How to Identify a Turkish Angora Cat?

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December 29, 2020

The Turkish Angora is an ancient cat breed that has been around for thousands of years. It originated in the Ankara region of Turkey, and the olden documentation for the breed goes as far back as the 17th century. The breed is believed to originate due to mutation for its white color as well as the long hair, and many people often refer to it as the Ankara cat.

The Turkish Angora cat descended from the African wildcat, like almost all other cats. Furthermore, you should know that the ancestors of the Turkish Angora were some of the first domesticated cats in the world, hailing from the mountainous regions of Anatolia.

How Does it Look?

The defining features of the Turkish Angora are easy to identify when you know how the cat looks. These cats usually have a long and silky coat, and their bodies are long and sinuous. The cat walks with a considerable amount of grace and elegance, and many people often make the mistake of mixing this cat with a snow weasel.

The cat is perhaps most renowned for its shimmering white coat and its fluffy tail. However, you should know that white is not the only color; these cats often have coats of various colors. For instance, there are tabby or tabby-white cats, and you might even find some varieties that are chocolate brown too.

It primarily depends on the extent of crossbreeding and the cat’s lineage. The plumed tail of the cat is usually carried upright; the cats almost always keep their tails perpendicular to their back. Their eye color also varies, ranging from green to blue to yellow. There are also some varieties that suffer from heterochromia.

How Do You Identify the Cat?

If you have been wondering how to identify a Turkish Angora cat, you should know that there are plenty of different ways to do that. Let’s discuss a few of those.

  1. The Angora Fur

Before you decide to get an Angora cat, you might want to touch the Angora fur to identify the cat. It is perhaps the easiest and most obvious differentiator. Many people tend to mistake the Angora with the Persian cat, but you should know that there is a difference in the fur.

The hair of the Angora cat is more lush when compared with the Persian. Furthermore, you should know that the Turkish Angora has a silkier coat and the length of the coat itself can vary. It usually covers the tail, the neck, and its legs too. But, you should know that there are other breeds with fur that is not as hairy either. It primarily depends on the grooming done by the breeder.

  1. The Triangle-Shaped Head

Another excellent way to identify the Turkish Angora is through its triangle-shaped head. The shape of the Angora’s head is in a reversed triangle, and you will notice that the head is usually covered by a greater amount of hair. Their eye color also varies, so you might want to look closely. More importantly, you should know that the ears of the cat are tapered, so it has a fierce look on its face.

  1. The Proportional Body

These cats are generally healthy and slim, and the shape of their body is also proportional to their head. This is one of the reasons why the cat has such an elegant and graceful walk, and it often becomes quite easy for an average person to be able to identify the breed and differentiate it from others. The tail is also quite different, as it is slightly longer and is coated by a larger amount of hair.

  1. The Social Characteristics

The Turkish Angora is generally an outgoing cat, and usually has alpha tendencies. These cats generally don’t like to entertain themselves and love to roam around among people. Because it has been domesticated for centuries, these cats love spending time with humans.

However, you should know that they also have alpha tendencies, and love to take charge. These cats also do well with families and pets too, and it doesn’t matter if they are with dogs or other animals, they love to take charge. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about this cat hiding away; they are incredibly social animals.

  1. An Independent Streak

While most cats love to do things with others, the Turkish Angora has what you might call an independent streak. These cats are able to enjoy and do things on their own without having to worry about anything or anyone at all. There are going to be times where the cat might even try to convey its instructions to you.

These are generally considered to be stubborn cats who like doing things their own way, and won’t take it otherwise. They can also get into bad habits if you do not know how to keep the animal in check, so you might have to pay considerable attention to the animal’s activities. More importantly, you should know that these cats are quite intelligent, and they can easily learn different kinds of commands and tricks.

  1. They Enjoy Water

Perhaps the best way to distinguish this cat from others is to check whether the cat likes water or not. The Turkish Angora actually loves water, and they don’t mind even going for a swim at times. On a particularly hot day, you might find your cat roaming about in a puddle or near a water source. There are also instances where the cat has joined their owners for a bath as well!

  1. They Love to Run

You might already know that most cats don’t like to run and play around. The Turkish Angora, on the other hand, is slightly different; they love to run about and play, and they are quite mischievous as well. You should know that these cats love toys and have a pretty strong instinct for hunting as well, and you will find that the cat will go around chasing toys quite often too.

An Ideal Pet

If you want a cat that behaves a bit in different ways like a dog, you might want to consider getting a Turkish Angora cat. These cats exude elegance and class, and they have literally boundless enthusiasm for playing around, so you are going to have a lot of fun with the animal.

They are quite affectionate and outgoing, and they love to bond with their owners as well. You should know that the Turkish Angora requires quite a bit of care on your part as well, and you will want to be observant about their activities as well. Otherwise, the animal might become attracted to negative activities that might be harmful for it.

If you want a pet with bustling energy and lots of passion, the Turkish Angora is a great choice. These cats make for excellent companions, and will keep you and your family entertained for hours without any issue!