How to Walk Two Huskies at Once?

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February 22, 2023

Huskies are high-energy, independent dogs. They can be somewhat stubborn, too. Managing their personalities can be a full-time job, but they are one of the smartest, most loyal dog breeds out there.

If you have two, however, it can present some challenges. Not only does that mean double the attitude, but it also means trying to figure out how to walk them at the same time. You could walk them one at a time, but that will no doubt result in a tantrum or two as one feels left behind, which begs the question of how to walk two huskies at once.

Why Walks are Important?

First and foremost, it is imperative to understand why your dogs need to walk. Even if you implement other exercises into their routine, walking offers unique benefits that others do not.

For starters, it helps your dog keep fit and active. Huskies, in particular, have a lot of energy and need to remain active to manage those energy levels. Walks are part of that, as long as they are done regularly and in conjunction with other activities.

There is also the mental aspect of it. Brisk walks can not only be a great way for them to remain healthy but also to give them proper mental stimulation. Being able to go out, smell things, leave their mark, and enjoy the outdoors can be quite beneficial for their mental health.

Because of their naturally high energy levels, keeping them active is important for your own good. When they don’t get enough exercise, huskies can get bored quickly. Most of the time, it means that they will be annoying and clingy. On top of that, there is always the chance that they might turn destructive if they get bored enough. Take them for walks to keep the sanctity of your home.

Walking Two Huskies at Once

Now comes the matter of how to walk two huskies at once. Knowing the personalities that huskies can display, taking two for a walk at the same time can seem like the most daunting of tasks. But it really doesn’t have to be as long as you are using the right technique.

There are more than a few horror stories out there. Huskies pull hard, jerk, get off the leash and run away. It turns out to be more of a case of the husky taking you for a walk than the other way around. But there are remedies for the issue.

Leash Training

Before you can hope to get your husky to walk properly, let alone two of them, leash training is an absolute must. If you want your huskies to follow your direction, they have to be familiar with walking on the leash and following directions.

Keep in mind that huskies are naturally working dogs. They have been bred to be part of a team pulling heavy loads. They are good at it, too. Because of this, they are not only strong but also committed to moving loads with them as they move. If your husky hasn’t been properly leash trained, then you will become the load that it drags.

Training huskies on the leash takes time, patience, and a lot of treats. While you don’t want to train with a harness, it is recommended to move to one later on. Get them used to the leash and not pulling, then you can implement the harness for a safer overall walking experience.

Two at Once

When you feel as though you have comfortably mastered leash training, you can focus on taking both dogs at one time. Since huskies are naturally inquisitive, curious, and determined, it is necessary to have leash training because two will most likely drag you along whether you want to go or not. Even worse, their leashes will get tangled, and the entire experience will be a frustrating mess.

Investing in a good double leash is the first suggestion. It allows you to control a single leash instead of having to deal with crisscrossing leashes that can get easily tangled and knotted. Harnesses are also needed because any pulling that they do could be dangerous if they are wearing a leash. Harnesses put pressure on their chests and shoulders, which makes it safer for them to use.

Think of it another way: they are natural sled dogs. If you can find the kind of leash that mimics their sled setup, it makes it much easier for them to adapt. Make sure to bring treats and praise them when they do things the right way. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog to do just about anything.


It is important to take your huskies for walks regularly. Not only is it imperative for keeping them healthy, but they need walks due to their high energy levels. Failing to take them for walks can result in behavioral problems, including potential destructive behaviors.

By mastering the proper methods, you can take both of your huskies out for a walk. This way, one won’t feel left behind, and you can save yourself a trip. Not that the attitude won’t still be there to deal with anyway.