Looking for a Cane Corso Puppy Feeding Schedule?

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August 12, 2022

Cane Corsos are big dogs. By the time that they hit the 18-month mark, they can weigh around 110 pounds. This means that you have to give your Cane Corso puppy the proper nutrient-dense, high-calorie diet that will help them to get to be big and strong.

Feeding them is not like feeding any other dog. They need a high protein, low fat diet, eating as many as four times a day as a puppy. Here is what you need to know about feeding your Cane Corso puppy.

How Often to Feed Your Cane Corso?

The Cane Corso is a large breed. By nature, it is a working dog. But sticking to the right diet is important for allowing them to grow and avoid the digestive issues that are known to plague their breed. This is why a feeding chart helps.

They will be on mother’s milk or a prescribed formula for the first couple of months of their lives. This is to ensure that they are able to wean off properly and begin with dog food right around the four-month mark of their lives.

From there, the frequencies and amounts can change. Beginning at four months, they will eat around 2 1/3 cups, being fed three times per day. But that can jump exponentially starting at the six- to eight-month mark. They will get 3 1/3 cups over 5 ½ feedings per day.

By the 9-11 month marks, that jumps to 4 ½ cups over six feedings. By the time they hit maturity, between a year and two years, they will need 6 ½ cups per day and roughly nine feedings. By this time, they should be established with the diet that they need for the rest of their lives. It may change here or there based on their own dietary needs; that is worth talking to your vet about.

If you notice that your Cane Corso puppy isn’t quite taking to your dietary implementation, then talk to your vet. There may be underlying issues at play that require attention. But with the proper dietary implementations, you should be able to provide joint support and proper protein to give them all the energy that they need to support their huge frames.

Why the Schedule Matters?

A Cane Corso puppy feeding schedule is a huge help for a few reasons. If it seems like you need to feed a Cane Corso a lot, that is because you do. It also means that you have to avoid large meals – most other breeds would be split up between 2 and 3 meals, on average – in order to prevent bloating.

Because they are such large dogs, there is a misconception that they eat a ton. While they do eat quite a bit, they have a balanced diet to give them the energy that they need to grow on a healthy trajectory.

With giant dogs like Cane Corsos, you need to keep things high in protein and low in fat. They are prone to becoming obese, so keep an eye on your pup to make sure they stay on track.

What to Look for in a Quality Food?

There are a few things that you would want to look for when choosing food for your Cane Corso. It comes down to joint issues, a balanced option, quality, and calorie count.


The most important thing is quality. The least expensive option might be the best for your wallet, but it might not be for your dog’s health. Make sure that you spend a few bucks more to get a higher quality food so that you can keep their nutrition level where it needs to be.


Finding the right balance in a dog food is important as well. Remember that Cane Corso dog food should be high in protein. That is because it is necessary for strong muscles and a lot of energy. The most balanced options will not only deliver high protein but will keep fats low as well, preventing those obesity issues from popping up over time.

Joint Issues

When they are younger, Cane Corsos are quite agile. Because of their larger frames, their joints are a lot weaker than some of the smaller breeds out there. That is why finding a food that targets joint health is important. The best ones include ingredients like chondroitin and glucosamine, which boosts not only joint health but collagen production as well.

Calorie count

Keep in mind that not all dog foods have the same calorie total. Some might have 200 calories per cup, others with more than 400. There is a general rule of thumb and that is roughly 20 calories per pound of body weight should be adequate for even larger breed dogs like Cane Corso.


Cane Corsos can be huge when they reach adulthood. Before that point, they are puppies like any other dog. When you have the right feeding schedule and diet balance, they can reach their potential and grow to be healthy dogs.

It takes a proper diet – high protein, low fat – and the right frequency to get things right. In the end, your pup will be able to be its best and become a big, strong dog.