Everything You Need to Know About the Blue Boston Terrier

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April 15, 2022

If you wish to have a small companion in your apartment that you can shower with love and affection, then getting a dog could be a good idea. However, dogs come in so many different sizes, which is why choosing the right one is very important.

The amount of time you can give to the dog and whether you have family or not can help you pick the right breed. For people who want a small but friendly dog, a blue Boston terrier could be a good choice.

What Is a Blue Boston Terrier?

Boston terrier is a breed of dogs that had its origin in the US. The breed has many names in the US but the most popular of them is “American Gentleman.” Boston terriers are non-sporting dogs that are very affectionate and friendly.

They are also highly intelligent and can be trained easily. Boston terriers come in different colors and markings. The most common color is black and white. But Boston terriers also come in brindle and white and seal and white. Another color was created due to genetic mutation, which created blue Boston terriers.


These dogs are small, with their height ranging from 23cm to 38cm. They have brown eyes and a black nose, which makes them adorably cute. The compact body of a blue Boston terrier can fit anywhere, so you won’t have to sacrifice your space on the bed if your dog climbs over to sleep by your feet.

Another striking feature of these dogs is the erect ears. The ears give the impression that the dog is always alert. You may even feel as if your pet is listening in on your conversations. Boston terriers have a short tail that complements their compact body perfectly.


People who say that the shorter a dog is, the higher its chances of being aggressive are not wrong. A Boston terrier is no different from dogs of small sizes. However, you can train your pet from an early age to be more sociable.

Early socialization is the best way to train your Boston terrier for different situations. It is also important to provide them with a loving environment. If they are not in a conflict situation, they won’t feel the need to get angry.

The blue Boston terrier is very lively and friendly. They are also very cheerful and can be very affectionate towards everyone. Due to their size, they are the perfect pets for kids. They also love to play with kids so you can rest assured that they will return the love of their little playmates.

Since these dogs don’t like to bark much, they are perfect for people living in apartments. You won’t have to hear any noise complaints from your neighbors if you have a Boston terrier at home.

When You Should Train Your Blue Boston Terrier?

When Boston terriers are born, they are blind and deaf, which is why they mostly nurse and sleep. After the first two weeks, the sense of seeing and hearing of your Boston terrier will start developing. During this time, the behavior of the dog will undergo changes depending on the owners and its siblings.

The ideal time for training your Boston terrier begins from the third week. Up until the twelfth week, your dog can undergo training. During this time, you not only have to work on the socialization of your dog but also take part in his overall development.

You can introduce your Boston terrier to other pets in the house during this time. You can also get them to meet different people to develop their socialization skills. Another important thing to do during this period is introduce different sounds to your dog. It will help them get accustomed to different situations instead of panicking at every sound.

You can keep on training your dog after the twelve weeks are over, but the most important time for learning ends there. Starting early is the best way to prepare your dog for all kinds of challenges it may have to face after becoming an adult.

What Are the Dietary Requirements of a Blue Boston Terrier?

Unlike other small dogs, blue Boston terriers are quite active, which is why they need a lot more food than other breeds. However, the diet of your dog should be based on their weight. So, before you decide to fill the food bowl of your dog, make sure to consult your vet.

If a Boston terrier weighs around ten pounds, then it must consume at least 436 calories a day. Once you have gotten your dog weighed, you will only have to keep an eye on their calorie intake. Make sure to read the label of the dog food to learn about the number of calories it has.

It is also important to get protein-rich food for your dog. As to whether you should get dry food or wet food, it would depend on your dog. You will have to observe your dog’s eating habits to figure out what kind of food it prefers.

What Kind of Exercise Does a Blue Boston Terrier Need?

Blue Boston terriers are small in size and have a moderate energy level, which is why they don’t need a lot of exercise. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take your dog out at all. The best exercise for your dog is a brisk walk. You can take your dog out for a brisk walk twice if you can’t play with them at home.

If you can make out the time, then you must play at home with your dog. It will not only help them exercise a bit but also strengthen their bond with you. If you have kids at home, then they can be the ideal playtime companions of your Boston terrier.

Grooming Needs

As compared to many other dog breeds, a blue Boston terrier is a low-maintenance dog. However, it is important to give regular baths to your dog in order to keep it safe from germs and bacteria. You can bathe your Boston terrier once a week.

It is important to get your dog ready for the shower. For instance, you should brush their coat to lose excess hair. You can also blowdry the coat before shower to remove dirt and hair.

You can find all kinds of shampoos for dogs nowadays. But not every shampoo will be perfect for every dog breed. If you are not sure which shampoo would be good for your buddy, you can get in touch with the vet and ask for their opinion. Veterinarians often know which product will suit a certain breed.

Now that you know everything about a blue Boston terrier, you are ready to become the parent of one. Always remember to be kind to your pet and they will grow up to be social. And the more affection you show them, the more love they will give you in return.