Food for Dogs: Can Dogs Eat Canadian Bacon?

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August 16, 2023

If you’re a pet owner, you already know how important it is to put them on a good diet to keep them healthy and happy. When it comes to dogs, there are things that they can and cannot eat, and you have to know the difference in order to keep them well.

Most people know that chocolate, for instance, should never be given to dogs, but there are other foods that fit into that same category. If you’ve ever wondered if dogs can eat Canadian bacon, the answer is “no,” they cannot, and you’re about to learn why.

Can Dogs Eat Canadian Bacon? Things You Should Know

Dogs absolutely should never eat Canadian bacon because it can actually damage them on the inside. If they accidentally eat a small bite of Canadian bacon, it won’t hurt them, but because of the high salt content in Canadian bacon, dogs can get pancreatitis or at the very least, become dehydrated.

In fact, no foods that are high in salt should be given to your dog for the same reasons.

If you realize your dog has eaten more than just a tiny bit of Canadian bacon or another high-salt food, try to induce vomiting so that it can be removed from their system.

To feel better, all tidbits of the meat need to be removed from their digestive tract. If you’re worried, just know that eating Canadian bacon will not kill them, but it can make them miserable for a while.

In fact, when your dog consumes Canadian bacon, they may automatically feel sick and vomit on their own. This can be concerning but remember that vomiting is the best way for them to be free of the Canadian bacon that can harm them more if it stays inside of the digestive tract.

If your dog is still acting or looking funny even after they vomit, take them to the vet.

If Dogs Eat Meat, Why Can’t They Eat Canadian Bacon?

You might be wondering why dogs cannot eat Canadian bacon when they are, by nature, meat eaters. The thing is, meats such as beef or chicken, and even pork, do not have large amounts of salt in them, but Canadian bacon does.

And it’s the high amounts of salt that can damage some of their internal organs. There’s also a big difference between fresh meat and meats such as bacon.

Canadian bacon is usually cured with salt, among other ingredients, before it’s sold to the public, so the salt is deep inside of the bacon and cannot be rinsed away.

If you buy fresh beef, chicken, or pork, it won’t have any salt in it unless you add it. Canadian bacon, much like regular bacon, is a processed type of meat and always contains high amounts of salt.

Salty foods such as Canadian bacon also cause dogs to urinate more frequently and therefore, they can actually die if too many fluids get eliminated from their bodies.

When dogs eat Canadian bacon, they can become dehydrated, suffer from kidney failure, or it can be fatal for them. In order to prevent any of this from happening, it’s simply better not to give them any Canadian bacon at all.

What About Giving Your Dogs Regular Bacon?

As a general rule, bacon can be just as dangerous for your dog as Canadian bacon, even though it isn’t always as salty.

Just like Canadian bacon, it’s likely not serious if your dog consumes a very small bite of bacon, but most veterinarians recommend feeding dogs only lean meats such as lean beef, chicken, and fresh pork. Any type of processed meat should be avoided altogether.

Keep in mind that bacon and Canadian bacon are also filled with preservatives, including both salt and other types, and it is those preservatives that can be damaging for a dog.

It is difficult for dogs to digest these things, so it’s always better to give them lean meats that are both tasty and healthy. Avoiding any type of overly salty foods such as Canadian bacon is a smart thing to do.

What Types of Meat Should Your Dog Be Eating?

Just because your dog can’t eat processed or salty meat doesn’t mean they should avoid meat altogether. Some of the best meat you can feed your dog includes:

  • Beef
  • Bison
  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Salmon
  • Turkey

If you buy fresh meat and prepare it yourself, you don’t have to worry about it being unhealthy for your dog.

Even commercial dog food can have preservatives and fillers that your dog shouldn’t be consuming. This doesn’t mean you should forgo feeding them commercial dog food, but adding some lean, fresh meat to their diet is an excellent idea.

The main thing to remember is never feed your dog any amount of Canadian bacon, regular bacon, or any other type of food that is filled with preservatives and very salty because it could be fatal.


Just like humans, dogs are much healthier when fed fresh meat instead of processed meat such as Canadian bacon, which is also way too salty and can actually cause a host of gastrointestinal problems and even pancreatitis, which can be fatal.

If they eat a tiny bit of these meats accidentally, it’s likely not going to hurt them, but it’s bad for them to consume more than that.

If your dog accidentally consumes Canadian bacon, try something to induce vomiting so the meat can be removed from their digestive tract. Take them to the vet if it looks too serious.