All You Need to Know About the Black Golden Retriever

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May 19, 2020

Originating from Scotland, the Golden Retriever was bred initially as a hunting dog, thus the name retriever. They were known to retrieve the shot game and carefully carry it to their owners without harming their flesh. In current times, the Golden retriever loves to play catch as this forms a domestic version of retrieving game in the wild.

There is a massive debate about whether black Golden retriever dogs exist or whether it is just another hoax from the avid dog sellers to reap off the unsuspecting dog lovers. There is, however, yet another group of animal lovers that confirms the existence of this breed. They believe that the black Golden retriever is a result of breeding a Golden retriever with a black dog such as the Flat-coated retriever. This controversial dog is said to bring with it many great attributes as do all mixed breeds, thanks to hybrid vigor.

Hybrid vigor, in simple words, is a quality that enables mixed bred specimen to withstand some of the shortcomings and illnesses of the parent, therefore, rendering it a healthier breed compared to its parent breeds. However, the black Golden retriever is a purebred that acquires its color from a recessive gene that may occasionally appear in later generations of the Golden retriever.

Characteristics of the Black Golden Retriever

To settle the controversies surrounding this breed, we shall delve into its unique character traits. It is important to note, however, that there are not many significant differences in the characteristics of the typical Golden retriever and the black Golden retriever.


The black Golden retriever has a stunning pitch-black, shiny coat. Much like the typical Golden retriever, male black Golden retrievers weigh between 22 and 24 inches (56 to 61cm), while the females range between 20 to 22 inches (51 to 56 cm). When it comes to weight, they average between 60 to 80 pounds for the male breed and between 55 to 70 pounds for the female counterpart. They have a distinctive characteristic of being prone to weight gain and obesity if they don’t exercise frequently.

Despite their beauty, the black Golden retriever is unfortunately not allowed to take part in competitions due to the strictness on the color of breeds that are allowed. These dogs have a thick coat of shiny wavy fur that does not require a lot of effort when it comes to grooming. They also shed moderately, so you don’t have to worry about continually cleaning after them.

Temperament & Exercise

Black Goldens share the same temperament as the Golden retriever in that they are very friendly and affectionate to their owners and other people. This temperament has earned them the third position in the list of the most popular dogs in the US. Some people even describe this breed as being somewhat goofy. They are excellent with children, and you can be sure that you will not find them bulldozing your kids, unlike the Flat-coat retriever that is often mistaken for this breed.

Their love for adventurous activities is evident, as their playfulness knows no bounds. You just need to throw an object, and the retriever is more than willing to fetch. However, you will need to be careful when playing with this marvelous creature, as they have a habit of sticking to one game for far too long and eventually outplaying the owner. Though they do not bark often, they have a distinct, assertive tone when barking at strangers, especially when they believe that the safety of their loved ones may be at risk.

Exercising for a minimum of three hours a day will go a long way for this outgoing breed to prevent them from putting on unnecessary weight. Young working dog owners may have a hard time with this breed, especially if they aren’t available to engage their fur babies in activities. With that said, the black Golden retriever is the perfect fit for families. The adaptability trait of these dogs is highly commendable as they can quickly adjust to changes in lifestyle and basic living environments. A shift in houses or change of routine, for instance, is not a big deal for this breed as it is for other dogs.  


As is typical with retriever dogs, the black Golden retriever is also highly intelligent and trainable. They fare moderately on the emotional scale, as there are far more sensitive dogs in the retriever family. However, with a fair amount of training, you can host guests at your house without worrying about your fur baby scaring people off.

Loyalty towards their owners is undoubted, meaning that you need not worry about your dog wandering away from home. The bond between these dogs and their fur parents can be so incredible that the dogs can experience separation anxiety when they are left to their own devices by their parents. They are usually soft, gentle, and affectionate towards their handlers and demand a lot of attention in return.

While training and playing with this gem is all fun and games, watch out as they may occasionally nip or playfully bite. You may also need to be vigilant in training your dog to abstain from chewing on shoes; otherwise, it can be quite a nuisance for your guests. Although this breed makes for an excellent therapy and service dog, do not mistake this trait to mean that you can train them to become fighting dogs. Retrievers are generally not aggressive – they get so much joy from giving and receiving affection.

Health & Nutrition

The black Golden retriever is a relatively healthy dog. However, like with other retrievers, they’re susceptible to certain health issues, including eye problems like cataracts, hip dysplasia, and cancer. Despite their high energy levels and their need for lots of exercise, sleep is not a huge requirement with this dog. Their average food consumption is two meals a day. Anything beyond that should be as advised by your vet. Their life expectancy is between 10 to 12 years, which is relatively okay for dogs.

When it comes to gestation, which happens once a year, an average of 60 to 64 days is enough for a female black golden retriever to produce a litter of puppies. A total of 5 to 10 litters are produced depending on many uncontrollable factors.

Finally, if you are particular about not being drooled on, this might not be the dog for you. The black Golden is quite the slobber and may occasionally drool on your perfect outfits.


Averagely, this one of a kind breed can fetch between $1,000 and $2,000. The massive price difference is brought about by apparent factors such as health, age, weight, and height. A healthier and stronger breed attracts costs more as compared to a sicklier and weaker one.

In Conclusion 

The black Golden Retriever is a lovely twist on the typical Golden retriever with its signature midnight black coat. If a friendly dog is what you’re looking for, then this breed should be high up on your list. The controversy surrounding them should not be a cause for hesitation, but rather a source of pride as they are unique and quite rare.

Next time someone asks you about whether they should get a black or a classic Golden retriever, tell them that they are the same. The only difference is their color.