Choosing a Dachshund Mix Breed for Your Home

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August 17, 2021

Whether you are a first-time dachshund owner or haven’t owned a dog in a long time and are thinking of getting one for yourself, consider these differences in their mixes to make the vital choice.

Dachshunds are possessive dogs, and they can also be aggressive sometimes. Mixing them with another breed can curb these tendencies. Have a look at these dachshund mixes to make the correct choice.

Full-Bred Dachshund

In its nature, these dogs are attention-seeking dogs, and they can be funny when you get to know them, and they certainly want to be the center of attention in your home. If you give this dog a chance, it can be the perfect dog for you. They are extremely friendly and would want to sit in your lap while giving you kisses to show their affection.

The standard size is 8 to 9 inches in height, not weighing more than 30 pounds. On average, they can live 10 to 15 years, similar to other small dog breeds. But do consider the aggression factor, as they can be hard-headed at certain times. They are very possessive of their food, and they will not stop eating until you stop filling their food bowl. This is the reason why many dachshunds tend to gain weight and develop back problems.

However, if you introduce this dog to your kids at a young age, they can adjust well, and they will undoubtedly protect your kids from danger if they feel a threat approaching. This is because of their protective nature and loyalty, which is very commonly seen in their personality. Once you have understood the full-bred dachshund, let’s understand the dachshund mix breed better.


This is a common breed mix where a dachshund is mixed with a miniature poodle. These dogs tend to vary in size according to their genes but can range from 8 to 20 inches in height and can weigh about 20 to 30 pounds. Because of their small size, they do not require more than a cup of dry food each day. The average life span of these dogs can be 15 years or more, depending on their health and care.

Since these are intelligent breeds, they can quickly learn commands and obey you if you train them properly. But since they are small dogs, they are high in energy and need to be let out daily. This can be done either in your yard or just outside your home as they do not require much space to enjoy. These dogs can also adjust well with other dogs in the house if introduced correctly and at an earlier age.


When a labrador retriever is mixed with a dachshund, you get a doxidor. This hybrid breed has a 25-inch height with a weight of 40 pounds. They require up to three cups of kibble in a single day. Doxidors are known to have sweet personalities with high energy. If you get this breed, be prepared to take them outside every day for an hour for them to utilize that energy.

Along with that, since they have a wiry coat, they do require regular maintenance, and they do shed more than the average dachshund. You will need to groom them daily and take them to the vet for grooming each month.

Additionally, these dogs are known to be extremely family-friendly, and they are great around small children. They can be trained to be around other dogs in your home as well.


A Yorkshire terrier mixed with a dachshund brings in a dorkie who has an estimated life span of 13 years. These dogs are smaller than those mentioned before as they only weigh 10 pounds and require only one cup of food per day. These make great apartment dogs, and they have a long straight coat similar to a Yorkshire. But they do not require such high maintenance as a doxidor.

You need to be consistent in your training with this dog, as they tend to be very laid back and unmotivated. You might have to push them to go for a daily walk because they can be kind of lazy. If you love cuddling with dogs, they make a great choice as they won’t mind sitting on your laps for hours. 

Doxie Pit

This is an unusual mix of pit bull with a dachshund with an average life span of 12 years. This breed is relatively new, and you might find their appearance to be funny at first. As they have a large head similar to a pitbull along with a long neck, they also have distinct facial markings. They require regular maintenance and grooming at home every week to look best. Remember that shedding can be an issue with these dogs, so frequent visits to the groomer are necessary.

Additionally, they are high on energy, as they get that from a pitbull. You need to have adequate space in your home for them to run around and play. You will have to take out time from your schedule to take them for daily walks, or you might find your tables or couches chewed when you return from work. These dogs do not like to be left alone for long periods so keep that in mind before you get one.

But training them is not an easy task, as both the pitbull and dachshund are challenging to train. You will need to maintain consistency for them to learn and obey. This cannot take away from the fact that these dogs are incredibly affectionate and are an excellent choice for a family dog.

Doxie Chin

A Japanese chin is also mixed with a dachshund to bring in a doxie chin, which is considered a designer breed. They have a unique appearance. They have a long body and long ears along with a short snout. But the best part about them is that they are low maintenance and do not require regular grooming. Remember, these dogs are sensitive to high temperatures, so keep them in a cool environment and shade while walking them.

They tend to be low in energy and do not like being left alone for too long. They like to explore high areas of the house very similar to a cat. You can also introduce them at a young age to other dogs and your children for a more effortless adjustment. You cannot find a more loving, affectionate mixture of dachshunds out there.

Once you have understood the different mixes of the dachshund, which you can opt for, make sure to prepare your home and family accordingly. Provide them a loving forever home, and they will return that love to you.