How to Train an American Bulldog?

Pet Training


September 13, 2022

American Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds around for plenty of reasons. They are energetic, cute, and make for great companions. But like any other breed, they require the proper training to make them the ideal companion.

The good news is this: if you have been wondering how to train an American Bulldog, there are a few things to know. The better prepared you are, the better you will be able to train your pup to be a better listener.

How to Train an American Bulldog?

While each dog is its own, there are some tricks and tips for each breed that tend to be effective. The same goes for the American Bulldog. Here are a few tips that will help you to train yours effectively.

First, get a collar the moment you bring them home. Because they have a thick neck and a broad head, make sure that you get one that gives them room to grow. The last thing you want to do is to choke your puppy.

Practice exercises with them to show that you are in charge. Because they are a naturally dominant breed, showing them you are in charge is a way of earning their respect. It also establishes leadership roles, showing them that you are the alpha.

To curb jumping, turn away from your bulldog and tell it “no.” If you don’t get to the jumping early on in their developmental stages, it will continue to be a problem as they get older and grow larger.

Socialize your puppy with other people, friendly dogs, and even children. Do this at an early stage as well. This is due to their naturally protective attitude. When you have them interact with other people, it teaches them that not everyone is dangerous.

Finally, control their eating. Do not allow them to eat until they are given permission. Walk through doors ahead of your pup at home, and make sure that you walk with them side-by-side when you take them for a walk on a leash.

When Do American Bulldogs Calm Down?

American Bulldogs, particularly when they are puppies, are full of energy. They are always looking to run around and play, practically nonstop. For most of the other breeds out there, it takes roughly three years before they calm down, right about the time they hit adulthood.

As for the American Bulldog, they will start to calm down around four or five years old. That said, there is no guarantee that they will calm down then. Some might not do so until they hit their senior years, as old as ten.

This is partially because of how active they are. Calming down can vary from dog to dog, and some may never completely calm down. The best you can hope for is that they will have stretches where they are calm while they are still hyper in other situations.

Are Bulldogs Easy to Potty Train?

Like any other kind of puppy, it all depends on how you decide to go about training your American Bulldog. The earlier that you can get to them, the better off you will be. If you are looking for how to train an American Bulldog to go potty outside, make sure to be persistent.

Like any other type of puppy, you need to stay on top of them, at least in the early stages. Take them outside every 15–30 minutes until they start to recognize that they have to go outside and until they gain control over their bladder.

On the whole, it should take a few weeks or so before they have it down like a pro. Just remember to be patient with them and to keep them on hard surfaces while they are inside (since they are easier to clean than carpeting).

How to Train a Bulldog Puppy Not to Bite?

First and foremost, never ever hit your American Bulldog puppy. They are in a learning and growing stage; punishment can lead to either increased aggression or fear, and it does more harm than good.

You can attempt to get them to stop biting in three ways. The first is to redirect them. This is one of the most common methods, typically using commands like “stop,” “heel,” and “come.” The only problem here is that it takes time to learn the various commands, so have patience.

You can also try to replace what they are chewing on by moving a toy in place of your hand. This can be the ideal solution because their biting also has to do with the fact that they are teething. They will chew on things to relieve discomfort as their teeth grow, fall out, and eventually become their adult teeth down the line.

They simply do not understand that they are causing pain but are simply trying to ease that discomfort. Popping a toy into place lets them get that soothing out on a more appropriate target.

Finally, you can withdraw from the situation. Much like the mother bulldog would, remove yourself from the situation if they bite. You can also yelp because it will relay the message of pain. Just make sure that your yelp is loud, high-pitched, and immediate as the bite is taking place. The more time between the bite and the yelp, the more disconnect there is going to be.


Just like any other kind of dog, the American Bulldog requires a little bit of patience and the right techniques to train properly. And like other breeds, getting to their training earlier in their development is key.

Your dogs are your companions, looking to you for cues and information about their behavior. With effective communication and persistence, it won’t be long before they become the kind of companions that you can trust to listen to you each step of the way.