Will a Shock Collar Stop a Dog Fight?

Pet Care


October 8, 2022

Dogs wrestle and play fight all the time. Rolling around, growling, jumping on one another, barking, and other behaviors are all common when dogs play. But there are times when that behavior can escalate into a real battle.

If you have a shock collar on your dog(s), you may be wondering, “Will a shock collar stop a dog fight?” The answer is a little more complicated than you may realize. Let’s take a closer look as to why they fight and how a shock collar may impact that.

Why Do Dogs Fight?

For the most part, dogs will battle when displaying aggressive behaviors. This can be because of territory, protection, or feeling threatened by another dog. Usually, this happens in the form of barking. Dogs will bark at strangers because they are being protective of their owners, for instance.

There is also the matter of being territorial. Some breeds are more reactive when it comes to feeling as though their territory is being threatened. Not only that, some dogs require being introduced to humans and other dogs at an early age to get them used to being around others. As they age, they may become more territorial or aggressive without that training.

Dogs will also fight over things like food, toys, and treats. This is only natural as they are resources that every dog seeks out instinctually. Keeping not only the pets but the resources separate is usually the best bet, but sometimes one wants what the other has.

If your dog gets into fights more frequently—be it with one of your other dogs or stranger dogs—there is training that can help to curb that behavior. Aggression in dogs does not have to be dangerous and can be worked on with the help of proper training.

Will a Shock Collar Stop a Dog Fight?

This is not a simple answer. It basically depends on the fight. If it is between two of your own dogs, it is likely that you will have shock collars on both dogs. Will a shock collar stop a dog fight? Probably, so long as they both have one.

If your dog is fighting a different dog, don’t use it. The impact may stop your dog from fighting, but it likely won’t stop the other dog. If anything, using a shock collar could put your dog at risk of being hurt while the other dog keeps fighting.

Shock collars can be an effective training tool when used properly. They should never be used to punish, only to enforce what negative reactions you are hoping to dispel. Start at the lowest intensity, working your way up as you need to.

How Can I Stop My Dogs from Fighting?

Dogs, even those who are intimately familiar with one another, can get into fights all the time. There are a few ways to handle the situation, especially when it comes to not only stopping the fight but preventing them from happening.

First and foremost, never ever use your body when stopping a fight. When dogs fight, they have drive and instinct controlling things. It is all too easy to find yourself with a nasty bite mark when you try to separate or pull them apart using your body. Even kicking can result in a bite that you weren’t expecting.

Instead of using your body, find an object. Something bigger such as a broom or chair can be effective. You can also spray them with water in order to get them to separate and stop fighting. Loud noises can also be a great way for getting them to stop.

Never, ever yell when they are fighting. If anything, yelling can only add to the excitement that the dogs are feeling, which can unintentionally escalate the fight. When they have finally been separated, keep them separate for several hours and, if necessary, seek out veterinary care.

Consider a Professional

If you have been struggling with training your dog and a shock collar does not seem to be helping much, consider working with a professional trainer or even an animal behavior specialist. They have the knowledge, background, and experience needed to properly teach your dog.

There are some trainers who utilize corrective measures and positive reinforcement to change the behavioral pattern of the dog. Ultimately, you have the final say on what methods can and will be used. That includes utilizing shock collars.

The goal should be to train the dog, to gently guide them towards making the desired decision. Punishing them, either by yelling at them or using a shock collar, can work to achieve the exact opposite of your desired response.


Shock collars can make for effective training tools. When it comes to dogs fighting, they can either be helpful or hurtful. If you have multiple dogs and they all wear shock collars, using them at the same time can be effective for stopping a fight.

If your dog is fighting a random dog, don’t use the collar. Your dog might stop, but the other dog likely won’t. If anything, it will be putting your dog at risk of further injury or even being killed.