Do Maine Coon Cats Shed?

Pet Care


March 1, 2021

The Maine Coon has a long, lush, flowing coat that helps the cat remain cool during the summer months and provides insulation for the body in the winters. Their bushy tail is one of the most distinctive factors of its appearance. These are some of the most beautiful and majestic feline creatures in the world and make for fantastic pets.

Don’t go on its imposing appearance alone; the cat is actually incredibly friendly and will love you a lot. However, you should know that Maine Coon cats require a considerable amount of care and maintenance. These cats have thick coats that protect them from the harsh Maine winter and they can get knotted over time.


Compared to other cat breeds, the Maine Coon actually requires more care. The coat needs cleaning up and grooming, and you will have to learn how to tend to the animal properly. However, you might be wondering with all of the fur, just how much the cat actually sheds? Most people actually hate cleaning up after their cats whenever they get off the sofa or the bed.

Now, unlike other cat breeds, the Maine Coon actually does shed quite a bit. This is a natural part of the animal’s life and there is actually no way for you to get around it. You should know that shaving or trimming the cat’s fur is a bad idea as that could lead to temperament issues and could cause skin problems too.

The shedding cycle generally varies from one cat to another and it is likely to differ based on various factors, such as the amount of stress that the cat is suffering from and the kind of diet that it has. For instance, there are a few Maine Coons that will only shed once per season while there are others that tend to shed almost on a regular basis.

Rapid Shedding Is Normal

Do Maine Coon cats shed? Yes. Shedding is normal in most cat breeds that have thicker fur, such as Persian cats. However, this is even more common in the Maine Coon, mainly because the cat has a double coat. There are two undercoats along with a guard coat, which adds multiple layers to the cat’s fur. In fact, you will have to buy specific tools that are designed to loosen and remove the undercoat hair.

You will need to buy a handheld rake or a grooming coat and make sure that you groom the cat at least once in two days. Rapid shedding in these cats is absolutely normal since the cat might end up overgrooming itself. They are likely to pull out patches of hair while grooming themselves and leave them in balls all around the floor.

In some cases, the cat may shed its hair because it is showing a physical response to parasites or poor hygiene. Cats, as you might know, are very particular about their personal hygiene and if they see their fur matting or getting dirty, they are going to start shedding quickly.

Matting Is Painful

You should know that when the loose hair begins to tangle with the fur on the cat’s body, it will eventually result in matting. Matting is terrible for the cat and is usually a painful experience for the animal. The cat will try to scratch itself in order to get rid of the problem but if that doesn’t work, the cat is likely to get sick.

If you notice matting in the Maine Coon’s fur, you might want to use scissors and remove the knots. Cut them out because they could turn into serious sources of pain and discomfort for the animal. It’s recommended that you comb the cat’s hair on a daily basis to ensure that there is no matting.

However, if your cat begins to shed at an alarming rate and you notice bald patches appearing on its skin, it’s a clear sign that there is something wrong. You need to take action as quickly as possible and take the cat to a vet. Most cats, as mentioned, start shedding when they are sick and this could be due to an allergy, presence of parasites, or a bad diet.

How to Control Shedding

There are a few ways to control the shedding, though when you bring a Maine Coon cat home, you should consider buying a cordless vacuum cleaner with a pet fur attachment. It’s going to be needed on a daily basis at the very least. Now, here are a few things that you can do to ensure that your cat’s shedding is controlled.

Keeping the Coat Smooth

The long fur of the Maine Coon requires regular grooming and you have to make sure that you buy a decent comb to use for grooming purposes. Of course, as with all other cats, these ones will also lick themselves to clean their coats but you have to be diligent with the grooming as well.

Daily brushing will help prevent matting and will keep the fur loose. If you don’t brush the coat on a regular basis, it won’t be long before your cat starts shedding all over the place.

Grooming Requires Patience

Remember that grooming a Maine Coon is not going to be easy. You will need to be patient and take your time with the whole process. When bathing and grooming the cat, make sure that you cover all parts of the cat’s body. Most cats, including Maine Coons, do not like bathing at all.

However, they are generally quite tolerant of the water and you won’t have to worry about any major problems when bathing the animal. As long as you have the right tools at your disposal, bathing the cat and making sure that its fur remains clean and properly groomed isn’t going to be a problem.

Check its Nutritional Intake

Maine Coon cats eat a lot but you have to be very particular about whatever you are feeding the animal. It is incredibly important for you to make sure that you feed the cat a balanced diet. Make sure that the cat gets Omega-3 fatty acids in its diet, because they will improve the quality of the cat’s fur.

Furthermore, you need to do a bit of research about the different foods that can be fed to a Maine Coon. It’s recommended that you check a few online forums and determine the best foods to give your cat. Remember that there are some cheaper brands but these could lead to other issues such as renal problems and even liver failure.

Maine Coon cats are not aloof like other breeds and will actually want to spend a great deal of their time with their owners. It is recommended that you learn a few things about how to care for this massive cat as well as its fur because both of these things will help strengthen your bond with the animal and will also improve the cat’s longevity and prevent it from serious health issues.