The Husky Wheaten Terrier Mix: All About This Mix

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July 31, 2023

The husky-wheaten terrier mixed-breed dog is a mix of a husky and a wheaten terrier. They are usually called a wheaten husky, and they are great dogs for households with kids or other dogs in them.

The wheaten husky is friendly, playful, sheds very little, and very loyal. They are also easy to train, but it’s even easier if you train them as a puppy. They get along with nearly everyone, including the very young and the elderly, and they love to have fun and play a lot. Because of this, they make a great family dog.

What Is the Husky Wheaten Terrier Mix Dog?

The husky-wheaten terrier mixed-breed dog is a very energetic and playful dog, but before we get into its temperament and care requirements, let’s take a look at the dog’s physical appearance.

First of all, the males and females are usually different sizes, with males weighing 35 to 60 pounds and females weighing 30 to 50 pounds. In addition, males grow to 18 to 23 inches while females grow to 17 to 22 inches.

This dog’s lifespan is usually 12 to 14 years, and their double coat is very silky and smooth. The coat comes in a yellowish-beige color that is mixed with colors such as red, white, black, or gray.

They are really quite attractive dogs that aren’t too big or too small, and they love being around kids, elderly individuals, and other dogs. It’ll be easy to welcome the wheaten husky into your family.

Training Is Very Important

Early training is crucial for the wheaten husky because this dog has tons of energy that is evident 24 hours a day.

To control that energy and steer it towards useful behavior, train your dog as a puppy using positive reinforcement that includes treats and never punishment. Be consistent and reward the puppy often, but it’s important to start the training early for it to be effective.

Wheaten huskies also need to be socialized at a young age. Try bringing your dog to the dog park on a regular basis so they can get used to other animals; this way, they’ll feel comfortable with the pets you have in your own home.

Because of their energy level and their desire to get along with everyone, both training and socialization are imperative for their development.

All dogs need to be trained, but this is especially important for dogs such as the wheaten huskies, which tend to have unusually high levels of energy.

The dogs have to have something to do with the energy that’s bottled up inside of them. If you train them well, they’ll be in better control of both their energy level and their actions, not only at home but also when you’re outside.

What About Exercise?

Just like training, all dogs need regular exercise as well. This is because of the energy they have, especially dogs such as the wheaten huskies.

Their energy is high-level and constant, but if you exercise them for a minimum of one hour a day, a lot of that energy will be quenched. It also doesn’t have to be a full hour at a time because two 30-minute exercise sessions are just as effective.

For exercise, you can take them for walks, jog with them, play fetch with them, or let them play with other dogs. It doesn’t have to be intense, but it should be moderate exercise that lasts for a total of one hour a day or more.

This way, the dog will have something to do with that energy besides spending it on destructive behavior, such as destroying household items or chewing on furniture.

In fact, if your dog is exhibiting destructive or negative behavior, this is often a sign that they are not getting enough exercise throughout the day.

Think of dogs as your hyper family member that never seems to be able to sit still for very long — if they go out and play some football or take a walk, their energy level subsides somewhat and they’re no longer “hyper.” It’s the same with dogs!

How Much Do Wheaten Huskies Cost?

A wheaten husky can cost anywhere from $250 to around $2,700. Compared to other dogs, they are fairly reasonably priced, in part because it isn’t difficult to breed them.

They are also not in high demand like many other dogs are, which means that breeders can’t expect to get a lot of money for them. You likely won’t spend $2,700 for your wheaten husky because most cost less than this.

Regardless of the price, however, you need to make sure that the breeder is reputable. Ask a lot of questions and get as much information as possible about the parents, shot records, and any certificates that prove the dog is what the breeder says it is.

You can also do a little online research, which should tell you enough about the breeder to decide if it’s a reputable one.

Are These High-Maintenance Dogs?

We’ve already talked about the energy levels of the wheaten huskies, but does this mean that caring for them is a hassle?

Not necessarily, but keep in mind that early training, socialization, and regular exercise are a must. Also remember that they shed very little and have soft coats, but you’ll still want to brush them regularly in order to avoid parasite attacks and skin diseases.

The good news is that wheaten huskies tend to clean themselves on a regular basis, so when it comes to baths and brushing their coats, you don’t have to be obsessive about it.

In addition to all of this, wheaten huskies tend to have certain health conditions you have to look out for, including:

  • Diarrhea
  • Eye disorders
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Kidney diseases
  • Stomach problems

This is why regular checkups with your vet are so important. If you do this, you can catch most medical conditions before they become too serious or too expensive to repair. Regular vet visits also help you take the very best care of your pet so that you worry less about their overall health.

Do You Have to Have a Large Yard?

While you don’t necessarily need a huge backyard, keep in mind that it’s crucial to let your wheaten husky run around a lot to get the right amount of exercise.

This means that you should at least have a fenced-in backyard so the dog can run around without you worrying about it getting away and heading towards danger. You definitely need space, but this doesn’t mean that you need tons of it.

The wheaten husky’s high energy level is one of its most-significant traits, and it should never be ignored. Still, these dogs have great personalities and are a lot of fun to have in your home. And taking care of them doesn’t have to be complicated.


The husky wheaten terrier mix is a very pleasant dog that loves to be around people and gets along with children, other dogs, and even the elderly.

They need regular exercise because of their high energy level, but the dogs are playful, have great temperaments, and are very loyal. They are also very attractive dogs that you’ll love showing off to others.

Wheaten huskies are great additions to all sorts of families, so this is one purchase that you are very unlikely to regret.