What Does a Corn Snake Bite and Teeth Look Like?

Pet Care


August 2, 2021

Humans have always tried to domesticate wild animals. They have formed strong bonds with some of the scariest wild animals. But there are some animals that cannot live in captivity. Then there are animals such as snakes that are often misunderstood by the majority of people. We often only view them as killing machines, when in truth, the majority of snakes are not venomous.

There are some that can make for good pets as well. You can keep such harmless snakes in your house and on your property for protection too.

Do Snakes Make Good Pets?

Snakes are very low maintenance, which makes them ideal pets. They don’t need you to give them your time like other pets do. Keeping a snake in your house can also drive away mice. However, before you decide to bring a snake into your house, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

You should know about the health requirements of snakes so you can take care of them properly.

What Are Corn Snakes?

A corn snake is a very popular pet snake. Since corn snakes are low maintenance, they are ideal for beginners. They also don’t get very large, so if you don’t have a large free space in your house, you can still get a corn snake.

Corn snakes eat by constricting their prey with their bodies. In the wild, they eat small birds and mammals. But in captivity, you can feed them dead mice. Corn snakes are quite docile and let people handle them. However, they are pretty great at escaping.

These snakes can find a simple weakness in the enclosure and make their escape. When setting up the enclosure for the corn snake, use a secure fitting lid. It is the best way to keep your corn snake from escaping.

Do Corn Snakes Bite?

Before you bring a pet into your house, you want to make sure that it won’t hurt you or your family. If you have kids at home, you will have to be extra cautious. Children can be careless with pets. But if the pet gets aggressive easily, it can attack children. Only a few animals will tolerate the shenanigans of children.

When it comes to snakes, people become extra cautious. However, when it comes to corn snakes, you don’t have to worry about anything. Captive corn snakes rarely bite. They are very docile when in captivity and don’t mind being handled by humans.

On rare occasions, a corn snake may bite a human. It mostly happens with baby corn snakes as they are feisty. You have to tame them down. If they feel threatened, they will bite you. They might also bite you if they smell food on your hands. So, learn to treat them in a gentle manner and wash your hands before feeding them.

Are Corn Snake Bites Dangerous?

Corn snakes are not venomous or poisonous, which is why their bite is not dangerous. The bite of a baby corn snake may not even break your skin. Corn snakes have needle-like teeth. However, they do not have fangs. So, not only is their bite not dangerous, it also won’t hurt.

When an adult corn snake bites you, it will feel like pin pricks. However, it won’t be harmful or painful. It is important to figure out why your corn snake has bitten you as that is a highly unlikely behavior for your pet. If something in the environment is causing your pet to act out, make sure to eliminate that factor.

Although the bite of a snake may sound like a scary thing, it won’t hurt more than a papercut when it comes to corn snakes. It also won’t cause any lasting damage to your skin unless you don’t take care of the wound. The corn snake bite and teeth are both harmless. The absence of fangs means that you are not in danger when handling your corn snake.

What to Do When a Corn Snake Bites You

When a corn snake bites you or latches on to you, the first thing you should do is to stay relaxed. You don’t want to make your snake anxious or it won’t let go of your skin. You should not, under any circumstance, try to yank off the snake from your skin. That will tear off your skin and make your snake more anxious.

The best way to make your snake let go of your skin is by running water over its head. If you don’t panic and don’t make your pet anxious, it will let go of your skin within seconds. Once you have gotten your snake calmed down, you can put it away and tend to your wound.

The bite of a corn snake is just like the scratch of a cat, it does not require any special medical treatment. You should wash it with soap and water and then put a Band-Aid over it to keep it safe from dust and bacteria. It is the best way to avoid any infection. However, if you develop an infection later, you should go to your physician straightaway.

Can a Corn Snake Kill You?

Corn snakes are cute little nonvenomous pets. They have tiny teeth that cannot hurt you greatly. Getting bitten by a corn snake is just like getting scratched by your cat. Corn snakes cannot kill you. They cannot even harm you or inconvenience you in any way.

There are some nonvenomous snakes whose bite can seriously harm a person. Although those snakes carry no venom, they have sharp teeth that they use to hurt people. But corn snakes are unlike all those snakes. They rarely bite people after becoming adults.

If you cannot tolerate the pain of a paper cut, then you shouldn’t get a baby corn snake. But if you don’t mind the occasional aggressive behavior of a baby pet snake, you can get your corn snake today. It won’t kill or even harm you in any way.


There are a lot of snake myths that we need to unlearn so we can begin focusing on the truth. One such truth is that not all snakes are venomous. When you bring a corn snake into your house, you can rest assured that it won’t hurt you or your kids in any way. Even if it’s a baby corn snake, you might easily tame it with time. In the end, you will not have to worry about the corn snake bite and teeth and you can enjoy your free time with this cute pet.