How Much Do Maine Coon Cats Cost?

Pet Care


March 15, 2021

Like most things, quality cat breeds generally come at a very steep price. There are quite a few breeds that command an incredibly high price tag, and the Maine Coon is one of them. The Maine Coon is a cat that originates from the state of Maine. It is one of the largest domestic breeds of cats in the world and is renowned for its thick and shaggy coat.

The cost of a Maine Coon can vary based on a variety of different factors, and it’s important that you understand the different factors that can have an impact on the cat’s price. The Maine Coon is a magnificent animal that comes at a significant price, and a well-bred cat from a famous breeder is going to set you back a considerable amount.

Purebreds Are Expensive

One of the things that you should know is that a purebred Maine Coon is definitely going to cost you a higher amount of money. These cats have become very famous for their majestic looks and their large size, and you can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $2,000 for a purebred Maine Coon.

On average, their prices revolve around the $900 mark. If you were to go to a rescue center, you could get a Maine Coon cat for under $100. However, you should know that these are usually not pedigreed, and there is also likely to be a breed mixture. But, the cost you pay for the cat itself is not the only thing.

You need to understand that there are quite a few other costs involved that can balloon over $21,000 during the course of the cat’s lifetime. But, how can it get this high? How much do Maine Coon cats cost in total? The answer will vary based on a variety of different factors. Let’s talk about each of these in detail.

The One-Off Costs

These are the costs that you will have to incur once during the cat’s lifetime. Obviously, these costs are likely to vary depending on where you live, but you should know that in most cases, they aren’t that flexible. The microchips, for instance, will cost you anywhere between $40 and $60.

Then, you will have to buy a big cat carrier, which will set you back around $30. On top of that, you will have to get the cat neutered or spayed, which can range anywhere between $200 and $300. Other essential items, such as a bed and a scratching post, are both necessary.                          

More importantly, you will have to invest in a grooming brush. These cats have a very thick and shaggy coat that needs to be groomed on a regular basis, and it’s imperative that you brush and groom the cat at least once every couple of days. Otherwise, the hair is going to get matted and it’s going to cause more problems.

Annual Costs

Then, there are the annual costs. These are ongoing costs that you will have to incur each year of the cat’s ownership. Maine Coons are big cats and they like to eat a lot, and it may shock you at just how quickly these costs can increase. On average, you will be paying at least $300 for the cat insurance. This is essential because Maine Coons are prone to problems.

Apart from that, you will need to get annual boosters and a health check, which cost around $150. There’s also the food, which will run you around $1,000 each year. This is the biggest expense, because Maine Coons like to eat a lot. These cats grow to their massive sizes by eating and need a considerable amount of nutrition.

Then, there’s the worming and flea medications, and other things such as the litter box and the litter, which will run you around $200 as well. When you extrapolate these costs over the lifetime of the Maine Coon, they can go north of $20,000, so you should know that this is an expensive cat to keep around the house.

Caring for the Maine Coon

Once you get the cat, you should know that it’s your responsibility, and you need to make sure that you treat it the right way. Maine Coon cats are sociable animals, and you have to make sure that you spend time with the animal as much as possible during the first few months.

If you are going to buy the cat from a breeder, it’s obviously going to cost you a bit more money. Breeders charge an additional fee because they usually have purebred kittens that have been cared for immaculately. When you bring the kitten home, give it a few days to adjust to its new surroundings.

This is important because it will allow the animal to get a better understanding that it is in a safe space. It doesn’t matter if you get the kitten from a shelter or from a breeder, you need to make sure that you ask about the vaccinations and the deworming. You also have to ask about the microchip, and if it hasn’t been done, you should get these procedures completed quickly.

Neutering or Spaying

Ideally, you should get the cat neutered or spayed before it hits five months of age. The sooner you get it done, the better. The procedure is relatively simple and doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it’s important that you get it done so that the cat doesn’t suffer from serious long-term health problems, which usually occur over time.

More importantly, controlling the animal’s population is important, and neutering or spaying is the best way to deal with the problem. You should make the appointment as soon as you can so that the procedure is completed in the early months of the cat’s life. This is going to prevent major issues in the long run.

Secondly, you have to find a decent vet in your area who you can visit if you notice any problems. It is important for you to look for signs of lethargy or laziness, as they are clear indicators that the cat may have a problem. Going to the vet is the best way to deal with this issue.

Other Things to Know

The Maine Coon is a fun animal to have around the house that will love to spend time with you. Remember, bringing a kitten into your house is a big commitment, and you will have to take out time from your busy routine to spend with the animal. If you do not spend time with your animal, it’s going to get destructive after a while.

Maine Coons are generally docile animals that are very easy to keep around the house. They don’t like to jump on their owner’s laps and move around; they just like to stay in the same room as their owner. You will find this cat spending a great deal of time with you, and they can also be trained to play fun games!