to get a Boston terrier for an elderly person, go ahead because it would be a great idea. These dogs can happily go on long walks with the elderly or enjoy a nice, quiet evening in the park.

How Much Does a Boston Terrier Cost?

If you are thinking of getting a Boston terrier, you would want to know the price in advance so you can prepare accordingly. However, Boston terrier prices vary greatly so knowing the cost in advance won’t help you much.

The average price of a Boston terrier puppy is $1300. But if you view the lowest and highest prices, you would know how wide the range is. The prices of Boston terriers begin at as low as $350 and go as high as $3,300.

If you go to a breeder to get a Boston terrier, you will have to pay more. But if you don’t want a purebred Boston terrier, you can visit local shelters to find yourself a little companion. You can also get in touch with rescuers to find yourself a Boston terrier.

Can a Boston Terrier Develop Undesirable Behaviors?

Some people notice their Boston terrier getting irritable or angry quite often. If that happens, the cause could be the surroundings of the dog. For instance, if you leave your Boston terrier alone for long periods of time, it will develop undesirable behavior. It may also get angry towards you for leaving it on its own.

In order to make sure that your dog’s psychological development occurs properly, you should provide them with a loving environment. You can train your Boston terrier to be more sociable and learn to handle different situations from an early age. Early training is necessary for turning your puppy into a calm, happy adult dog.

The Health of Boston Terrier

Every breed of dogs comes with its own health challenges. A Boston terrier can also be affected by certain health issues. Allergies, seizures, deafness, and corneal ulcers are some of the most common health problems that a Boston terrier may have to face during its lifespan.

Heart problems are also quite common in this breed. The protruding eyes of Boston terriers are also quite vulnerable. You will have to clean the eyes of your dog regularly. You will also have to wash their face every day to protect them from dust and germs.

Boston puppies often have to face difficulty breathing when the weather gets too cold or too hot. These dogs cannot give birth to puppies naturally due to their narrow pelvis. As a result, Boston terriers often give birth by cesarean section.

What Is a Boston Terrier’s Lifespan?

No one wants to say goodbye to their loving pets, but unfortunately, this is the cycle of life. You will have to say goodbye to your dog at some point. Although it will hurt you, it is better to be prepared in advance. The average lifespan of a Boston terrier is between 11 to 14 years. But unfortunately, most Boston terriers don’t live past the age of 10.

If you give your Boston terrier a balanced diet and take them out for walks regularly, you will ensure that they have a healthy life before they have to leave the earth.

Boston terriers make great pets and companions for everyone regardless of their age. But before you bring one home, do your research about its needs so you can get ready accordingly. It is also important to know the price of the dog beforehand so you don’t run into any surprises later.