A Rottweiler Feeding Chart to Help Ensure Your Dog Is Healthy

Pet Health


August 17, 2022

No matter what kind of dog you have, it is important to ensure that they are on a proper diet. The key is to ensure that they are getting the right level of nutrients and preventing over- and under-feeding. But how do you do that?

With the right feeding chart, you can have the tools that you need to ensure that your dog is eating healthy. Rottweilers eat a lot of food, which is needed because they grow so large. But how much should you be feeding your Rot? Here’s what to know.

Rottweiler Feeding Chart

What separates a Rottweiler feeding chart from other breeds is that theirs isn’t based on age, but weight. Because they grow larger pretty quickly, you can change up their feeding schedule based on how large they are.

When they are ready to wean off of mother’s milk, they will be anywhere from 3 to 10 pounds. At this point, they would receive anywhere from ¾ cup to 1 ¾ cup over three meals per day. The type of food (which will be covered later) is important here.

When they hit the 10-20 pound mark, their feeding schedule will remain the same: three times per day. But they will move up to a minimum of 1 ¾ cups per day, topping out at 3 cups per day for those who are on the heavier side.

At the 20-40 pound mark, the feedings will remain at the three times per day level. But they will see an exponential increase in quantity. Moving to a minimum of 3 cups and topping out at 5 ¼ cups for Rottweilers that are at the high end of the scale.

At this point on the Rottweiler feeding chart, we are venturing into the near 7-cup range. When Rottweilers hit the 40-60 pound mark, their feedings can stay at three but may drop down to two (depending on preference). They should be reaching nearly 7 cups per day for those on the high end of the scale.

Finally, they should top out at 2-3 feedings per day, ranging from 7 cups to 8 2/3 cups at the 60-80 pound range. If your dog is more than 80 pounds, add 1/3 cup for each 10 pounds that they have.


There are some who feel that “free-feeding” – simply pouring food into a bowl and letting their dog eat when they want – is the right way to go with larger breeds like Rottweilers. But the simple fact of the matter is that there are no benefits to this.

Rottweilers tend to lean towards obesity. Since that happens, you need to be in charge of how much they are eating. Otherwise, you will just feed into their overeating and lend to their obesity. Sticking with 3-4 cups during the puppy stages is the right idea.

Also, watch how your Rottweiler eats. If he is gobbling the food down immediately and starts looking for more, then it is time to increase their serving sizes (this is where the range comes into play). If your Rottweiler walks away before they have emptied the bowl, then consider reducing the serving side.

Finally, if your puppy is leaving food in the bowl constantly, then it is time to cut back the number of feedings. If you are at four, cut it back to three. Establishing feeding times is important, too. If it takes them more than 15 minutes to eat, pull the bowl away. This will establish that they have designated feeding times and get them on the right schedule.

Consider the Variables

The last thing to consider are the variables. Since Rottweilers tend to skew towards obesity, it can be easy to underfeed your dog. Keep an eye on their current weight. Keep an eye on their eating habits. And keep an eye on their activity levels.

More active dogs will naturally burn more calories, which means that they will require either more frequent feedings or larger serving sizes at each meal. This can take some time to develop, so don’t worry if it feels like things are kind of off.

By the time your puppy is nearly adulthood, you should be pretty well-established in your feedings. They will then know when the feedings come, so they won’t be looking around for meals unless one is missed. Their teeth play a role, too, which means that you need to pay attention to when they lose those “baby teeth” because you might have to switch up food depending on how they like it.


Rottweilers are huge dogs naturally. They require high-quality food, regular feedings, and as many as 8 cups per day (or more depending on weight) when they reach full maturity. Like any dog, it is important to find balance in order to prevent over- and under-feeding.

Rottweilers are natural protectors. In order to do so, they need to have the proper diet that will allow them to grow to a full, healthy size. Knowing what and how much to feed them is a great start, but it all depends on your dog specifically.