Does My Dog Love Me? Caution: The Ways Dogs Show Love

Pet Love


March 4, 2020

Generally Speaking,dogs are friendly. They like playing with us, leaning against us, and following around us wherever we go. However, there are some instances wherein we think that they don’t love us.

You might have already noticed that your pet dog will usually pee as soon as they see you. There are also times when they hand you their stinky and rugged old toy.And speaking of stinky, you’ve probably experienced chasing your dog around because they were parading your stinky socks around the house and had no intentions of letting go.

Despite all that, we still love them no matter what. But do their everyday actions show that they love us back or are we just assuming that they do?That leaves us with the million-dollar question that most dog owners would love to know:

“Does my dog love me?”

To figure out that, below are some simple but affectionate ways that will affirm your assumption that–YES, your beloved pet dog indeed loves you.

They Like to Sleep in Your Bedroom … and on Your Bed

Even if we buy the most comfortable bed for our dogs, they will still sleep in our bedroom. And not only that, they specifically sleep on our beds even if we put in a special bed for them.

Don’t fight it off; just let them be because this is their way of showing that they want to keep close to you even as you sleep.Sure, it’s annoying to wake up to a dangling leg or doggie-breath right in our faces, but just know that this is actually a sign of our dog’s loyalty.

And since we already consider them part of our family, this should already be something we should consider as their natural behavior.

This is how dogs in the wild show their loyalty to their pack. The way they show that they are inseparable from their pack is just the way they demonstrate their fierce loyalty towards us.

They Like Parading Your Stinky Socks Around

Don’t you find it frustrating when your dogs snatch away your used socks right after you take them off?And worse, they raid your laundry basket, grab your stinky socks, and parade them around the house until you catch them.

There’s an even worse situation than that: it’s when you can’t catch up and get the sock from them and they start to chew on it.These actions might not be the best thing for you, but this actually means that they can’t get enough of our scent—regardless if it’s reeking of a day’s worth of sweat.

They treat our smelly socks like a security blanket, especially if our dogs have separation anxiety and they want to comfort themselves with our scent.

They Pee When They See You

We have been taken aback a lot of times because our dogs sometimes pee right in front of us. You might wonder if you failed in installing toilet skills. But guess what? You shouldn’t.

Common in puppies, this act is called submissive urination. This happens when your pets pee because they want to acknowledge that, between the two of you, you are the dominant one.

They see you as this pack leader that they adore. Who would’ve thought that peeing is a form of acknowledgement that you are in charge of them?But you also need to be wary; this could be an issue that needs to be stopped. Don’t stop, hit, or yell at a puppy when you try to fix this behavior.

Keep it basic by teaching them simple commands and give treats as a reward if they successfully resist the urge to pee.But worry not because if your puppy is still under one year old, they will eventually grow out of this habit.

They Bring You Their Beloved Possession

What better way can a dog show their love for us than giving us their rugged toy—perhaps their most prized possession? When they do, we usually think it’s a sign that they want us to play with them (although it could be one of the reasons) when they’re simply showing their grand gesture of love. Consider it an honor if they give you their precious toy.

As mentioned, our beloved pets see us as their pack leader, the alpha that they want to please. This is also their way of securing their place in the pack.This act could also mean that they simply trust you so much that they are confident enough to entrust you with what they consider their valuable treasure.

And even if you want to respond nowhere near pleased (because why would you even want their dirty old toys?), just show your dog that you are pleased and he will love you more!

They Check up on You When You Don’t Feel Good

Our dogs can sense when we don’t feel good or when we are sick.

They might misbehave all the time, but once they sense they you are sick, they will change this behavior and cuddle up against you as a way to show that they care about you.

From playful creatures, they become our loyal guards who stick with us when illness strikes or when rough times come along. In fact, even if you are not aware, they can actually sense more serious conditions that you are yet to discover.

One of the signs that they know you are going through something is through your scent. Some illnesses cause drastic changes to our odor and, even if it’s subtle, our dog’s powerful sense of smell can catch it.

They Wag Their Tails When They See You

This is a classic—you know that your dogs adore you if they can’t help but wag their tails when they see you. Other than a sign of being a happy dog, wagging tails can also mean that they feel good, comfortable, and relaxed about you as their owner.

It’s also their way of showing that they are excited about your presence. The more vigorous the wagging gets, the greater the excitement they feel about you.

However, you need to be careful since not all wagging of tails translates to excitement as it could actually reveal the state of their emotions. When their tails wag, it could mean that they feel nervous about something.

When they wag their tails straight up, it means they are curious about something. And if they wag their tails even if their muscles look taut, it translates to aggression.

They Like Following You Around and Can’t Get Enough of You

Does your dog love following you around? Then what you have is the best shadow you will ever have. When they seem like they can’t get enough of you by following you around, it’s just a manifestation of their nature as a social being.

Us humans are social beings but, unlike us, dogs don’t really seek out companionship; however, when they do, they find it in you! They find solace in you and do not like to be apart from you.

Dogs are pack animals and they see their owners as the pack they belong in. As soon as their animal instincts kick in, they just can’t help but follow you around, especially as they also treat you as the leader of the pack.

But other than that, this clingy behavior actually is a way of getting reinforcements. They know that if they keep sticking beside you, they get endless affection, attention, and, of course, scrumptious treats.

They Give Their Best, Wet Sloppy Kisses

Whether you love it or not, if your dog has learned to love you, they will always shower you with their wet, sloppy kisses. And guess what? It’s also their way to check whether you taste nice while doing so.

Through licking, they are actually gathering information about you. They will know what you ate for lunch, where you’ve been, and who you were with. They can even know if you spent time with another dog!

These doggie kisses are one of the natural ways they show their affection. It might get uncomfortable at some point, especially if they lick your face non-stop, but it sure does feel comforting that your beloved pet does this because they just can’t help loving you.

Dogs are born to give these sloppy kisses, especially to the ones they adore and love. Push away the uncomfortable feeling and accept your dog’s loving kisses to brighten up their day.


After reading the ways mentioned above, do you still have doubts about you and your dog’s bond? Hopefully not because if you are sure enough that you have provided your dog’s basic needs as their dog owner and showered them with love, rest assured your beloved pets will give the same—or even more—love and affection towards you.