Why Does My Blue Heeler Follow Me Everywhere?

Pet Care


January 16, 2023

Blue Heelers were naturally bred to be working dogs, to help herd and protect cattle. For that reason, they have become a great option for family pets. They redirect that loyalty towards protecting the ones that they love.

They have a natural instinct to protect and to be around their owners. They are naturally socially dependent, which could be a good reason to the question, “why does my blue heeler follow me everywhere?”

Following You Around

There are a few reasons why your blue heeler may be following you around. Understanding the why behind their actions can give you a better understanding of your blue heeler in general. Here are some of the most important reasons why they may be following you around.

They’re Bred That Way

Perhaps the most prominent explanation for, “why does my blue heeler follow me everywhere” is that they are naturally bred that way. They are really quite social and like to be around people as often as they can.

Since they were bred as herders, they like to work with their owners quite closely. That is a trait that has stuck with them throughout the years, making them more likely to want to be close to you.

Lack of Exercise

Blue heelers are also a naturally energetic dog. They need constant exercise and to be able to burn that energy off in various ways. If they go long periods without that stimulation, they may be a bit more clingy with you.

Blue heelers generally need around two hours per day of exercise. Whether that be through walks, jogs, agility training, playing with toys, or something else entirely, you need to ensure that they are getting in the proper exercise each day.

If you don’t keep up with their exercise schedule, there are a lot of things that can happen. They get bored and potentially even destructive. That is on top of any potential health issues that may pop up if they don’t get the right amount of exercise.

Separation Anxiety

Another major reason as to, “why does my blue heeler follow me everywhere,” can have to do with separation anxiety. There are some breeds that are a bit more prone to this than others and it can be individual to your dog.

Heelers in particular are known to be prone to separation anxiety. If you leave for long periods of time each day, the blue heeler is more likely to want to follow you around wherever you go. This is because they are afraid that you might leave again sometime soon.

There are some things that you can do to treat this. For starters, make sure that they have lots of toys. If you have to work and can’t help but be away from home on a regular basis, there is only so much to be done about that. If you can swing it, getting them a companion can be a great way to combat that feeling of separation anxiety.


Because they are an intelligent and high-energy breed of dog, they are more prone to boredom than some of the other breeds out there. They need regular exercise and stimulation to keep them from feeling bored at home.

When they get bored, they naturally look to their owner to provide some form of entertainment. Whether that be going for a walk, exercising, playing, or something else, they will look to you to stop the boredom.

They can also follow you around, hoping that you will play with them, take them outside, or just show them some attention. Make sure to give your blue heeler a lot of attention and exercise, as well as mental stimulation. There are some great puzzle toys out there that can do the job quite well.

A Strong Bond

Of course, your blue heeler might feel a particularly strong bond with you. You are the pack leader, their owner, so they look to you for everything. They follow you because they have a naturally close bond with you, and they want to simply be near you.

It is not a bad thing that your blue heeler follows you around, after all. It can become something of an annoyance in some instances, but it is always a case of them simply wanting to be closer to you. Make sure to take the time to acknowledge them, to play with them, and to show them love. All it takes is a little bit of attention to appease their need for that affection and attention.


There are more than a few reasons why your blue heeler might be clingy and stay near you as much as possible. Whether it be a lack exercise, separation anxiety, boredom, or a natural inclination, they might want to stick by your side more frequently.

The good news is that this is both welcomed and treatable. By keeping them stimulated and simply showing them some love, they may not deem it necessary to be by your side every waking money. Before long, you can show them that they have everything they need and don’t have to follow along every waking second.