What Do Crows Eat in a Day?


Crows go way back with humans and are one such creature that not only recognizes them, but are interested in forming relationships with people as well. Human interactions with crows become very popular on the Internet.

Since crows are found in abundance almost everywhere you go, people often wonder how they can befriend them. It is not easy to get friendly with a crow, and it can take a long time for them to fully develop trust in you.

Befriending Crows

There are also many similarities between crows and humans. For instance, crows are clever like humans. They have known to use objects and tools to get their desired item. Like humans, crows are also curious creatures. Their curiosity often lands them in unfortunate circumstances and they also end up hurting themselves, just like humans.

If you have ever wondered whether you can actually befriend a crow, it’s not entirely impossible. There are some people who can get crows to be comfortable around them and not attack. So then, how do you make that happen? The first step is to know what crows eat in a day.

What Do Crows Usually Eat?

Like all other animals, crows are interested in you as long as you are feeding them what they want. The day you will stop feeding them is the day they will end up in a different place. So what do crows eat? They can eat just about everything that is healthy and looks appealing.

Crows of all types are known for liking eggs a lot. In fact, if they smell eggs on a rooftop they will likely start flying above it to get some for themselves. However, there are countries where feeding wild animals is not allowed. These countries believe that feeding wild animals creates problems, therefore, they do not allow people to feed them at all.

Anyway, crows love to feed on insects and worms. If you have soil or a plant that is infested with worms, clean the soil and separate the worms. Leave the worms out for crows and they will love to eat them in a jiffy. The answer to what do crows eat is somewhat simple.

Understanding Crows

Before knowing how to befriend a crow, it is very important to understand them. Crows are very cautious, and they are very curious. They appreciate quiet places, and are uninterested in places where a lot of commotion takes place.

If your roof has a quiet, stable environment, then a crow is more likely to visit it. Start by feeding simple, tried, and tested methods that you know will work. For example, try feeding parts of an egg to a crow. You can leave it somewhere and walk further to let the crow take it away.

Or you can launch it in the air and the crow will automatically grab it in its beak or feet. The aim is to create an environment where a crow does not have to be on its feet all the time. If a crow is patiently sitting on your rooftop for a while then that is a good start.

What to Keep in Mind

You can also give them a bowl of water. In the summertime, crows are always looking for water. Keeping a bowl of water outside daily will result in a couple of crows always hanging on your rooftop. Crows are very intelligent, they know water exists in bowls so they’ll know it’s there when you put it in a visible position.

It is also important to make sure that your place is open and wide. The more spacious and clean it is, the better. A crow will appreciate it if it can discern that the place does not have things that can startle or scare it. Even if it does, the crow will immediately fly away for good.


Crows are very open to treats. In fact, they appreciate treats more than anything because treats give them variety as well. You want to give them something that they can easily eat. Treats that are too hard will result in the crow throwing it away, maybe at you.

Out of all things, one thing is for sure, due to their curious nature, crows will definitely check out whatever you put out. If it’s candy, a treat, or whatever a crow will walk around it, smell it and pick it up in its beak. If it wants to eat the treat, then it will go for it, otherwise the crow will throw it away.

These birds are very intelligent, and they are known to have used tools to help them get food and water as well, that’s what makes them worth befriending.

Wild Birds

No matter what you say, and no matter how close you think you are to the crow, they are still wild animals. Wild animals, by design, are unpredictable. Due to this fact, you should never get too close to a crow, or it can attack you.

Maintain some distance at all times and do not go beyond it. Even if you are giving it a treat, let it sit there for a while, so that the crow comes to it.

What Do Crows Eat?

What do crows eat, then? They are excellent eaters, meaning they’re not picky. These birds are notorious for eating almost anything out of trash cans, even junk food. So if you want to feed them nuts, berries, fruits, insects, or eggs, then go for it.

Crows will love these types of foods because they are easy to eat and are fresh as well. Crows can also manage to eat bread as well, but make sure you soften it up by adding some water. Hard bread might not be easy to gulp down the throat.

Similar to humans, crows have favorite foods as well. They like boiled eggs and softer food items so you can give leftovers to them. Moreover, crows can also be fed dried animal food. They will eat it entirely, and there might be a fight among them when it comes to such food.

Cooked Food

Basically, anything that you might eat in your kitchen is okay for crows to eat. They like to devour kitchen scraps as well, so if you have some then go for it. Try keeping it in a visible place for the crow to see and eat properly.


Crows take time to trust. These birds are very cautious, and they take their sweet time to trust humans, let alone befriend them. There are times when crows come too close to humans, and this is often for food. Crows are also notorious for stealing food and also picking up food that is left by humans. Since they cannot distinguish between paper and food, it is better to dispose of inedible things so that crows do not ingest them by mistake.