What to Know About Axolotl Price and Maintenance?

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August 6, 2021

Axolotls are delightful legless lizards belonging to Mexico. They have a developing customer base in the endangered species community despite not being as widespread as snakes or giant lizards. They prefer to live under water and possess lungs and gills.

Mostly, a tank is required with deep water for those axolotls that are kept as pets. When it comes to maintaining these creatures, a lot of people wonder about the axolotl price and maintenance. There are many things that you should know before you consider having them around.

Prices and Determining Factors

Axolotls are rather inexpensive, which is quite surprising. For a modest and healthy species, you can typically spend anywhere from $30 to $75. However, you can expect to pay around $100 for something more unique, such as a piebald version.

Some infrequent samples can cost several hundred dollars, but they are usually one of a kind that only passionate collectors buy and invest in. Axolotl variants come in a variety of hues, which also affects the pricing of pets.

Other factors are taken into account while determining the price of an axolotl. These considerations include the retailer from which you decide to purchase your pet. You would have to pay sales tax and delivery fees if you buy an axolotl online.

Requirements for Keeping an Axolotl

Placing an axolotl in a regular tank of water seems to be a simple solution. The pet, on the other hand, would not be able to survive in that habitat. An axolotl would get unwell if its environmental requirements are not met.

Even worse, the creature may expire too soon. As a result, creating an axolotl’s container needs extra attention, time, and effort. Although the process may appear to be costly, rest assured that it is well worth it. Ultimately, the expenses you will bear are primarily one-time payments and will decrease with time.

An Axolotl Aquarium

Axolotls require a lot of area to survive; therefore, the tiniest tank that you could acquire for an adult would be 20 gallons. Although you may start out with these measurements for a youngster, you will soon need to upgrade to a bigger tank.

A 20-gallon tank can cost anywhere within $80 to $300. The price varies according to what you choose. There are other options where you could explore flea markets and expect to get one for $20. The aquarium does not require a cover because the surface must be left open for evaporating and cooling the tank.


It is critical to keep the liquid in the axolotl aquarium pristine. The axolotl’s health is jeopardized by contaminated water. You must invest in a filter that has a good flow velocity and effectively isolates trash.

Dependable filters minimize the need for frequent checking, making your tenure as an owner less distressing. The tank purifiers that are appropriate for axolotls are quite reasonably priced, around $25 to $50. They have a measuring filtrate channel, which can be used for a longer time, lowering maintenance costs.

Significantly bigger axolotl tanks may necessitate more efficient filters which will raise the price by roughly $100 dollars. It is also important to keep in mind that too much filtration for any tank can cause the creatures to become stressed. A siphon is a supplementary device for cleaning the aquarium manually.


The axolotls are unaffected by the lack of light. Even in the deepest oceans, they have been inherently designed to withstand such conditions.

If the axolotl tank contains live plants, you may need to provide illumination. To survive inside, the plants require substantial light. The creatures are sensitive to bright light and may get stressed to the brink of death if exposed to it for long periods of time.

There are a variety of LED light panels for tanks on the marketplace. The plants in the tank will benefit from the light and the axolotls will not be bothered by it in any way. It can cost around $50 to acquire a good-quality, flexible lamp.

Artificial Decoration

The internal decoration of a tank is vital for providing the axolotl with a diverse natural environment. Vegetation and hard rock-like structures make up the majority of the design and artwork within the tank. The aquarium is transformed into a wonderful area for the species when these decorations are used in an appropriate manner.

In the container, you can either use artificial or live plants as per your preference. Most owners prefer fake plants because they are simple to maintain and do not require additional lighting. Distributing a few artificial flowers on the bottom of the container could save you a great deal of energy and money simultaneously, costing only around $30.

On the other hand, any hefty and innovative rock structures could cost you around $50, which is a great price for the amount of beauty and grace it would give your container.

Medical and Care Costs

Axolotls do occasionally require medical attention. This can run into hundreds of dollars, but some axolotls will not be needing it ever. Nonetheless, a liquid de-chlorinator will set you back about $10 yearly to ensure that the material in your axolotl’s aquarium is safe to consume.

In emergency cases, you will have to take your axolotl to a professional vet. The treatment itself may not be very costly. Examinations and veterinary visits could cost up to $100 so it is better to keep aside some savings for emergencies.

Feeding Costs of an Axolotl

Axolotls in the open have a varied diet of some tiny fish, insects, invertebrates, and some small predators. These beneficial small creatures help to keep the axolotls preserved.

An axolotl’s food in confinement must be subtly different from that of the outdoors. It is still our responsibility to provide them with nutrients that are equivalent to their natural habitat. Mostly, earthworms are fed to axolotls in custody, since they are the best alternative to provide necessary nutrients.

When buying earthworms in bulk, they usually cost $30 for one pound, which is a good deal given that you will receive around 400 worms in each pound.

Typically, an axolotl is a low-cost and easy-to-care-for pet that will last you a long time. As grownups, they eat once in every two days; as adolescents, once a day; while newborns tend to eat just twice a week.

Is an Axolotl Worth Purchasing?

Axolotls are relatively inexpensive pets with irresistibly adorable joy and enthusiasm on their faces. These amphibians are also easy to handle, which contributes to their popularity as pets. Investing in one as a pet can be a wise decision given that the axolotl price is quite reasonable and their maintenance is fairly simple as well.