What to Do If You See Black Crows Hanging Around the House

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February 17, 2022

A sight of black crows hanging around your house may leave you scratching your head. Knowing how to deal with black crows is the first step toward a safe property. So, what do I do if I see black crows hanging around my house? Well, you can apply six helpful tips to help discourage black crows from roosting near or around your house.

What to Know About Black Crows

Dwelling in the agricultural areas for thriving, black crows are mainly solitary but they can do the grouping for foraging in fields. Trees and poles are the most suitable places for black crows to build nests and reproduce there.

Black crows feed on grains and vegetables. They search for food on the ground by pecking. They are not particularly dangerous to humans as they do not interact at all. However, they can be really noisy.

Eagles, owls, hawks, and human hunters might be included in the predator’s list of black crows. People may face health risks from disease-causing organisms growing in feathers and droppings of black crows.

Are Black Crows Common in the USA?

Black crows have wide distribution all over the world. Open grasslands and woodlands are the favorite habitats of black crows. Other than that, they are adaptive to virtually every environment. Forests, deserts, mountains, rocky cliffs, you name the place.

As they can eat both plants and animals, black crows are suited for every type of environment. They do not mind temperature variations either and are therefore prone to every habitat possible.

Are Black Crows Dangerous?

Usually, birds are fierce but black crows are not capable of attacks. They do not interact with humans anyway so the chances of their attacks are very minimal.

Compared to the attacking potential of owls or hawks, black crows are nothing like them. They mind their own business by defending the space in your property and scattering food sources. All they could do is make your life a little unpleasant and noisy.

Some people may not like black crows anyways because they are associated with bad omens and death in mythology. These harbingers of death bring bad luck too, according to some people.

What Are Black Crows Attracted to?

Black crows prefer visiting the suburban backyards with a garden. The reason why is because backyards with gardens inhabit a lot of insects and pests. Black crows do not have to wade through crops and grasses in a garden. They can feed on whatever plant or insect they want as there is no fear of rural predators there.

If you have a pond on your property, black crows are likely to come by there often as they may take it as a substitute for a river. The diet of black crows is very variable, so they can find lots of food in your garden.

Any place with caterpillars, grubs, bulbs, and roots of plants, fruits, and frogs is highly approachable by black crows.

How to Keep Black Crows Away From Your House

Black crows tend to be smarter than the rest of the birds, so a mere scarecrow might not be effective enough to scare them off your property.

In case you are thinking about what to do if there are black crows hanging around my house, you can apply the following tips.

Cover the Trash

Keeping a clean backyard is the best way to make the place least attractive for black crows. Put the garbage in a can and cover it with a tight lid. An open garbage can is an invitation to black crows. It doesn’t take long for black crows to sense the trash as an excellent source of food in uncovered bins.

Any kind of garbage bag you are chucking in the bin needs to be sealed properly beforehand. Nowadays, you can also get trash bins with locking lids in the market. They are an effective way to repel birds such as black crows.

Feed Your Pets Indoors

One of the simplest things that you can do to prevent the black crows from taking your space is feeding your pets indoors. Most homeowners make a common mistake of putting their pets’ food bowls outside. Sometimes, they also let the food sit in the bowl when the pet is done eating.

An ideal way to feed a pet would be feeding it indoors without leaving any kind of food outside. This will keep the black crows from becoming attracted to the property. It is always safe to remove the food from the bowl as soon as your pet is done eating.

Make High Sounds and Noises

The best practice to keep the black crows off your land is to play distress calls from fake dead crows. The reason is that black crows tend to get nervous by receiving panic signals from other crows.

Instead of fake dead crows, you can simply use a different noisemaker for loud sounds. This will discourage the black crows away for good. However, be careful about the environment you are playing sounds in. Let your neighbors know about the purpose of your noise making. You can schedule a noisy plan and perform it accordingly without being disruptive.

Install Feeders for Smaller Birds

Homeowners with birdhouses in their gardens suffer the most from black crows. The latter steals the food that is meant for the songbirds. So, it would be a wise idea to install feeders for your small birds.

Make sure you keep the feeders clean as the spillage may appeal to the blackbirds. Obviously, you cannot get rid of every bit of food from the garden, but you can remove the food sources that are easily available for the crows.

The precautionary steps must be taken in time as the black crows might adjust to the changes and settle in your area. It is hard to convince them to leave after they have been there for a long time.

Use an Ultrasound Bird and Pest Repeller

It is relatively easy to get rid of black crows with an ultrasonic pest repeller. Thanks to its scanning technology, black crows are repelled away effectively and immediately.

Having detection power up to more than 80 feet, this device can help you remove black crows with ease. It uses strobe lights and sound to repel the black crows on your property. The ultrasonic sounds produced by the device can be heard by the birds from a distance.

Decoy Black Crow Predators

The most favorable option to get rid of birds such as black crows is to use a decoy predator. Hanging a fake owl in the backyard mostly does the job. However, keep changing the positions of your decoy as the black crows are very clever and they can spot a fake animal in no time.

Using a fake dead crow for this purpose can also work for your benefit. Try hanging it upside down so it can capably move with the wind enhancing the real effect. Going for real animals such as cats and dogs is not a bad choice either. Black crows run away from predators like these.

Urban locations with gardens can be an appealing habitat for scavengers such as black crows. They can reside on your property causing a mess with scattered food and plants. However, having a predator cat or dog can keep them at bay. Keeping your outdoor property clean and garbage-free is also helpful.