How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes: It’s Easier Than You Think

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August 7, 2023

Even though you love your furry family members, you know there are some things that are less than fun about having them around the house.

One of those is walking across your yard and getting dog poop on your shoes. This is never fun, especially when you consider how difficult it usually is to remove it from your shoes.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re never going to get the dog poop completely off your shoes, but not to worry because this article is here to help. Below are a few tips to help make removing dog poop a little easier.

How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes the Easy Way?

Sometimes, it’s the texture of the dog poop that makes it so difficult to remove from your shoes. Dog poop tends to stick a little better on the shoes and therefore, it can be a challenge to remove. To make this unpleasant task a little easier, here are some things you can do:

1.  Use a Pressure Washer

If you have a pressure washer, place your dirty shoes on the ground and wash them off with that. If you don’t want to touch the dog poop, this is a good method.

Make sure you don’t set the pressure too high but instead, use a medium-strength pressure to remove all of the poop.

2.  Let the Shoes Dry in the Sun

This one takes a while, but if it’s nice and sunny outside and it isn’t winter time, it works every time. Just set the shoes outside in the sun facing upwards so that at least most of the dog poop is in that direction.

After a while, the poop becomes caked on and dries completely, then you can just take a stick or anything else and remove it from the shoes.

3.  Wash Your Shoes in the Washer

Washing dirty shoes in your washing machine works regardless of what’s on them, but it’s a good idea to take a stick and remove as much of the poop as you can before placing them in the washer.

Make sure the water isn’t hot because if it is, it can sometimes ruin any glue that is built into your shoes. If you use warm water, it should be just right.

4.  Use WD-40

Lots of people believe that WD-40 can fix anything, and they’re close to being right! First, take a paper towel and rub as much of the poop off as possible.

Then, simply spray the shoe with WD-40 and let it sit for a while — the longer, the better. Afterwards, it should be a lot easier to remove the rest of the poop, regardless of what you use to do so.

5.  If You’re Outdoors …

If you’re out walking your dog and step in poop, you’ll want to remove as much of it as you can before you get home, but what is the best way to do this?

The best way is to rub the bottom of your shoes on grass, sand, sticks, or even the sidewalk to remove as much of it as possible. If you find a discarded stick or other item nearby, use that to remove the poop until you get home.

6.  Clean the Poop With a Toothbrush

Believe it or not, an old toothbrush and simple soap and warm water can get a lot of that dog poop off of your shoes.

Scrape as much of it off as possible before getting started, and remember that using a medium or hard toothbrush will naturally work best. This method might take a while, but it’s worth it in the end because it works.

7.  Place Your Shoes in the Freezer

Huh? The freezer? Yes, the freezer! You can place the shoes in a plastic bag, seal the bag to prevent bacteria from leaking out, and place them in the freezer.

Wait until the poop is frozen and hard, then you can take just about any object to remove it. It’s a lot easier to remove when it’s frozen, and you can remove most or all of it this way.

8.  Visit a Golf Course

This one may sound odd, but golf courses usually have shoe cleaners somewhere near the golf cart drop-off area that can often remove the dog poop. The shoe cleaners usually consist of compressed air that can easily remove a lot of the dog poop and other debris from the shoes.

With all of these methods, it’s best to take a stick or paper towel and try to remove as much of the dog poop as possible before going any further.

The less poop that’s on your shoes, the easier it is to make sure it’s completely removed so you can once again have clean, poop-free shoes. All of these methods will work for you, so it’s just a matter of which one you consider most convenient.


Getting dog poop on your shoes is never any fun, but there are many different ways to get rid of it.

Removing as much of it as possible is key, then you can freeze the shoes, use WD-40, wash them in your washing machine, use a toothbrush and basic soap and water, use a pressure washer, or even leave them in the sun for a while or visit a golf course for help.

Dog poop doesn’t have to ruin your shoes for good, especially once you learn a few easy ways to get rid of that poop for good.