Different Types of Goldendoodles: Which One Should You Choose?

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June 7, 2022

Throughout history, humans have claimed dogs as their best friends. Of all the animals, dogs are the most loyal ones and are always there for you. They provide you with unconditional love and emotional support when you need it the most. It’s no wonder why most pet owners consider their dogs as a member of their families.

With that out of the way, you might wonder how many breeds of dogs exist. A few dozens? Maybe 50? Well, to your surprise, dogs are one of the most variable mammals on the planet, with over 190 breeds. Of all the breeds, goldendoodle dogs are the most intelligent and loyal.

A Few Words About Goldendoodles

Cuddly, affectionate, and intelligent, these are only some of the words that could be used to describe goldendoodles. Although it’s not a breed per se, it is a cross between the golden retriever and the poodle, and this is where it gets its name from. This designer dog has staked its claim on the hearts of millions of dog lovers worldwide and is best known for its affection and loyalty.

As a matter of fact, the goldendoodle has inherited its traits from its parents. The golden retriever dog is known for its intelligence, kindness, and reliability. On the other hand, the poodle happens to be quite alert, instinctual, and easily trainable.

In other words, the gentleness of a goldendoodle comes from the golden retriever, whereas the energy comes from the poodle. If you are looking to get a new member of your family, know that these dogs will make a great pet.

Sizes of Goldendoodles

Goldendoodle dogs have three different sizes, that is, mini goldendoodle, medium goldendoodle, and standard goldendoodle. Each kind of goldendoodle has its own benefits and challenges. The size of the goldendoodle depends on the size of its parents. The mini goldendoodle is a result when a toy poodle is bred with a golden retriever. Similarly, the medium goldendoodles are bred using medium-sized poodles. Lastly, the standard goldendoodle comes from breeding large poodles with the golden retriever.

Consider your budget when looking for a new pet for your home. If you are low on the budget, mini goldendoodles are a great choice. Not only do the standard goldendoodles cost more, but they also consume more food.

Mini Goldendoodle


Talking about the mini goldendoodle first, these dogs look like a small fluffy teddy bear. They have the shortest size among all goldendoodles. They are particularly known for their clingy behavior, and if left alone for too long, they get anxious and may even suffer from separation anxiety. They get attached to their owners, and once they do, they become a bit clingy.

The mini goldendoodles come in three different kinds: American, English, and Australian. You can distinguish between them by looking at the color and the size of the goldendoodle. The American type is more vibrant in color, the English one is a bit lighter, and the Australian variant resembles labradoodles.

As far as the size and weight of a mini goldendoodle are concerned, its height could be anywhere from 13 to 20 inches, and the weight could range from 20 to 40 pounds. If you want to determine the height and weight of your mini goldendoodle, you can do that by adding its parents’ height and weight and simply dividing them by two.

The value you get will be the height or weight of your adorable little goldendoodle. To know the ideal weight and height of your mini goldendoodle, consider referring to the mini goldendoodle size chart.

The color of mini goldendoodles

Mini goldendoodles come in a wide range of colors, including black, gray, and a few others. Apparently, their coat seems quite hard, right? However, it’s very soft and thick when you actually touch it. And yes, the hair texture may vary, but most mini goldendoodles have curly hair.

The mini goldendoodles are mostly kept as family or house pets because of their friendly nature. They follow you around and love playing, cuddling, and socializing. They are a good choice for people suffering from allergies, and they don’t require any hectic grooming sessions. Washing them once in two weeks is enough.

Experts suggest that small-sized dogs don’t necessarily need much exercise. Well, the mini goldendoodle is no exception. However, it is important to note that, like all other breeds, they also need daily exercise. They happen to be quite sharp and are good walking buddies.

The life span of goldendoodles

As compared to other breeds, the mini goldendoodles have a longer life span. It may live for 10 to 15 years. Although not many health problems are associated with it, your vet may recommend some tests if your mini goldendoodle is under the weather. Timely checkups hold paramount importance for a long life span.

You may be surprised to know that there are even smaller breeds of the already “Mini” goldendoodle. Although they are not commonly known, there are two types of mini goldendoodles: teacup goldendoodle and toy goldendoodle.

Like mini goldendoodles, the teacup goldendoodles are also super cute. When fully grown, they are 11 inches tall and weigh approximately 13 pounds. However, these dogs often suffer from genetic problems, and these problems may scare you if you are looking to purchase one.

Problems such as patella luxation and hypoglycemia are quite common among teacup goldendoodles, and are usually caused due to abnormal breeding. Since these goldendoodles are rare, they often hold a hefty price tag, which is why people often avoid them.

On the other hand, the toy goldendoodle is a bit bigger than the teacup goldendoodle. It weighs around 20 pounds and stands at the height of 14 inches. They are often considered the best size of the mini goldendoodle. Unlike the teacup goldendoodle, they don’t come with any genetic problem.

Medium Goldendoodle

As the name suggests, the medium goldendoodle is the sweet spot in terms of size. Expectedly then, they are the most popular variant of goldendoodles. The medium goldendoodles have a height of 16 to 22 inches and can weigh anywhere between 30 to 50 pounds. The difference in size between the male and female goldendoodles is also noticeable, and the female medium goldendoodles tend to be a bit smaller in size.

Like the mini goldendoodle, the medium goldendoodle doesn’t need to walk much either. However, consider taking it for at least a 20-minute walk every day. Regular exercise keeps your dog in good health, regardless of its breed. It also has a longer life span and doesn’t come with any genetic illness.

Standard Goldendoodle

As the name implies, the standard goldendoodle is a big-sized version of the goldendoodle, and the dog owners are all for it. A standard goldendoodle could weigh more than 50 pounds and could be 25 inches tall. Since it is the biggest type of goldendoodle, it would need more area to roam. Furthermore, it would also need more food to stay healthy and, in turn, more exercise to stay healthy.

People who prefer the standard version of goldendoodle are of the opinion that a bigger body means more to love and cuddle. And yes, they love enjoying the sense of security of a large dog, combined together with the ultimate temperament of the goldendoodle dogs.

Mini Goldendoodle Versus Medium Goldendoodle Versus Standard Goldendoodle

So now that you have an idea of all three types of the goldendoodles, you might be wondering which type is better. So, which one do you prefer if you want to add a new member to your family? Should you go for a mini goldendoodle because of its mini size? Or is a standard goldendoodle a better option?

A comparison of the mini goldendoodle vs medium goldendoodle vs standard goldendoodle would be quite helpful, so you make an informed decision.

In terms of size, it all comes down to your personal preference. All goldendoodle dogs are quite easy to train regardless of their sizes. Tiny goldendoodles are cute, and the standard goldendoodles also look great. However, if you have a standard goldendoodle, you’d have to engage it in more exercise and make sure that it is also getting enough food.

If you have a tight budget, a mini or a medium goldendoodle could be an automatic choice for you. They are more common sizes and are available at relatively less expensive rates. In addition, the standard goldendoodle will also need to eat more food, and you may need to shell out your money to buy its food items every now and then.

Of course, your own liking is important. However, one important consideration is the space in your home. Regardless of their type, all goldendoodle dogs love playing around. Of course, standard goldendoodles will require more space than mini and medium ones. This is why the mini and medium goldendoodles are a good choice for those living in condos and apartments.

Why Do Goldendoodles Change Their Color?

Any goldendoodle’s owner will tell you that these dogs change their color as they age. But why does this happen? How on Earth do they change the color of their fur? Well, it is in their genes. Actually, poodles change their color as they grow older.

As mentioned earlier, a goldendoodle is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. So, a goldendoodle has it in its genes, regardless of its size. Even teacup and toy mini goldendoodles undergo color change as they grow.

Furthermore, it’s also possible that when you got the goldendoodle puppy, it still had its puppy fur. Once it got to be six months old, it got rid of the puppy fur and replaced it with adult fur, which could be of a completely different color.

How to Treat Separation Anxiety in Goldendoodle Dogs

Goldendoodle dogs get easily attached to their owner and may develop clingy behavior. They love staying with you and following you everywhere. However, you may not be available for it 24/7. When left alone for a long time, your dog may suffer from separation anxiety. Don’t panic! It’s completely normal for dogs to develop separation anxiety.

If you notice excessive barking, yawning, shaking, or loss of appetite, your cute companion might be suffering from separation anxiety. Thankfully, you can help your cute companion fight it.

Try to Spend More Time with Your Goldendoodle


It’s no secret that the dog develops separation anxiety because the owner doesn’t spend enough time with it. So, if possible, consider spending time with your canine companion. Of course, your dog is not the only one who misses those cuddles. So, take time to play with it as you used to.

You can also take it for a little walk in a park, so it feels better. Listening to your goldendoodle’s favorite music can also help it recover from anxiety. Once you spend quality time with your dog, the separation anxiety will go away itself.

Train Your Dog to Get Used to Living in Separation

If you are an eager beaver and don’t have enough time to play with your dog, consider training your dog to live on its own. However, don’t disappear for days all of a sudden. Try taking short breaks, so your dog gets used to it naturally. You can also engage it in exercise, so it gets too tired to follow you around.

Final Thoughts

Intelligence, loyalty, and kindness are some of the reasons why you may consider getting a goldendoodle dog. These dogs are a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever. Based on their sizes, goldendoodle dogs have different types.

Mini goldendoodles are a good choice for those with a low budget, whereas a standard goldendoodle can cost an arm and a leg since it needs more food and a bigger space to run around. If you notice that your goldendoodle is suffering from separation anxiety, try spending more time with it and consider consulting with your vet.