Take Care of Your Pup with These Golden Retriever Puppy Essentials

Pet Care


September 6, 2022

Bringing home a new puppy is a time of excitement. They are too cute for words, which can make it all too easy to get distracted and miss the things that you need to care for them. Golden Retriever puppies in particular require a few things to help you ensure that they lead a life of happiness and health.

Take a break from how cute they are and check out this guide. It is everything that you could need to properly care for your Golden Retriever puppy. These are the essentials for caring for that new little ball of fluff.

What Are the Things Needed for a Golden Retriever Puppy?

Taking care of a Golden Retriever puppy is not exactly reinventing the wheel. With a few Golden Retriever puppy essentials, you will have everything that you could possibly need to ensure that they grow up properly.


There are a ton of leashes out there to choose from. That said, you can find one that fits the needs of your pup easily. They come in a litany of different colors, sizes, and materials to ensure that you can go on all the walks that you need.

Given how active Golden Retrievers are, you can consider this one of the core Golden Retriever puppy essentials. Golden Retrievers have high energy levels, which means that you need to keep them busy with walks on the regular.


This goes hand in hand with the leash. While you may not need to have them in collars at home, having one for when they are outside is recommended. In the event that they escape, you want to be sure that whoever finds them can determine where home is.

Collars are also needed for going on walks because they are what you hook the leash onto. There’s also the aesthetic of the collar, which can add to the overall cuteness that your Golden possesses.

Crate (optional)

This one is optional and depends on your own personal preferences. Some people let their dogs roam freely, sleeping where they want or just staying in the house while the humans are gone. Others prefer the crating method.

Crating teaches the dog where they will sleep and stay when no one is around. If you intend to crate train your dog, you need to be certain that you have a crate that will accommodate their needs. There are a ton of options to choose from, but make sure that they have enough space to accommodate their growth.


Should you decide to go against crate training but don’t want your pup to sleep in your bed, then getting them a bed of their own may be the best bet. This will show them where they are to sleep when the time comes, saving not only your bed, but the furniture as well.

There are a ton of beds for every budget. Some are on the basic side while others can get to be pretty comprehensive. It depends on what your budget is and what kind of space you are working with.


Hooking a leash up to a collar can have some downsides. If your dog gets excited and pulls, they could be choking themselves. A harness is good for the excitable dog who might not remember their training right away.

If you want to walk your dog without a risk of hurting them, then having a harness would be wise. Especially for puppies who have not mastered their training quite yet.


Treats are an absolute must for any dog, let alone a highly trainable dog such as the Golden Retriever. You want to show your pup some love, especially when going through the training phase. This requires a ton of treats.

There are so many treats to choose from. Some are made of totally natural ingredients, while others are more processed. Again, it comes down to personal preference as well as any budget limitations. Still, having treats available to reward your pup is necessary.


A healthy diet is essential for any dog, let alone one like the Golden. Talk to your breeder to find out what kind of puppy food they are on. Golden Retrievers require a diet that is rich in protein and fatty acids in order to feel their best and to bring out the best in their coats as they continue growing and ultimately reach adulthood.


Because they have thick coats, brushing will help to keep them from shedding frequently. That will not only be better for their coat, but for your furniture and home at large. The brush will be your best friend.


There are more than a few Golden Retriever puppy essentials on the list. None of them is super expensive but they can all contribute to your puppy’s growth and development, as well as their overall happiness.

As you go, you may find that there are a few other things that are needed as well. But so long as you give them a lot of love (and feed them), they will have just about all that they need to feel their best and be happy.