Can a Maine Coon Have Short Hair?

Pet Care


February 24, 2021

The Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds. It is the official state cat of Maine, which is where it was found. Perhaps the most distinguishing factor about this breed is that it is the largest domestic cat in the world. The Maine Coon can reach up to 26 inches in height and can extend around 40 inches in length.

More importantly, this cat has very distinctive fur and a thick, long coat. Therefore, it can be surprising for a person to come across a Maine Coon that has short fur. These cats are renowned for the density of their fur and are incredibly loving creatures. Don’t be fooled by its size; these cats are actually quite docile and love their owners.

The Maine Coon’s Fur

Can a Maine Coon have short hair? The chances of that are actually quite low. To survive the harsh winters in Maine, this cat breed has developed a very thick layer of fur. If you take a look at the cat for the first time, you might notice that the fur looks all shaggy. However, as you begin to stroke the fur, you will realize that it is incredibly smooth.

Perhaps it is this shaggy look that has given this breed such a distinctive appearance when compared with others. The cat is usually classified as a medium to long-haired cat, though the coat may look different, even from the same litter. Therefore, naturally, these cats are not short-haired. If you ever see a short-haired Maine Coon cat, it is probably because its hair might have been trimmed or shaved.

You might also notice that some Maine Coons have considerably longer fur than others. It’s important to understand that some of the kittens might not develop fur until they are at least a couple of years old. If you don’t want to be fooled when buying a Maine Coon, it might be a wise idea to understand exactly how the cat looks.

The Appearance

Maine Coons have distinctively long fur, along with guard hairs that have a slightly coarse appearance. Their insulating hairs are also relatively soft. However, you should know that the coat is uneven, which is why the cat is so different from other breeds. The shortest fur can usually be found on the top of the cat’s head, and around its ankles and wrists.

The cat has developed this appearance for a very specific purpose. It is designed to control the cat’s internal body temperature and it ensures that the cat remains warm and comfy when the weather turns cold. Apart from that, the fur helps keep the cat cool during the summer months.

You should know that the Maine Coon’s fur is designed to protect the cat from the harmful rays of the sun. The ears of the cat are still vulnerable to sunburn, which is why it’s important for you to make sure that the cat doesn’t snooze directly under the sunlight. There are sun protection formulae available in the market designed specifically for cats.

Protects From Dehydration

Because the thick fur helps ensure that moisture remains inside, the cat is able to survive for longer periods of time without requiring water. It also prevents the cat from getting dehydrated. The fur also provides protection from other cats, especially out in the wild. Maine Coon cats are not aggressive, and their thick fur protects them from the teeth and claws of other cats.

If there is ever a fight between cats, the Maine Coon is usually well-protected because of its fur. You should know that the skin and the coat also combine to provide lots of sensory data to the cat. The cat is incredibly sensitive and can easily identify wet, cold, or heat almost immediately.

The coat of the Maine Coon cat also serves as an indicator for its mood. When the cat is angry or if it feels threatened, it quickly makes all of the hackles rise up, thus making the cat look bigger and much more aggressive than it already does. More importantly, you should know that the cat’s coat also makes vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin for their survival.


Now, you should know that taking care of this cat is certainly not a walk in the park. The Maine Coon requires considerable attention, especially when it comes to grooming and caring for its shaggy coat. Many cats are able to groom themselves incredibly well, but the same cannot be said for the Maine Coon.

They simply can’t undo knots by licking them. When the cat finds a knot in its section, they often try to get it out, but because the coat is so thick, these knots can often get out of hand, and they might become incredibly painful to remove. They will start tugging at the skin, and the cat will stop with its attempts to get rid of them.

Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is invest in a high-quality grooming brush. There are quite a few available in the market, but get one that is designed to handle the thickness of the Maine Coon’s fur. This is going to ensure that the coat continues to look beautiful and remains relatively free of knots.


Maine Coon cats also need to be washed at least once a month. Your cat is probably going to lie down in a variety of different spaces and on various surfaces, and the dust and debris might get stuck in its coat. Owing to the large size of this cat, you should know that it is not capable of cleaning itself and grooming as effectively as other cats.

That is one of the main reasons why you should consider taking the cat to a vet for a thorough wash. Or, if you have trained the cat properly, you can wash the cat at home as well, which is obviously a less expensive option. You should always use pet-friendly shampoo to avoid any skin rashes or infections.

Sometimes, you might find a few knots in the cat’s fur, and clipping the odd one out is absolutely fine. For obvious reasons, you should also tidy the region and clip around the cat’s bottom. However, there’s no need to clip the cat’s hair overall, because they really rely on their coat.

Should You Cut the Hair Short?

As mentioned above, clipping the cat’s hair short is a bad idea. They receive considerable sensory data, and clipping the coat or trimming it may affect the cat’s confidence. Keeping a Maine Coon in your house is a big commitment because these cats not only eat a lot, but they also like to lounge around their owners. If you are not able to provide enough attention, the cat may suffer.

It’s imperative that you get a better idea about how to care for a Maine Coon and make sure to change things around to fit the needs of the cat as well. These are just a few things that you should know about caring for a Maine Coon.