Reasons Why Huskies Howl

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July 14, 2022

Dogs are the descendants of wolves, which is why they have certain characteristics of wild animals. But out of all dog breeds, huskies are genetically closest to wolves. Huskies, in particular, share genetic closeness with the Taimyr Wolf. Due to this reason, huskies have wolf-like appearance and behavioral patterns.

Howling in Dogs

Certain breeds of dogs have inherited the howl from their wolf ancestors. Wolves that traveled with their packs would use howls to communicate with each other. They also used their howls to announce their location. Howls allowed wolves to alert each other of danger and stay safe in the wild.

Although domesticated dogs don’t have to survive in the wild, they have retained certain survival instincts that they inherited from their ancestors. Howling is one of the inherited behaviors that dogs continue to exhibit even in safe conditions. Out of all breeds of dogs, it is huskies that have the most unique howl.

Reasons Behind the Howling of Huskies

There are a lot of things about pets that people learn over time. Once you bring a husky home, your learning will begin. You will find out a new thing about your husky every day. Although there is a lot of general information about huskies that you can find online, each husky will have behavioral patterns unique to him.

Howling is something that all huskies do. However, the reason your husky howls can be different from other animals of the breed depending on his behavioral patterns. So, if you want to know why do huskies howl, the answer to that could vary depending on the husky in question. However, there are a few general reasons behind the howls of huskies.

To Respond

If your husky hears the howl of another husky, he will begin to howl as well. Like wolves, huskies also use howls to communicate. So, when a husky hears a howl, he responds immediately.

Although using howls to communicate is something that wolves did in the wild, huskies continue to do so even while living as pets.

If you want to watch your husky respond with his howl, you can turn on the tv and play howls of other huskies for your pet. You will get to hear the answering howls of your husky straightaway.

Health Problems

Huskies don’t just use their howls to communicate with each other but also with humans. If your husky has something urgent to say to you, he will use his howls. So, if your husky is sick or experiencing pain, he will howl to let you know.

Huskies in general, and Siberian huskies in particular, don’t face a lot of health problems. But they can suffer from hereditary eye diseases or canine hip dysplasia. So, if your husky is constantly howling at nothing in particular, it is best to take them to the vet.

To Alert You of Danger

Huskies are not guard dogs, but since they have an enhanced sense of smell and hearing like other dogs, they can warn you of danger. If your husky senses danger, he will howl to warn you so you can stay away.

Huskies also use their howls to attract the attention of their owners and lead them away from danger. The high adaptive intelligence of huskies help them spot danger pretty quickly. Even if they can’t protect you from danger, they can alert you of its presence.

To Express Anxiety

Like humans, your husky can also develop attachment issues. They are loyal and affectionate dogs that notice straight away if their owner has been away for longer than usual. So, if you stay out longer than usual, your husky will begin to feel lonely. They may also feel that they have been abandoned.

These feelings of loneliness and abandonment can make your husky anxious. And if your husky gets anxious, he will begin to howl to express his feelings. If you lead a busy life, then huskies aren’t the right pets for you. They require a lot of time and attention and can get anxious without their owners.

Upon Hearing High-Pitched Noises

Huskies perceive high–pitched sounds as cries for help from another husky. So, if a baby cries near your husky or if he hears an ambulance siren, he will begin to howl.

Howling in response to cries for help is a behavior wolves developed when traveling in packs. Even if your husky has never lived the dog pack life, he will respond to high-pitched sounds with a howl.

To Indicate Happiness

Your husky won’t only howl when he’s in pain but also to indicate happiness. When huskies meet a friend they haven’t seen in a while, they express their happiness with a howl.

It will be confusing for you at first to differentiate between the types of howls of your husky. But if you keep on observing your pup, you will be able to figure out what each howl of his means.

What to Do When Your Husky is Howling Too Much

Huskies howl to respond to other huskies, but they also howl when they are in pain. So, it is important to know what your husky is trying to say with his howl if you want him to live a happy and healthy life.

If your husky keeps on howling for no reason, it could be a sign of a health problem. In order to make sure that your husky is healthy, you should take him to the vet. A complete checkup can tell you why your husky was howling constantly.

If your husky gets the clean sheet from the vet, then the problem could be with his behavior. You will have to consult a dog behaviorist to find out more about the behavioral problems of your husky and how you can fix them.

Train Your Husky

Although howling is a natural instinct of your husky, it can be a problem if it is nonstop. Although huskies are stubborn, they can be trained with the help of the right motivators. Keep in mind that huskies are intelligent breeds, which means they can learn different behavior.

One of the easiest ways to ensure good behavior is to reward it. When your husky is howling nonstop, you can tell him to stop and reward him with his favorite treats if he listens to you. If your husky doesn’t listen to you, you can punish him by not giving him attention or pretending to be angry.

Increase Exercise Time

Huskies are active dogs that require moderate to heavy physical exercises. If your husky can’t exercise for at least two hours every day, he will get bored and keep howling all the time. The best way to avoid this situation is to increase the exercise time for your husky.

Howling is a part of the genes of huskies, which is why they use it whenever they encounter a complex situation. If health issues are not bothering your husky and he is howling simply because he wants to, you can just let him howl away.