Dark Golden Retriever: A Beautiful Display of Retriever Awesomeness

Pet Care


June 16, 2020

Just like people, Golden retrievers come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Walking down the street with their owners or strutting their stuff in a dog show, Golden retrievers are a favorite breed pick. The Golden retriever is friendly, easily trained, good with children, well-mannered, and playful. They are loyal to a fault. But, just like people, they do not all appear the same, especially in their coloring.

The dark Golden retrievers are a beautiful display of retriever awesomeness. Their coat is shiny and has a dark, rich hue that is very attractive. However, they’re still a Golden and have similar traits to any other color of Golden retriever. If you have a color preference and want to have a dark Golden retriever as your new best buddy, there are ways to tell which puppy in the litter may turn out dark-colored.

How to Recognize a Dark Golden Retriever

You’ve telephoned the breeder, made an appointment, and now you’re looking down at several Golden retriever puppies, wondering if one of them will be right for you – a dark Golden retriever. The color of Golden retrievers’ coat can change a bit as they age. You’ve seen them, with their darkly golden, glossy coat shining in the sunlight. You want one. But how can you tell just by looking at the puppy? Look at their ears.

The very tip of the puppy’s ears can show what color the dog will be after they lose their baby fur. Even very white puppies will appear more golden once they age. The color of the parent dogs gives some indication of what color their pups will be. But since you definitely want a dark Golden retriever, the best way to tell if the puppy you see will be dark is by the tips of its ears. Remember, a retriever’s permanent coat color reaches its full potential around their second birthday. Your new best friend will get darker as they age. 

The Most Different of the Goldens

All Goldens have litters in the same color spectrum. Usually, your color choice of a puppy will be synonymous with the coloring of the parent dogs. But aside from color, there are some minor differences between the dark Golden retriever and other Golden retrievers.

First of all, some people believe that the dark-colored Golden retriever is the result of cross-breeding an Irish setter and a Tweed water spaniel. While that may be true as an explanation for its dark-colored coat, there are a few other differences. Most Goldens are big, tall dogs with a broad chest. The dark Golden retriever is more compact and lean, with a thicker skin than other colors of Goldens. A female dark Golden weighs between 55 and 65 pounds, and a male dark Golden weighs around 65 to 70 pounds.

Dark Golden retrievers are not as common as light Goldens or even red Goldens, but they are still a purebred Golden all the same. 

Dark Golden Retriever Qualities

The temperament of a Golden retriever doesn’t change with its coat color. Whether a Golden is cream-colored, one of the typical ‘golden’ colors, or a red or dark Golden, this dog breed is a faithful, loveable, and calm. Their personality is a wide-open book, easily readable by their body language and the look on their face. They are equally easy to get along with and are a well-mannered dog towards everyone, even other animals. You needn’t worry that your dark Golden will be overly aggressive or easily upset.

One of the more interesting characteristics of a dark Golden is their intelligence. When with other Goldens, you may find them a bit aloof. Don’t be alarmed; they’re just getting a handle on their surroundings and judging whether all the other Goldens will treat you – the owner – as well as they do.

Dark Goldens can successfully play many roles – they’re great as pets, and a solid choice for guard dogs, rescue dogs, and therapy dogs. As with most dog breeds, your dark Golden loves attention and can be a bit upset if you ignore them. But overall, this breed’s temperament is calm and loving, which makes them one of the most well-beloved dog breeds.

The Dark Golden – Becoming a Popular Choice

While Golden retrievers have their place in the top ten most famous breeds, they tend to be a more popular choice in the US than in other parts of the world. There are claims that the dark Golden retriever is gaining in popularity with the other Goldens, but it really all comes down to personal choice. When choosing a Golden puppy, the health of the parent dogs and of the puppy itself is usually the number one concern for a prospective pet owner. However, after ascertaining that the puppy is in good health, color is fast becoming the second criteria for pet parents.  

Grooming Your Dark Golden Retriever

A clean, freshly brushed shiny coat makes your dark Golden a beautiful-looking dog and is truly a sight to behold. But how do pet parents keep their dark Golden looking their best? One of the best things about your dark Golden is that they’re like a set-it-and-forget-it oven. Once you’ve spent 20-30 minutes a couple of times a week brushing their beautiful coat, they look fabulous for days on end.

Of course, you will bathe them as needed and use a brush and doggie comb to keep tangles from matting their coat and keep shedding to a minimum. Be sure not to forget to clip your dark Golden’s nails if they are too long, or have them clipped by a dog groomer. Finally, clean your four-legged companion’s ears every time you bathe them. 

The supplies you’ll need to have on hand to groom your dark Golden are: 

  • Steel doggie comb
  • Slicker brush
  • Spray to ease the brush or comb through their coat
  • Some treats for good behavior during the bath and grooming sessions  

Show Your Dark Golden You Love Them

While a bone magnet or a t-shirt with your best pal’s face is a great gift for your birthday or special occasion, there are gifts you can buy for your dark Golden that shows them you care. Let’s face it: buying a doggie present is going to make your day, too. 

  • Doggie cookies 

Unlike macarons for people, French macarons are dog cookies that are actually healthy for your pet. 

  • New toys 

Make sure it’s made well so it lasts a long time. Dark Goldens are known for forming close attachments to their stuffed pals. 

  • Dog chew 

All dogs like chew toys and Wild One’s Bolt Bite is toted as the ultimate chew toy for your pal. You can put little treats into each end of the chew and keep your dog entertained and treat-fed at the same time. 

  • Doggie couch 

Yep, just like us, your best pal enjoys being a couch potato sometimes. Comfy and easy to clean, this dog bed deluxe called a “doggie La-Z-Boy” is like no other. 

  • “Smart bone” 

Get it? Like a smartphone? Okay, well, the Wickedbone is an interactive, smart robot toy that will play with your dark Golden whenever you can’t. 

  • Pet auto-water fountain 

This will keep your pooch’s water fresh, and you won’t have to worry if you remembered to refill their water bowl. 

  • BarkBox subscription 

Last but not least, if you can’t find the time to shop or just can’t find the right gift when you go shopping, your dark Golden is sure to love this themed box of goodies that arrives every month. It may sound excessive, but for only $22 a month, this box of sure-to-please doggie toys and treats are a win-win for the both of you.


If you are planning on getting a dog, the dark Golden retriever is a great choice. If it’s a puppy you’ll be looking at, don’t forget to look closely at the tips of their ears to make sure the pup you choose will grow into a fabulously rich-looking dark golden color.

While all Goldens are alike in many ways, the dark Golden retriever is lean, super-intelligent, and best of all, a lover, not a fighter. You can count on your dark Golden to become a loyal companion who is a calm-tempered, obedient, loyal, and easily trainable.