Protecting Your Lungs From Getting Damaged By Dog Grooming

Pet Care


June 6, 2022

All pet groomers are regularly trained to protect themselves and their clients from pet-related issues. Similarly, groomer lung is a common issue that every pet owner should be aware of to make sure their lungs stay healthy.

However, many new pet groomers are unaware of this condition, but certain information can help you in this case.

What Is Groomer’s Lung?

Groomer’s lung is caused when the pet hair and fur clumps are trapped in the human lung and is most common among pet groomers. This is because pet owners shave, brush, and snip the animal’s fur which leads to residual hair and fur in the air. With this material floating in the atmosphere, the pet groomers tend to breathe it in.

These materials can get deeper into the lung and accumulate over the course of time. Since human lungs are incapable of processing the hair and fur material, it leads to groomer’s lung. This is a chronic disease that can hinder the lung’s functionality. In particular, the tiny and sharp hair fragments get into the lungs, resulting in scarring of tissue and inflammation.

Once someone is diagnosed with this condition, it is likely to stay with them for life. Some of the common symptoms of this lung issue include chronic coughing, airway inflammation, and frequent and sharp chest pains. In addition to this particular condition, many pet groomers struggle with pneumonia and bronchitis, which tend to have similar symptoms.

Treatment Of Groomers Lung

This liver condition has some painful and serious symptoms, and if not treated, it becomes too painful and discomforting for the patient. This is why the patient needs to visit the doctor to discuss possible treatments, medications, and therapies. Currently, there are no accurate treatments and medications to treat this lung issue.

In the majority of cases, the doctors recommend potent treatments with medicines and lifestyle changes for subsiding the symptoms, which helps in recovering and healing. Recently, immunotherapy has become a preferred course of action. With immunotherapy, the patient is given injections to develop higher immunity and natural antibodies to fight inflammation.

The injections are formulated to prepare the patient’s body to fight against pet hair splinters and all other particles that accumulate in the lungs. The doctors can also prescribe medications for easing irritation in the lungs. In addition, some medicines also help open the airways and strengthen the lungs.

Common Symptoms & Signs of Groomers Lungs

The symptoms of groomer’s lungs are not easy to notice. This is because the condition takes a long time to develop, which is why full-time groomers are more likely to struggle with this condition. During drying, blasting, and trimming, the pet hair and free radicals get into the groomer’s lungs. As a result, the organ lining will be inflamed, and the airways will be scarred.

Without timely medication and therapies, the problem can become severe. This is why the pet groomers should pay attention to some specific symptoms, such as constant wheezing and coughing. Some people also suffer from breathing issues and pain while breathing. In case you are a pet groomer, you must visit the doctor immediately when you notice these symptoms.

Preventive Measures

Dealing with this condition can be difficult and rather dangerous. For this reason, it is important to protect yourself to make sure you keep doing the job that you love.

Mask Is Mandatory

The majority of pet groomers don’t wear face-covering or masks during the grooming sessions, but it’s the most important precautionary measure to keep yourself healthy and safe. For this reason, it’s important to invest in a close-fitting mask and wear it whenever you’ve got to cut a pet’s hair, comb them, or blow-dry their fur.

It is better to use the mask made from fine gauze material because it’s better at filtering out the tiny hair, dander, dust, and parasites. Also, the mask should be tight because loose masks carry the risk of letting in the smart particles. Keep in mind that face shields aren’t suitable either because they have larger gaps around the face.

Secondly, you can use a soft cloth mask because it’s lightweight and moisture-wicking, which helps keep you comfortable and cool. The reusable masks should be washed every day to clear up the particles and hair buildup. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time for washing the masks, it’s best to purchase disposable masks, so you can wear a new mask every day.

Cleaning The Workspace

Another preventive measure is cleaning the workspace regularly. This is because regular cleaning will mean less fur and dander flying around, which minimizes the chances of you breathing it in. In addition, the workplace must have sufficient ventilation. For this purpose, you should invest in a strong or industrial-grade air purifier.

In addition, you can opt for a clipper vacuum because it continuously cleans up the air and won’t let the fur or hair fly. Secondly, the workplace must be regularly vacuumed, and floors, walls, and desks should be swept daily. Lastly, always wear your mask while cleaning the workplace. If possible, you can sign up for dog grooming training to learn about proper sanitization and cleaning methods.

Brush The Fur

In the majority of cases, the hair sheds during the hair-drying process, which is why it’s suggested to brush the animal’s fur properly. Brushing the hair will help clear the loose fur and hair. As a result, the fallen-off hair and fur won’t fly around when you dry their coat.

Make Hair & Fur More Visible

It is not possible to see the white and golden pet hair and fur on white-colored grooming tables and desks. For this reason, you will need to make some changes around the workplace, such as using cool colors for grooming tables and flooring. The most suitable colors are gray and blue because they make it easier to spot the fur.

In addition, the workplace should have proper lighting and under-counter LED lights because it helps increase the visibility of foreign objects on your equipment. Secondly, you should wear dark-colored scrubs to make sure the hair is easier to identify.

Protective Gloves

Whenever you are grooming the pets, make sure that you wear protective gloves. This is because gloves will make sure their hair and fur don’t stick to your hands. In addition to keeping the fur and hair at bay, it will also help protect your hands from cuts and bites.

The Bottom Line

Groomer’s lungs can be pretty challenging to treat, which is why taking proper preventive measures are suggested to help you minimize the risks of suffering from this chronic illness. Also, if you are diagnosed with this problem, make sure you get proper treatment and regular medication to alleviate your symptoms.