How Much Does a Dog Vasectomy Cost and Is it Better Than Neutering?

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August 3, 2021

If you are thinking of getting a pet, your first choice would be to get a dog. There are many reasons why dogs are considered the best pets. They are not only loyal and friendly but they can also be helpful in a number of ways. They can warn you of danger. Big dogs can keep predators away from your property.

Dogs are popular pets and adored by people across the globe. They are friendly and can serve as guards as well.

Man’s Best Friend

There are many dogs that also help people with anxiety and disabilities. They are a good judge of human emotion and can cheer you up when you are feeling down. They also keep you active because you have to walk your dog to keep it happy.

But when you bring a pet home, you have to make sure that it gets the most comfortable living conditions. Not only that, you will also have to take care of its health and keep it safe from diseases and infections.

Why Is it Important to Get Your Dog Neutered?

Unlike humans, animals don’t go on dates to find their perfect mate. Neither do they keep on looking for mates when they are not in heat. When they are in heat, that’s when they begin their search for a mate. They are not picky either and choose the first suitable option.

There are a lot of things people learn about dogs once they get them as pets. When dogs are in heat, they will begin to wander away from home looking for a mate. You may lock the house, but they will find creative ways to escape. Your dog will also mark its territory with strong smelling urine when it is in heat.

A dog in heat will also behave badly and won’t listen to your commands. But when a dog gets neutered, it stops acting out and becomes your old well-behaved pet again. The biggest reason why getting your dog neutered is so important is that it prevents testicular cancer. A neutered dog also won’t suffer from prostate problems.

What’s the Difference Between Neutering and a Vasectomy?

Neutering is often referred to as a castration. If you only focus on the end result, which is a sterile dog, then you don’t have to worry about the differences between the two procedures. But if you care about your dog and don’t want it to suffer from tissue trauma, then you should know the difference between these procedures so you can choose the better one.


Neutering or castration is considered a bigger surgery because the incisions made during the procedure are larger. The chances of your dog suffering from overall tissue trauma because of castration is quite high. Although neutering will keep your dog safe from different types of testicular cancers, it won’t prevent all testicular cancers.


A vasectomy, on the other hand, will not only give you a sterile dog but also make sure your pet never gets testicular cancer. When performed by an expert, a vasectomy is just a minor procedure. With a vasectomy, there’s no chances of your dog suffering from tissue trauma.

Another difference between the two is the level of testosterone. With castration, the level of your dog’s testosterone will drop to zero. But with vasectomy, your dog can maintain a certain level of testosterone.

How Does a Vasectomy Work?

In a vasectomy, the vas deferens tube of your dog is cut and tied off. The tube leads from the testes of your dog to the end of the penis. Since it is located on both sides, two incisions are needed for the procedure. However, these incisions are quite small. Anesthesia is administered to keep your dog asleep during the procedure.

After the surgery, sutures are applied both under and on the skin. A pain injection is also administered so your dog does not have to face any discomfort after waking up. The effects of the pain injection last for 24 hours. Aftercare can be done at home. However, a cone is fitted on the dog in the hospital to keep it from licking the site of the surgery.

The Cost of a Dog’s Vasectomy

The cost is also important when it comes to a surgical procedure. You cannot make your decision without knowing the cost. The dog vasectomy cost is going to be a little higher than the cost of neutering. A vasectomy costs more because it is a more complicated procedure and requires a higher degree of expertise.

The cost of a dog’s vasectomy depends on a number of factors. The weight and age of your dog play the biggest role in determining the cost of vasectomy. Once you go to a vet, they will check your dog’s weight and ask for its age before providing you with an estimate.

If you want to get a vasectomy for your dog, you will have to go to a specialist. A simple veterinarian cannot perform a vasectomy. They might also refuse to perform the procedure. Since it is not a common procedure, many veterinarians don’t even suggest it when you bring up the behavioral problems of your dog caused by it being in heat.

Why Isn’t Vasectomy Common?

We make many decisions in life simply because they seem appealing. But when it comes to health care, the best option shouldn’t be the better sounding one or what’s in fashion. Vasectomy, despite being the more suitable option, isn’t common because neutering has always been the norm.

When it comes to service dogs and guard dogs, a certain level of testosterone is necessary. But with castration, the testosterone levels drop down to nil, which isn’t ideal. If you want the best option for your dog, you should ask your veterinarian for a vasectomy. If your veterinarian isn’t experienced enough for a vasectomy, then you should get in touch with an expert instead.

Final Thoughts

Castration is a good way to keep your dog safe from prostate problems. But if you want your dog to stay safe from all types of testicular cancers and prostate problems, vasectomy is the best option. However, keep in mind that not every veterinarian will give you the same dog vasectomy cost and it may be more than a standard castration. If you want your dog to retain a certain level of testosterone, you should find an expert. Once you get in touch, they will also give you an estimate of the cost.