Why Do Crows Attack? Everything You Need to Know

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February 22, 2022

Crow territory is their home, and if you enter it without permission, they will defend that space with ferocity. These birds have been aggressive toward other animals and humans. Intruders are seen as competitors for food resources.

What Can Trigger a Crow Attack

  1. Crows Are Opportunistic Feeders

If you have a bird feeder in your yard, you may find the crows coming around every day for food. Sometimes, they can get aggressive when people put out too much food or don’t clean up after themselves. This is why it’s essential to ensure no excess food is available to attract these ravenous predators.

  1. Crows Will Defend Their Nests

Crow nests are precious for the crows because they are a home for their young. Therefore, these birds consider their nests a part of their territory. The crows will defend their nest with all their strength against any intruder, even if they’re not directly involved in raising the chicks. If you see a crow carrying something in its beak, it could be nesting material. Even though crows are not known to attack humans, some people still think that they should stay away from crows’ nests as they fear being attacked by the crows.

  1. Crows Can Sense Fear

Although crows aren’t known to attack humans, they can detect when you are afraid. If you are walking down the street and a crow comes flying at you, it could be because it sensed your fear. If you’re feeling scared, you should probably run the other way.

  1. Crows Are Naturally Curious

Crows are seen to be curious in nature. Hence, they might come up to you and stare at you intently. Some people believe that this curiosity makes them more aggressive than other birds. Crows are more likely to be drawn to shiny objects and bright colors such as reds and yellows. If you ever encounter a crow that seems to be staring at you intensely, it’s best to move along. Don’t look back or show fear, and it won’t escalate into anything serious.

  1. Crows Are Smart

Crows are brilliant birds. One study found that they can distinguish between different types of food and know how much they need to survive. Scientists have observed that crows can determine which parts of a carcass are edible and which parts are not. These observations suggest that crows are capable of complex reasoning and planning. They can attack if they feel threatened. However, they might choose not to, depending on the situation.

Why Do Crows Attack Other Crows?

Crows are highly social birds. So, why do crows attack other crows? They live in large flocks and often gather to watch each other’s backs. When crows fly over another flock, they are always on guard, ready to attack. Crows also fight among themselves for food and territory. The crows in one flock may try to drive out the crows in another flock so that they can steal the food. The battle between the two flocks can last for days and sometimes even involve the entire neighborhood.

The most common cause of crow attacks is when a flock of crows tries to drive away another group of crows. Sometimes, the invading crows try to steal food, while others want to expand their territory. Either way, it’s not uncommon for the defending crows to attack the invaders. This kind of aggression is usually a sign of low intelligence in crows.

Reasons Why Crows Attack Other Crows

There are several reasons why crows often attack other crows.

  1. To Defend Their Mates

When a female crow lays eggs, she will defend her mate from other males who would like to claim her. She’ll fight off other male crows and chase them away. If the female doesn’t protect him, he will be chased away by the others.

  1. To Protect Their Young

Crows have a strong instinct to protect their young. They will defend their nests against other crows and other animals. They will also defend their young from predators such as foxes and snakes.

  1. For food

When a pair of crows have laid their eggs, they will share their food with their chicks. The parents will also teach the chicks how to find food and defend their territory.

  1. Because They Are Hungry

Sometimes, crows will attack each other when they are hungry. If they see another crow with food, they will try to take it away.

  1. Out of Curiosity

Some crows will attack other crows simply because they are curious about them. They’ll want to see what these strangers look like and see if they are a threat.

  1. To Show Off

Crows will attack other crows to show off. This is especially true if the crows are young and inexperienced.

  1. Out of Fear

Crows will attack other crows to defend themselves. They will also attack other crows to scare them away.

How Does a Crow Attack?

Do crows attack? Absolutely, and there are several ways that crows can attack. They can peck at your eyes, tear off your skin, bite your face, and rip out your hair. They can also use their powerful claws to scratch you and stab you with their beaks. Although crows are not known to attack humans, it is still wise to avoid them if you see them flying around.

In general, crows prefer to attack from above and swoop down on their prey. If you see a crow dive-bombing you, it’s best to run away. The crows are not known to chase after you. They will land on top of you and peck at you. They may only attack if you’re a threat to their flock. If you are not a threat, they will leave you alone.

How to Protect Yourself From Crows

Avoiding the Route

This is the simplest thing that you can do to avoid attacks. If you know about a place where crows have built a nest, don’t choose that route. Just don’t go near their nests, and they won’t harm you. Furthermore, make sure to choose a route with fewer trees as there could be nests that you didn’t know about.

Amending Your Look

Since crows are intelligent, amending your look can also work for you. It’s a good idea to wear a hat or use an umbrella as crows are likely to see you from above. Also, avoid ponytails because their movement may also trigger crows.

Keep Your House Clean

If you live in an area with dense trees, make a habit of cleaning your home regularly. Crows often forage and they won’t mind visiting your home if they see an opportunity. They are attracted to garbage, and a dirty home may attract them. Moreover, keep your home free of pests as this may invite crows as well. Pesticides may come in handy for this purpose.

Make sure to throw all your garbage away. Investing in a trash can with a closed lid is also a great idea. If you feed your pet in your yard, don’t forget to discard their food as soon as they are done.


Apart from their harsh “Caw” sound, crows are also known for their severe attacks in the breeding season. More often than not, it’s a result of the threat that they feel from humans and other crows.

However, you can avoid them by following simple tips. Keeping your house clean, avoiding the routes with nests, and amending your looks can help you protect yourself from their attacks.