Are Dog Strollers a Good Idea? Things to Know Before You Buy One

Pet Care


June 24, 2023

While not everyone has heard of them, strollers for dogs are gaining in popularity. Before you rush out and buy one, though, you should probably learn a little more about them, and that’s what this article is here to help you do. 

Dog strollers are well-made and easy to operate, and both you and your dog can enjoy the ride to wherever you’re going. That being said, there are still some disadvantages to using one of these strollers, and while most of them are insignificant, they are still good to know.

Are Dog Strollers a Good Idea?

Dog strollers are essentially buggies that come in different sizes and designs. Most of them have hoods that fit over the dog to protect them from the elements.

Your dog can sit comfortably while you take them for a walk, and if they decide to get out and walk a little, you can simply take them out of the stroller and allow them to do so.

If you want your dog to enjoy time outside but it’s cold or your dog suffers from arthritis or other mobility issues, a dog stroller is the perfect solution. They can still enjoy a bout of fresh air without stressing out their joints, and you don’t have to worry about the dog getting away from you and heading towards danger. It is the perfect solution for both of you.

Strollers are also well-made and therefore, they are built to last for many years to come. This means that you can put your dog stroller through a lot of abuse and it will keep on performing the way it should year after year.

Just like strollers for babies and toddlers, they also come with various features that often include space to keep your purse, bottled water, and other items.

Are There Disadvantages to Using a Dog Stroller?

For the most part, pet parents should consider that their dog being in a stroller every time they go for a walk isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Dogs need regular exercise and in fact, many breeds will become restless and destructive if they don’t get it. Because of this, it is recommended that you do not use a dog stroller every single time you take your dog out for a walk.

Instead, use the stroller only when your dog simply cannot walk or when there is inclement weather outside, or when you yourself are having trouble walking and only intend to go a short distance.

In other words, don’t use your dog stroller every single time you take the dog for a walk because dogs need exercise on a regular basis, and they simply won’t get it if you use a dog stroller every time.

Do You Really Need a Dog Stroller?

This article is in no way intended to discourage you from buying a dog stroller, but you still have to decide for yourself if you need one or not. There are obviously many advantages to having a dog stroller and very few disadvantages.

Just like baby strollers, dog strollers come in all price ranges and can be quite expensive, so you have to decide for yourself if it’s worth it to get one.

Most pet parents will likely use their dog stroller some of the time and not at other times. Deciding if it’s worth it to spend money on a dog stroller depends on the pet parents themselves.

Dog strollers can cost $80 or $180, depending on their brand and features. Naturally, cost isn’t the only consideration when deciding whether or not to buy one, but it is nevertheless an important one.

Other Considerations When Researching Dog Strollers

Dog strollers can make any walk with your dog much easier on both of you. They have canopies to protect them from light rain or the sun, a design that prevents them from jumping out and running away, and most of the canopies are see-through and therefore allow pets to look at the outside world and enjoy the view. The strollers are designed with many convenient features in mind.

If your dog tends to bark when they see other dogs or people as they walk, a dog stroller can be the perfect solution. Even though the dog can see the outside area, the canopy blocks them from seeing everyone, so they won’t be barking nearly as much because they won’t be able to see absolutely everyone around them. It keeps the dogs quieter the entire time.

Dog strollers also make walking several dogs at once a little easier. You can keep one of your dogs inside the stroller and another one on the outside, making it less stressful for both you and your pets.

In addition, you can take your dogs on longer walks with a dog stroller simply because you can keep going even when the dog gets tired. This is significant if you love long walks.

It’s Up to You

In the end, all pet parents have to decide for themselves if a dog stroller is right for them. On average, they are not that expensive, but they can make your walks a lot nicer in many ways.

If you live in an area where it gets very cold during the winter or it rains a lot, they allow you to take your dog for a walk much more often.

These are the things you need to consider before buying a stroller for your dog, but in the end, it should be rather easy to make the right decision.


Dog strollers are well-built and make walking dogs with mobility issues a lot easier. They are relatively inexpensive and allow you to take longer walks as well. They are also perfect for keeping dogs contained so they don’t run away in the direction of danger, and they can protect the dog when the sun is bright or when it’s raining lightly.

For numerous reasons, a dog stroller is a great addition to your stack of fun doggy accessories, and it’s one purchase you likely won’t regret.