Do Black Snakes Eat Copperheads and Other Snakes?

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July 28, 2021

Finding a snake on your farm is more common than you think. Snakes can often show up in backyards and gardens as well. Since every animal plays an important role in the ecosystem, it can be beneficial for you to have certain types of snakes on your property.

However, it is important to have basic information about common snakes that show up on farms. If you know which snakes are venomous and which aren’t, you will be able to keep yourself and your animals safe. Some snakes can also be quite beneficial for farms.

Are Black Snakes Common in the United States?

The term black snake can be used to refer to a number of species of snakes. While not all types of black snakes are widely seen in the United States, the black rat snake can be found in central North America. Many people refer to it as man’s best friend because it is non-venomous and eats rodents and mice.

When a property has a high population of rodents, it is going to attract black rat snakes. Although the snake is harmless, it can still bite you, and that certainly won’t be a pleasant experience. Since they are so efficient in controlling rodent populations, they are sometimes kept as pets by people.

Are Copperheads Dangerous?

Copperhead is another common species of snakes in the United States. It is true that the bite of a copperhead is rarely deadly, but that does not make them harmless. If a copperhead bites an animal, either the animal will die or develop an infection. Small animals, such as cats, are at greater risk of dying by the bite of a copperhead than bigger animals.

Although no one wants a copperhead on their land, when you have a farm, it is impossible to keep an eye on every entrance to your property. As a result, people look for alternatives that can help them with the copperhead problem.

Do Black Snakes Eat Copperheads and Other Snakes?

When you have a farm, you need all the help you can get. Taking care of so many animals is not easy. A simple disease or infection can affect a whole species at the same time. Anyone with a farm will have to go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their animals. If copperheads start showing up on your farm, you are going to panic.

The bite of a copperhead will not kill a healthy human, but it can kill a child or a sick or elderly person. Copperheads can also bite and kill farm animals. In such a situation, people turn to black rat snakes in the hopes that they can help. Since black rat snakes can kill rodents and mice, people think they can also kill other snakes.

It is true that black rat snakes can be beneficial for your farm by keeping the rodent population in control, but they aren’t much help with other snakes. The answer to the question do black snakes eat copperheads is a big no. All kinds of black snakes will not eat other snakes even as a defensive measure.

Do Black Snakes Kill Copperheads?

Although we have established that black snakes will not eat copperheads or other snakes, the answer to the question of them killing other snakes is not straightforward. Snakes target warm blooded prey so they can get body heat from an outside source. But since snakes are cold blooded, they do not normally target each other.

However, a snake can attack another snake in certain situations. There are certain types of black snakes that can attack and kill copperheads and other snakes. But it is highly unlikely for a black rat snake to attack or kill other snakes. Oftentimes, black snakes can be found hibernating with copperheads.

The myth that black snakes can drive away copperheads from your farm is also just that, a myth. Black snakes can keep your farm free of rodents and mice, but they won’t be of much help with other snakes.

Is it Good to Have Black Snakes on Any Farm?

If you have a rodent problem and none of your solutions are working, you can rely on the help of black snakes. They eat not only rodents and mice but also other pest animals. So, they are quite helpful in keeping your farm safe. However, when they have driven away all the rodents from your farm, the black snakes will begin targeting your chicken and their eggs.

Most of the time, black snakes are found near chicken coops on farms. They not only eat chickens but also chicken eggs. If you don’t keep your chicken coops and hen houses closed, a black snake would get in quite easily. However, once you are able to keep your chickens and their eggs protected, then having black snakes on your farm is definitely a good idea.

What to Do If I See a Snake on My Property

If you see a snake on your property, there are different ways you can handle the situation. In case you have located a snake on your farm and it is a black snake, then the best course of action would be to just let it go and avoid disturbing it.

But if you are not sure about the type of snake you have located, you should get in touch with animal control. One thing to keep in mind when you see a snake is to never approach it yourself. You also shouldn’t try to provoke it or even move closer to it.

Getting Rid of a Snake

If you are certain that the snake you have located is non-venomous, then you can use a garden rake to put it in a tall trash can. But if there is no danger to any living being, it is best not to disturb the snake.

If animal control does not handle snakes in your state, then you should call pest control when you spot a copperhead. A pest control company with experience in handling snakes will take the copperhead away and you will be able to keep your children and pets safe.


Copperheads can seriously harm you and kill your pets, which is why no one wants them on their property. Instead of wondering, do black snakes eat copperheads and relying on them to help you with other snakes, you should hire a pest control company. They will make your property free of copperheads so you, your family, and your pets can live safely. Pest control companies also clean up farms, which is why it is best to call the professionals in every situation and let them handle things the right way.