Why Should Get Golden Retriever Rottweiler Mix?

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June 22, 2020

The Golden retriever Rottweiler mix is a designer dog and a newer hybrid that combines two popular breeds: Golden retriever and Rottweiler. Also known as the Golden Rottweiler or the Golden Rottie, the possibilities of the mixed traits of the two parent breeds are pretty limitless and will vary from puppy to puppy.

Although this might seem scary to a first-time dog owner, if you do your homework on both breeds, you won’t go wrong. The loving and playful nature of the Golden retriever mixed with the protective and loyal traits of the Rottie makes for an excellent pooch.

Why You Should Get Yourself a Golden Retriever Rottweiler Mix

Purebreed breeders view hybrid dogs as a “dilution” of the carefully preserved genetic lineage, which makes crossbreeds an unpopular trend to pedigree breeders.

However, biologists have a different view of hybrid dogs: studies have shown that mixed breeds are often healthier than purebreds. Therefore, the Golden retriever and Rottweiler mix has the seal of approval from science. To start us off on this beloved mixed breed, let’s first look at the parent breeds.

Golden Retriever Overview  

The Golden retriever is arguably one of the most loved dogs in the US. They have an exceptional mix of traits and are great working dogs that have descended from a long line of hunting dogs. Retrievers were originally bred in Scotland as hunting companions to retrieve waterfowl. Golden retrievers make some of the worst watchdogs due to their overly friendly nature. Retrievers are happy to make friends with anyone they come across, and they are by no means wary of unfamiliar faces. In fact, they are excited at the prospect of meeting strangers. 

Goldens are also working dog breeds, commonly recognized as service dogs, therapy dogs, and guide dogs for the deaf and blind. Their people-pleasing nature makes them easy to train because they will happily do anything that their owner asks. A bad habit of the retriever is that you will need to curb their relentless chewing.

You can easily solve this by providing him with a box of chewable toys and warning him with a firm voice against repeating this behavior. They are also quite active breeds and will need one or two brisk walks daily. They absolutely love games of fetch and playing with the kids, making them the perfect family pet. 

Rottweiler Overview  

Rottweilers were originally bred to drive cattle to market, and later to pull carts for butchers. These dogs are also widely known as one of the earliest military and police dogs. Rottweilers aren’t suitable for novice pet owners, as they can be both strong and intense, and borderline stubborn.

Rotties need experienced caregivers who can train them with firmness and consistency to make a loyal and loving friend of them. They are calm and confident dogs who are reserved around strangers but not fearful. Rotties operate on a wait and see attitude when confronted with unfamiliar people and situations. 

This indifferent attitude makes the Rottweiler a natural guard dog, successful not only as a police dog but also as a family protector. While this is a good trait, to ensure Rottweilers are not ferocious in their defense with anyone who may spook them by behaving unusually (such as energetic children), you will need to socialize them from an early age. 

Rottweilers can become dangerous if unsocialized and will respond with aggression should uncomfortable or suspect situations arise. A Rottweiler who cannot differentiate between friendly and unfriendly strangers poses a danger to everyone. This further goes to show why early socialization is crucial. Well-bred, trained, and socialized Rottweilers are playful, gentle, and loving family pets, so don’t let the warnings put you off. 

Golden Rottweiler Character Traits  

As the Golden Rottweiler is a relatively new hybrid, they have no official standard traits yet, meaning that when you cross the two parent breeds, you will not know with certainty what the puppies’ temperament and appearance will be. A Golden Rottie will likely inherit characteristics from both parents, and while this is a good thing, it can make choosing a puppy difficult if you are hoping for specific traits in them. 

Usually, your puppy’s dominant genes become more evident as they grow older and settle within themselves. This means that when it comes to training them, you should expect lots of trial and error, to begin with, to find a method that suits them best.

If you want specific characteristics in your Golden Rottie, then it is even more imperative that you visit the puppies in person and interact with them before getting yourself one. These prior interactions will give you a good indication of the puppy’s personalities. Alternatively, you could adopt an adult dog who will have fully developed in his temperament, physically, and possibly trained as well. 

When it comes to physical appearance, both Golden retrievers and Rottweilers are medium-sized dog breeds, with Rottweilers almost on the large end of the spectrum. A male Rottie stands at 24-27 inches tall while a male retriever is typically 23-24 inches tall, meaning that your mixed breed’s height and weight will vary depending on the dominant parent genes.

A good indicator of the size your Golden Rottie puppy is likely to grow into is best determined by observing the parent dogs. Features such as coat color are also entirely dependent on their genetics and will vary greatly from one puppy to the next. Golden retrievers typically come in shades of gold, red, cream, and white, while Rottweilers are predominantly black with various shades of tan markings, and white patches. 


Both parents have high energy levels, so your Golden Rottie pup will require daily exercises and playtime to keep them healthy and happy. They will also need regular brushing, depending on their coat length. The Golden retriever has a thick wavy double coat and sheds continually throughout the year and heavily twice a year, so they need daily brushing.

The Rottweiler, on the other hand, has a much shorter coat and sheds moderately throughout the year. Therefore, when you combine these two breeds, you can expect that your crossbred pooch will need grooming once or twice a week and more frequently during shedding seasons.   

Final Thoughts  

Overall, the Golden Rottweiler requires lots of patience, attention, and affection from their fur parents. Remember that you should buy your puppy from a reputable breeder to ensure that both your puppy and the breed parents are healthy. This is especially important when it comes to Rottweilers, who require careful and attentive training to curb any aggressive behaviors, owing to their tainted history.

A large crate for housebreaking these dogs is recommended, along with plenty of chew toys to keep their chewing habits at bay. Don’t panic if training seems complicated at first, as patience and assertiveness are critical if your dog is more like his Rottweiler parent. It would be best if you made it clear to him that you are the leader.

You can do this by firmly discouraging bad behavior and rewarding them for their good deeds. Consistent training and socialization are crucial with any breed. In the end, giving your fur baby the right care, training, and socialization, will make them an excellent companion.