Are Vibrating Collars Safe for Dogs?

Pet Training


September 13, 2022

Dog owners everywhere struggle with the battle of getting their dogs to be obedient. Some tend to jump, others bark, and that is just the tip of the iceberg as to what kind of behavioral issues become prevalent.

So, what can you do to train your dog? One method involves the use of vibrating dog collars. But the question remains: are vibrating collars safe for dogs? Let’s take a closer look at these collars, how they work, and whether they are safe to use.

Do Vibration Collars Hurt Dogs?

The good news is that vibration collars do not hurt your dog. They create a small buzz on the dog’s neck, confusing them. This is a great way to curb frequent barking without actually hurting your dog or scaring them into thinking they are being punished. It is a gentle, safe solution to help improve their behavior.

It is important to note that these collars do not produce an electric shock. There are collars out there that will do so; they are not recommended.

The vibration collar was initially created to confuse deaf dogs. It works as a cue of sorts to help train deaf dogs because they feel the vibration and subsequently stop themselves from performing that particular undesirable behavior.

Even better, the vibration collars have different levels of vibration. The lowest of them will cause the slightest buzz, but they can get higher as you turn up the setting. The lowest is for training and can be an effective way to teach without causing harm to your pup.

Electric collars can also be used in tandem with positive reinforcement, which is considered to be the most effective method of training. Some dogs are simply stubborn, and the vibrating collar can be a great way to help guide them into the desired behavior.

Are Vibration Collars Safe for Puppies?

It is important to note once again that vibration collars are fine as long as they do not provide a shock. Are vibrating collars safe for dogs, particularly puppies? They are so long as there is no shock accompanying the vibration.

This is an important distinction to make because there are some remote-controlled dog collars out there that offer vibrations along with the ability to provide a shock to the dog. These are definitely not recommended as they can not only startle but also potentially hurt your puppy. The last thing you want to do while teaching them is to make them fearful of a certain response.

The point of the vibration is to let the dog know that they are not doing the task correctly. Never, ever punish them or make them fearful, as this can not only make it more difficult to train them properly but is also downright cruel.

In their development stage, in particular, you want to develop a trustful relationship with them. Puppies are naturally inquisitive, and they are also looking to you for guidance. They trust you. Using an electric collar can be the fastest way to break that bond and make them fearful of you instead of trusting.

How to Use a Vibration Collar to Train Your Dog?

All of that said, it is not as simple as causing a vibration whenever your dog is doing something you don’t want them to be doing. It helps to incorporate both words and hand gestures in tandem with the vibration collar to be most effective.

Though the vibrating sensation is strange to your dog, they still need to have an understanding as to what it means. There are a few simple steps to follow here. The first is to let them feel like they are doing something wrong.

Try calling your dog to you and if they don’t come, walk away while starting the vibration. Add in a hand gesture or word that teaches them what they are supposed to be doing. It might take a time or two before they catch on, but they should come. Make sure that when they do, you give them a treat and make sure to give them positive reinforcement.

Should your dog not respond to the lower levels of vibration, you can always try to increase it. Teaching commands paired with a vibration collar can be a great way to help them to understand what it is they are supposed to be doing. Eventually, the dog should be able to perform those commands without the aid of the vibration collar.

It is always recommended to try to teach your dog commands without the collar. That said, some are definitely more receptive than others. There are a few goals that the vibrating collar can help to achieve.

You want to see if they acknowledge the vibration from the collar and if there is a conditioned response to that vibration. It shows that they understand why the vibration is happening. It can also help to establish a recall cue so that they relate the action to the vibration.

It takes time and patience, just as training your dog normally would. But for dogs that struggle to pick up on those cues or those who are far more stubborn, a vibration collar can be a nice guiding tool owners can use to get their dogs to recognize these responses.


Vibrating collars can be quite safe to use for your pet. There is no use of an electrical shock, instead using a small vibration that confuses them. The last thing any pet owner should want to do is harm their pet in any way.

If you have been struggling with training your dog and are looking for a little extra help, a vibrating collar is one way to go. It can give you the tools that you need to bring your dog into the realm of obedience effectively.