What to Know Before Getting a Mini Rottweiler?

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August 9, 2021

Taking care of a large dog is not an easy task. With bigger size comes more energy, which means that you will have to play with your dog regularly and also take them on longer walks. But adults these days don’t have that much free time on their hands. Taking care of a pet that is always full of energy when you have a full-time job is just not possible.

Miniature Versions of Dogs

This doesn’t mean that adults can’t get pets. After all, they require companionship too and who’s a better companion than a dog? People want a pet that does not tire them out after a busy day at work, which is why miniature versions of dogs exist. These dogs don’t require a lot of space and can be easier to take care of.

A mini rottweiler is one such pet that anyone can have and live with in a small apartment or huge house. They are usually energetic but do not require the same maintenance as fully grown rottweilers.

What Are Mini Rottweilers?

A rottweiler is a muscled guard dog and is also very playful. But as with other large dogs, taking care of a rottweiler is a lot of hard work. The best alternative for people who want to get this breed of dog but cannot take care of the large-sized creatures is a mini rottweiler.

Any mini rottweiler that you come across can either be the product of a cross between a rottweiler and a smaller breed or a rottweiler with dwarfism. In any case, it is a dog with all the behavioral characteristics of a rottweiler. Size is the main difference between the two breeds.

How Does a Mini Rottweiler Look?

Other than the size, a mini rottweiler is just like a full-size rottweiler. While it can be a bit confusing to recognize one, you can look for some common or typical physical characteristics.

  • Markings: The main identifying feature of a rottweiler is its black fur that is covered with tan markings. A mini rottweiler is no different. It will have tan markings on different parts of its body, especially the legs and the chest.
  • Coat Quality: Rottweilers are known for their smooth black coat. But when it comes to different breeds of rottweilers, this can change. In most cases, a mini rottweiler will also have a smooth and shiny black coat.
  • Cute Ears: The cutest feature of a rottweiler is their floppy ears. Whenever you see a rottweiler, their floppy ears are bound to bring a smile to your face. The adorable mini rottweilers also have floppy ears.

How to Take Care of Mini Rottweilers

Many people get mini rottweilers because they are easier to take care of compared to larger dogs. However, this does not mean that mini rottweilers don’t require your time and attention. You should learn all about this breed before you decide to make a mini rottweiler a part of your life. Only get the dog if you are certain that you can take care of it.

There are a few essential factors that you will need to keep in mind while taking care of your mini Rottweiler.

Understand Their Temperament

Since a mini rottweiler is just like a rottweiler, they can develop a strong bond with humans. However, you will have to earn their trust. They will be distrusting of you in the beginning. You will have to make an effort to understand their temperament.

Start socializing your mini rottweiler from an early age if you want it to get used to humans. If you train them patiently, they can turn out to be excellent guard dogs.

Grooming and Exercise

Keep in mind that grooming and exercise is just as important for a mini rottweiler as it is for one of a normal size. A 30-minute-long exercise session daily is a must for the health of your dog. But there’s no timing restriction so you can decide to conduct the session in the morning or evening, depending on your schedule.

Baths, brushing, and trimming are also very important. With grooming, you can make sure that the coat of your mini rottweiler always stays shiny. It is also important to clip their nails regularly.

Healthy Diet

If you only ate one kind of food, you will end up getting sick because your body will not get the nutrients it needs for proper functioning. Your mini rottweiler is the same so you should not restrict them to one type of food. You should get dog food that is full of nutrients.

It is also important to control the amount of food your dog is consuming. An overweight dog can suffer from health problems. Rottweiler puppies often end up gaining weight. So, if you want your mini rottweiler to stay healthy, you should make sure that they eat in moderation.

Health Problems

A dwarf animal or crossbred creature is going to experience certain health problems. Since most of the time a mini rottweiler is a rottweiler with dwarfism, they are going to face multiple health problems throughout their lives. Taking care of such a dog means making frequent trips to the vet.

Sometimes, purebreds are bred from litter runts. But this results in weak runts who will face health issues in their later life. Such dogs also have low stamina and cannot play or exercise much. The best way to avoid health problems is to breed a pure rottweiler with compatible breeds. The resulting mini rottweiler will be healthy.

Should I Adopt or Buy a Mini Rottweiler?

Ever since the demand for miniature dogs have started increasing, sellers have started using unethical methods to close sales. When buying a mini rottweiler, you should make sure that it has been obtained from the cross of a rottweiler with a compatible breed. But it is best to visit the local dog shelter instead and adopt one directly.

Many dogs are currently waiting for their turns to be adopted. If you adopt a mini rottweiler, you will be saving yourself from getting conned by a seller. By adopting this breed as a pet, you will be relieving the burden of a shelter while gaining a friend at the same time.

Final Thoughts

You should know that a mini rottweiler, like every dog, is very loyal. Since they are guard dogs, they are also going to be very protective of you. They will take care of you in dangerous situations. Their playfulness will keep you entertained for hours. Once you know how to take care of a miniature version of a rottweiler, you can bring one to your home as a pet and start enjoying your time with them.