The Maine Coon vs. Ragdoll

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March 5, 2021

A comparison of the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll might make it easy for an average person to understand the best out of the two. Both the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll are incredibly popular. The Maine Coon originated from the state of Maine and is one of the largest domestic breeds of cats in the world. It has become incredibly popular because of its sheer size and its hulking appearance.

On the other hand, the Ragdoll is a fun and playful breed that is quite large and muscular. This is a docile, calm, and collected cat that loves to roam around the house and also displays its love in many different ways. So, if you are faced with a choice between the two, it might be a wise idea to do a bit of research and find the best one.

Their Origins

The first thing that you should know about the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll is that the two have very different origins. The Ragdoll is a relatively new addition to the purebred world of cats. On the other hand, the Maine Coon has been around for quite a long while and has established a pretty strong reputation over the passage of time.

The Maine Coon


The American Cat Fanciers’ Association states that the Maine Coon is the native long-haired cat that hails from Maine. It is also the official state cat of Maine. The first references to this cat date as far back as the 1800s as they were a pretty common sight in many of the states that lie on the Eastern Atlantic.

There is consensus amongst breeders that this cat was developed from the short-haired American cats as well as the long-haired cats that were brought by sailors from overseas. Needless to say, the cat is considered by many to be a ferocious mouser and farmers generally like having this cat around their fields.

The Ragdoll


On the other hand, you have the Ragdoll. This is a fairly new breed that became popular relatively early. The first references to Ragdolls can be found in the 1960s. It is a feline based on the Persian cat and there is also a high chance that the cat has feral stock. There is still quite a bit of division on the origins of the cat, which further lends to the cat’s mystique.

The Ragdoll, however, was bred to be a sweet-tempered animal that is loving and caring to its owners. It is an incredibly accommodating cat and you will realize that it will be willing to adjust to any kind of lifestyle. Moreover, the cat has gorgeous blue eyes that further improve its appearance.

This isn’t a native cat, per se; it was bred by people to look a certain way so there’s not a lot that’s natural about this cat. The breed was recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1993 and since then, it has grown in popularity. Today, the cat is regarded as the fifth most popular breed by this organization.


No comparison of the Maine Coon vs. Ragdoll is complete without discussing the appearance of these two animals. The Maine Coon, as you might know, is a massive cat with large, pointed ears and a shaggy coat. The Maine Coon’s coat has developed over time and contains two layers of guard hairs as well as an insulative fur.

This ensures that the cat is able to survive the harsh winters of Maine and also keeps the cat cool during the summer months. The Maine Coon also looks quite massive and imposing, and when fed properly, it can easily reach a height of up to 20 inches. The length of the cat can also increase and go all the way to 40 inches!

The Ragdoll is also of the same size and scale when compared with the Maine Coon, though if you take a closer look, you will realize that they are slightly smaller. The males are obviously bigger and are able to reach a weight of around 20 pounds. The females, on the other hand, usually range from 10 to 15 pounds.


One of the things that you should know about both of these animals is that they require a considerable amount of care when it comes to grooming the animal. Both of these animals have pretty impressive coats that are going to grow over the passage of time and you have to make sure that you understand how to groom them properly.

The Maine Coon’s coat will need to be brushed on a regular basis. You will want to brush the cat’s coat at least three or four times in a week. Because it is a long-haired breed, you are going to have a great deal of trouble if the coat gets matted or hair balls develop over time. They can also cause a lot of pain and a great deal of discomfort to the animal.

The Ragdoll has semi-long hair so it doesn’t need to be brushed as frequently as the Maine Coon. However, you will still need to brush the cat’s hair and straighten the fur once or twice in a week. These cats are very particular about their hygiene as well so you should know that they are going to spend a great deal of time grooming themselves too.


If you are thinking of getting a cat that doesn’t shed as much, neither the Maine Coon nor the Ragdoll would be a wise choice for you. For starters, you should know that both of these cats are heavy shedders and it won’t take long before the furniture in your house is covered with a layer of fur.

You will want to consider making an investment and buying a handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s the most important thing that you need to ensure that you are able to clean out the furniture on a regular basis. Otherwise, you are going to have a lot of fur strewn around your house.


Thankfully, both the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll have a fantastic temperament and they both make for excellent pets. Despite its big size, you should know that the Maine Coon is actually a pretty docile and calm animal to have around the house. It’s never going to do anything and it will always want to be around its owner.

On the other hand, the Ragdoll is a pretty fun cat that likes to spend time with its owner and will actually act like a lapdog at times. The cat is going to jump on you and sit in your lap whenever it wants, and they love being petted by their owners as well. If you are interested in getting an animal that really likes to express itself, the Ragdoll is a great choice.

So, which one are you going to choose? It’s best to talk with a breeder to get a better idea and then make a decision based on your lifestyle.