Signs and Symptoms Your Dog Is Exhausted

Pet Care


May 10, 2022

A tired dog can usually be easily identified as there are a lot of exhausted dog symptoms. Your dog may act lazy, look weak, act tired, or refuse to play when it slows down. There may be a thoughtful underlying issue when a dog shows signs of fatigue or acts tired over time.

Keeping track of your dog’s symptoms when tired and exhausted is extremely important. Some common symptoms can tell you when your dog is exhausted. It would help to let your dog rest and recuperate once it is both exhausted and tired.

Lying Down Without Any Reason

It specifies that a dog is exhausted as it is almost impossible for a dog to lie down at home or in public on its own. Whenever they are around, they feel the need to keep an eye on everything. They need a break when they are lying down. This can be an important indication that your dog is lethargic as it might lie down in public even though it is far from relaxing.


Most people would say yawning is the most obvious thing. This can denote your dog’s tiredness, but it often indicates something else, such as stress, unease, or even boredom.

Keeps on Sniffing the Ground

When you’re training your dog for rapid action, you will see that your dog might sniff a lot on the ground. When your dog is focused on you, it is usually very motivated.

Sometimes, your dog seems distracted every five seconds by smells, right? When that happens, they are done. Dogs get distracted because they are too tired to focus anymore.

They Disobey Your Commands

Dog owners sometimes struggle to determine if their pup is simply being cranky or if it doesn’t understand what they’re asking of it. There’s a good chance your dog has had enough and needs a break if it has forgotten even the meekest commands without being unfocused.

Having Witching Hour

This is sometimes one of the common exhausted dog symptoms. If your dog is zipping around, it’s either because it is bored or attempting to burn off some energy. It may be that your dog is overtired, which makes it restless.

It’s essential to consider their behavior in light of what had transpired before they became hyperactive. You can tell when your pet is ready for bed when there has been a lot going on. Witching hours can be an indication that your dog is exhausted.

Extreme Thirst

Extreme thirst is a common side effect of exhilaration or physical exercise. When they chew on bones, their thirst usually increases. They may also be thirsty because of some treatment they may be receiving.

You may have noticed that when you have guests over or visit friends, your dog drinks a whole lot more than normal. After all, your dog is thrilled. The dog will also have to rest sometime, so it is a sign it needs a break.

Extreme Panting or Lip Licking

It is nothing more than a sign of unease. The signs of fatigue can occur when your pet shows these signs after working with it or having a busy day. Extreme panting or lip licking can be a sign of exhaustion in your dog.

Unusual Hiding

Dogs that don’t like socialization usually hide if the situation becomes too much. If you have friends over, such as having a party, this behavior will mainly show up. You will be able to notice this behavior instantly.

It is, however, unusual behavior for a dog. Other signs that aren’t as understandable will be evident in many dogs. Leaving your dog where it is until it is ready for socialization is best if it is hiding somewhere.

Not Behaving Themselves

If you notice something different, don’t ignore it. Whenever a dog is lying down entirely by itself, that’s a very rare occurrence. Your dog’s ears could be an example of this if they’re usually up but now are hanging down.

It might also appear that they are rolling around like a clown. If your dog displays any of these symptoms, it may be time to change its routine and doggy bed.

Not Interested in Playing

Do you usually see your pet playing around and loving whatever is in the air? Then there are other times when your dog seems uninterested. Those are further exhausted dog symptoms. Get your dog some rest, and it’ll be ready to play again soon.

Probable Reasons of Exhaustion in Dogs

Sometimes dogs can seem tired because of too much exercise or possibly due to weather changes (such as extreme heat or moisture). It’s normal for many dog breeds to slow down a bit after engaging in heavy and forceful physical activity.

For example, after a long day at the dog park or a rigorous hike, your dog may want to spend a couple of hours sleeping. However, constant fatigue and being exhausted should never be ignored.

If your dog is exhausted and lethargic after a long day of activity or from a slight health issue you are previously aware of and treating, there is generally no cause for concern. This type of tiredness and lethargy habitually will resolve itself within a day or so.

However, if your dog has appeared to be run down and tired for no reason at all, it is time to give your vet a call to rule out any more treacherous causes.

What to Do at Home If Your Dog Is Exhausted

If your dog has exhausted dog symptoms, but you can’t schedule an instant appointment with your vet, there are some measures you can take to keep your dog at ease in the meantime.

Temperature Change Is Important

You will need to periodically take your dog’s temperature to confirm it does not have a fever. Many dogs with fevers will be very weak, tired, and lazy. A temperature over 102.9 degrees Fahrenheit needs immediate veterinary care.

Allow Them to Rest

Cut out the physical activities and let your dog take adequate rest to avoid further stress. Overall, long walks and exercise should be lined out until you see the veterinarian.

Restrain Your Dog

Consider keeping your puppy in a relaxed space. Keep your dog bound in a smaller space, such as a cozy crate, for calmer monitoring and observation.

Keep an Eye on Your Dog’s Symptoms

Keep a close eye on your dog and watch for other symptoms. You will also be required to monitor your dog for the development of any exhausted dog symptoms and any new signs.

If your dog seems to be in any pain, is awfully quiet, or has an unusual change in its cravings, these are thoughtful red flags. If your dog displays other unusual symptoms, you should contact your vet right away.