Why a Golden Retriever Shedding Should Not Worry You

Pet Care


July 14, 2024

Golden retrievers are the perfect four-legged companions and beloved members of families all over the world thanks to their gentle temperament and good nature. They’re also highly intelligent and loyal, which makes them great working and service dogs.

Their beautiful silky coat certainly adds to their overall appeal, but it also requires regular maintenance and care. Shedding can be a problem for any owner if not taken care of properly. 

All You Need to Know About Golden Retriever Shedding

Most dogs shed their coat, and some shed a little bit more than others. Unless the dog is unhealthy, a Golden retriever shedding is normal. It is among the breeds that shed a lot. There are many things Golden retriever owners love about their furry friends, but shedding is definitely not one of them. Before we get into explaining just how much a Golden retriever will shed and why, here is a little background information on this breed.

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Origin of the Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever is originally from Scotland. Lord Tweedmouth bred it from a Yellow retriever and a Tweed water spaniel. Over time, there was breeding with the Springer spaniel, the Irish settler, the Newfoundland, and the Bloodhound, among other breeds. This explains why the Golden retriever is easily adaptable and capable. The Golden retriever name was recognized back in 1920.  

The Best Environment for Golden Retrievers

The playful nature of a Golden retriever makes it more suited for places with large compounds or in rural settings. This beautiful dog needs a lot of space to run around and play.

The Golden retrievers are an excellent choice for families with children due to their friendly and playful nature. With children, this energetic dog will have a perfect match for its energy levels. The Golden retriever’s thick coat makes life more comfortable in a cool climate, although your four-legged friend can easily adjust to a warmer place. 

Keeping Your Golden Retriever Physically Fit and Healthy  

A Golden retriever is a fun dog to have. They’re easy to train and love the attention, so you will have a full-time companion. They’re also very athletic dogs, and being active will keep them healthy. Some exercising activities for a Golden retriever include: 

  • Playing fetch 

This is a classic activity. You can use anything to play fetch with your retriever, but ensure that the item you choose to play with is not harmful or too heavy. It would also be better to use something this breed likes. The good thing about fetch is that you can play it indoors and outdoors. 

  • Running and going for walks 

While going for your morning or evening jog, take your Golden retriever with you, it will be much more fun, and your furry buddy will not hold you back. Alternatively, you can let your retriever use a treadmill to keep them active.

  • Hunting 

The Golden retriever was meant to be a hunting dog. Although hunting is not common nowadays, you can take your hairy companion hunting once in a while. The Golden retriever will not disappoint you. 

  • Hiking 

When going hiking, take the Golden retriever with you. Hiking is an excellent way to keep you both healthy. When hiking, make sure the retriever is comfortable by choosing a familiar terrain as well as keeping the dog hydrated. 

  • Swimming 

Though limited by seasonal changes, swimming is another great activity for the Golden retriever. Besides keeping your pet cool during the hot days, swimming will also provide some good exercise.  

  • Following a laser pointer 

This is another excellent activity for your Golden retriever, especially when you don’t feel like doing much. The dog will be running around, chasing the laser. 

  • Jumping 

Getting your Golden retriever to jump is quite easy. You only need to have something the dog wants to catch. It could be a toy or a snack. 

  • Agility training 

Agility training provides exciting challenges to the Golden retriever. The dog will get an excellent work out and have fun while at it. 

Coat Shedding  

If you intend to get a Golden retriever, you are probably wondering, “Do Golden retrievers shed?” It is quite common for a Golden retriever to shed. Seasonal changes will also affect just how much your Golden retriever will shed. You should expect a lot more shedding during fall and spring. This also means that your dog will be getting new coats for winter and summer. 

The Golden retrievers are easily adaptable dogs, and their coat has something to do with it. Golden retrievers actually have two coats. The inner one is fine, soft, and thick, while the outer one is waterproof and oily. These coats grow and shed, depending on the season. This seasonal shedding makes it easy to live with a Golden retriever in different climates because you can be sure your furry friend will be comfortable. However, certain factors can cause excessive shedding, including: 

  • Allergies 

An allergy would probably make the dog feel itchy and uncomfortable. The itching could make the coat loose, causing more shedding than usual. The allergy could be caused by food, your dog’s shampoo, or a new cleaning product you’re using in your home. When allergies occur, consult a vet as soon as possible. 

  • Pests 

The most common pests which may attack your dog are ticks and fleas. They cause irritation and itching, just like allergies. To curb this, always check your pet to ensure that there are no unwanted guests present. The check-up is even more crucial if you have been to parks, or had gone hiking. With this in mind, always clean your Golden retriever when you come home after spending time outside. 

  • Stress  

Like humans, animals can be stressed from time to time. A stressed Golden retriever will shed more. This stress could be caused by a change in the environment, the absence of a family member, etc. 

What You Can Do About Shedding

Shedding is mostly natural and should not cause worry. However, dealing with dog hair all over your furniture and carpets may be uncomfortable. Some ways you could deal with shedding include: 

  • Daily brushing 

Brushing your dog is a good way to bond. For a Golden retriever, it is also an excellent way to reduce shedding. Regular brushing will help you remove any dead hair before it ends up flying around the house. If you can brush your dog either daily or every other day, you will notice less shedding. 

  • Healthy diet  

A healthy diet can be a solution to many problems, and it should not be overlooked in this case. Always ensure that your dog is well-fed. Proteins are highly recommended for maintaining a healthy coat. In case your Golden retriever has already lost a lot of hair, you can use Omega-3 supplements to restore it. Pay attention to what you feed your dog. Be very careful when introducing them to new foods to avoid allergies. 

  • Bathing 

Keeping your dog clean is important but should not be overdone. Bathing your Golden retriever too often could dry out its skin and coat. This will make the coat shed a lot more. Also, ensure that the shampoo you use is high-quality and works well for your dog. Like with food, ensure that the products you use do not cause any allergies.

  • Vacuuming 

You will probably need a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the hair your Golden retriever drops around the house. Despite using all the tricks to reduce shedding, there’s no way to avoid it completely. 

Caring For Your Pet

Ensuring that your dog is healthy and well taken care of will help them look good. What you do or fail to do will also determine how much hair your furry friend sheds. Fortunately, Golden retrievers are not too hard to care for. Here are a few things that can help ensure they’re taken care of: 

  • Put up safety measures 

Being a playful and outgoing dog, you should ensure that your home is suitable for a Golden retriever. Your home should be safe for your hairy companion to run around without getting hurt. Also, ensure your yard is fenced to prevent this wonderful dog from running off on its own. 

  • A comfortable place to sleep 

It is easier to have a specific place for your Golden retriever to rest. Train your hairy friend to do so. This will prevent your dog from sleeping anywhere and dropping hair all over the house. Also, you will be sure that the dog is comfortable at all times. 

  • Good feeding bowls and diet 

Good feeding bowls are almost as important as the diet. Buy feeding and drinking bowls that cannot be broken easily and chewed. Your pet will probably be rolling the bowls all over when they are empty, so pick something sturdy. 

  • Golden retriever grooming 

Make a schedule for brushing and cleaning your dog. Keep the dog’s teeth clean. Golden retrievers generally have strong teeth that need regular cleaning. Ensure that the dog’s nails are always trimmed as well. Being a family dog, trimming the Golden retriever’s nails will ensure that they don’t hurt anyone when playing. 

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Golden retriever shedding is quite normal. With the tips we mentioned above, your hairy companion will shed less, and you’ll spend less time cleaning up after them.

Although the Golden retrievers are generally healthy dogs, its good to perform routine vet check-ups. This will ensure that any possible problem gets recognized and dealt with on time, ensuring a long and happy life for your furry companion.