Is Spirit Dog Training Legit?

Pet Training


September 29, 2022

Training your dog has come a long, long way. There was a long time when the only solution was to sign up your dog for an expensive training course. Thanks to the Internet and the plethora of information within, it is possible to train your dog from the comfort of your own home.

One of those methods is known as spirit dog training. Those who have an interest in Spirit ask the same question: Is Spirit Dog Training legit? Let’s take a closer look and see what it is all about.

What is Spirit Dog Training?

Before we can ask whether or not Spirit Dog Training is legit, it helps to know what it is first. It is a website that has a plethora of different training courses for your dog that can be purchased and implemented without having to leave the comfort of your home.

There is also a comprehensive blog with a plethora of information for dog owners everywhere. With so many options to choose from, there is a lot of information that can be helpful to owners of a wide array of breeds.

Is It Legit?

For the most part, asking “Is Spirit Dog Training legit” gets a strong “yes.” Most people who have reviewed the service did so noting positive experiences. All it takes is a cursory Google search to find a well of glowing reviews that reflect the positive experience that users have had.

Among the reasons that users have recommended the training courses is because it offers great versatility, instructions that are easy to understand, and a level of convenience that no in-person training course could offer.

The goal of Spirit Dog Training is to provide straightforward, simply-understood tips for not only training your dog but getting them to maintain their behavior. Some courses can get a little too complex, and the core values wind up being lost on your dog.

But with the right training course, you can make your dog out to be the best listener possible. If you have been searching for a training program that works for your needs and doesn’t require you to leave your home, you have found the best one possible.

Who Benefits from Spirit Dog Training?

There is definitely a target audience when it comes to the kind of training that Spirit Dog Training offers. This type of course is definitely beneficial for owners who might not have the patience for longer training courses.

There are basic obedience courses that can help to establish the guidelines that your dog needs to become a better listener. There are some more comprehensive courses available for those dogs that are a bit further along in their training.

Spirit Dog Training is for those who are looking to correct basic behavior issues in their dog. Things like loose leash walking, reactivity, basic obedience, trick training, and even puppy raising and training. It can create a simple path towards obedience that may not have been working for you on a solo venture.

It is important to note that, while convenient, no training course will make changes overnight. It is about commitment and slow progress, especially from the side of the owner. If there is one downside to the entire endeavor, it is that it can cost quite a bit. Given how effective it is, however, it can be worth the cost to those who don’t mind shelling out.

One Thing to Consider

That said, it is not the kind of training course that will work for everyone. There are two personality types that don’t really mesh with the Spirit Dog Training courses. The first is that person who feels the need to dominate their dog.

The goal of these courses is to use positive training methods to get the dog to want to listen to you. If you are simply looking to establish who the “alpha” is and dominate them, then there are other courses out there for that.

There are also those who expect to enroll in a training course and see the results in literally no time. They send their dog off to some training school for two weeks and expect that when they get their dog back, they will be the perfect listener.

Remember that this is about consistency and patience. You are learning just as much as your dog is. As you learn how to issue commands, they learn how to obey them. It becomes a cohesive relationship that is built up over time. Realistic expectations are needed to make the entire training endeavor work to the fullest.


With so many different dog training courses out there to choose from, it can feel like an online course is too good to be true. But Spirit Dog Training is as legit as it gets, offering a plethora of tools to dog owners everywhere.

If you have been struggling with training your dog and don’t want to venture off to some other class that requires time and driving, then this is the right way to go. Before long, the easy-to-understand courses and challenges will have you training your dog on a higher level.