Affordable Dog Training and Anti-Aggression Training

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December 4, 2022

Aggressive dogs can create some major problems. Not only is there always a risk of aggression being displayed towards you or any other animals in your home, but against strangers or their dogs as well.

Recognizing the signs of aggression is key. By the same token, there are training methods that can help to get the aggression out of your dog and make them more docile in the presence of other dogs and their owners.

Know the Signs of Aggression

When looking into affordable dog training and anti-aggression methods, it helps to know the signs of aggression first. There are a few common signs that just about any breed of dog will display before they get aggressive.

Growling or showing teeth is perhaps the most obvious sign. If you notice that your dog is standing quite still or lunging, that is another obvious sign. If they make to bite another dog or a person, that is a clear indication of aggression.

Being able to spot those signs can make it clear that you have some behavioral work to do with your dog.

Why Is Your Dog Being Aggressive?

There are a ton of reasons why a dog can potentially lash out. Though it can be easy to blame the breed—there are some that are naturally more aggressive than others—there are a lot more reasons that could potentially be involved.

Dogs tend to get aggressive when they are possessive or territorial, protective, unsocialized, fearful, defensive, or in pain. Aggression is generally due to environmental factors. For instance, if you have adopted a dog and it shows aggression, there is a chance that it has been previously abused.

It is important to watch the signs of aggression to see if you can figure out what the problem is. One of the easiest methods to curb aggression is keeping the dog out of those situations that trigger an aggressive response. In a perfect world, you could train the dog not to be aggressive whatsoever, but that is not necessarily going to happen.

Can You Train Out Dog on Dog Aggression?

The good news is that affordable dog training and anti-aggression methods can help correct a dog that displays particularly aggressive behavior to other dogs. It takes time and patience, but you can adjust that behavior over time.

The key is to never ignore the aggression. You may think that it really isn’t a big deal and is nothing to concern yourself with. But that aggression is an important warning sign and can give you the chance to potentially correct that behavior.

Ignoring the aggression that your dog is displaying can pay terrible dividends. Your dog might accelerate its aggressive behavior, hurting another owner or their dog in the process. There are several potential legal consequences that can come of a situation like that. It is not a situation that any dog owner wants to find themselves in.

Can Aggressive Dog Behavior be Corrected?

It is certainly possible to correct aggressive behavior in a dog. That said, it is far from a guarantee. There are a variety of training methods that can be implemented to help at least reduce the aggression a certain amount.

Part of the solution is to limit their exposure to the situations that cause them to become aggressive. While that is not necessarily the most ideal of solutions, it is a good place to start. By limiting those situations, you can begin to work with your dog on those situations and help them to remain calm.

The first thing to do is identify who or what is making them aggressive. Are they more aggressive around friends or family members, strangers, other dogs, or other types of animals? Does the environment have anything to do with that aggression?

When you determine what the problem is, one-on-one training can be beneficial. Turning to a certified trainer can be a no-brainer because some of them have specific training in how to work with aggressive dogs.

Also, make sure that you take your dog to the vet first and foremost. When dogs get hurt or are dealing with regular pain, it can make them more aggressive. A trip to the vet can at least rule out that an injury or illness is at play. It can also potentially reveal factors playing into their aggressive behavior.

Working with a trainer can be what is needed to instill cue words that tell them to back off or calm down. It takes time and patience for them to pick up on those commands, but using cue words to control aggression can be invaluable over time.


Though there are no guarantees that aggressive behavior can be trained out of an aggressive dog, there are methods that have proven effective. Knowing the signs of aggression is the best place to start. From there, it is about implementing the right training methods to get them back on track.

It is crucial not to ignore the signs of aggression, nor is it advisable to raise your own aggression level. Keep the dog out of situations that might trigger an aggressive response and work on keywords and commands that will tell the dog to remain calm in those situations.