Why Do Golden Retrievers Drool?

Pet Care


August 24, 2022

Golden Retrievers are some of the most adorable dogs on the planet. With their iconic golden coats, they are easily recognizable. But like any other dog, they tend to drool quite a bit.

If you have noticed your Golden Retriever drooling, then you may be wondering why they do it quite so much. It turns out that there are more than a few reasons why their mouth may operate like a faucet.

Do Golden Retrievers Drool?

So, do Golden Retrievers drool? The simplest explanation is that, yes, like any other dog breed out there, they do drool. Most of the time, they are simply excited at the prospect of food, whether it is their own or something being enjoyed by their humans.

It can also be due to the fact that they have larger jaws than some other dog breeds. This can lead to more saliva than a dog that has smaller jaws. They also drool for a litany of other reasons having to do with drinking, eating, and exercise.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Drool?

It is not so much a matter of do they drool, but why. There are more than a few reasons why they may drool as much as they do. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Anxiety or Excitement

Right at the top of the list of reasons why they drool is that they are simply excited. Though this happens rarely in the case of dogs that are well-trained, it can still happen. Dogs can become excited for any number of reasons, usually relating to food. If you aren’t sure where the drool comes from, think about when it happens and you will likely see a correlation.

Foreign Objects

This one is not necessarily the fault of the Golden. Humans use their hands in order to explore the world around them. Since dogs don’t have thumbs, they use their mouths. Dogs will oftentimes lick or chew on things to get to know them. Sometimes, that means getting objects stuck in their mouths, leading to drooling.

Should you notice that your dog is drooling quite a bit, check their mouth. Goldens are known for hiding things in their mouths. Strings, wires, gum, sticks, even full-sized balls can be stashed away in their mouth.

Motion Sickness

This one may not be as common as some of the others on the list but can be a reason nonetheless. Taking a ride in the car with your Golden may result in some serious drool. The reason being is that they have motion sickness. If you take them in any other kind of vehicle, there is a chance that they will drool as well as a way to try to feel better.

Dental Issues

This can become a problem for just about any other animal, not necessarily just dogs. Should the drooling last more than a few minutes at a time, you may need to take your pup in for a dental checkup.

The issues can range from simple to serious. Some examples of dental issues that may lead to excessive drooling are a swollen gum, injuries to their teeth or gums, tooth fractures, tooth decay, tartar buildup, or gingivitis.

It can be difficult to recognize the signs of a dental issue because it can be difficult to see signs of pain in your dog. That said, if they refuse to let you near their teeth or even refuse to eat, it is a clear sign that something is going on.

Stomach Issues

Golden Retrievers can sometimes have issues with their digestive system. When that happens, that could be the cause of excessive drooling. Eating something bad or something even worse, such as a twisted stomach, can result in that same drooling.

Keep an eye on your dog and what they are eating. Check to make sure that their stomach isn’t bloated or that it isn’t causing pain to the touch. If it is, you need to see the vet immediately.

Nerve Damage

In rarer occasions, excessive drooling can be the result of a damaged nerve. The damaged nerve can come from an injury or something such as a tumor. Dogs that have trigeminal nerve damage aren’t able to move normally, unable to fully close their mouths. That can make it difficult to eat, drink, or properly control their facial muscles, leading to drooling.


Because dogs like to explore the world using their mouths, they can sometimes experience issues due to ingesting things that they should not have. Dogs can get poisoning if they are exposed to dangerous toxins for any period of time or if they eat something that has been poisoned (even something such as a berry).

Food poisoning in particular can cause your Golden Retriever to drool quite a bit before it begins to slow down. Just keep an eye out for abnormal signs. It is possible, depending on what they ingested, for them to collapse as well.

Organ Issues

We’re now into the very serious reasons as to why your dog may be drooling a lot. Problems with their kidneys or liver can result in excessive drooling. Recognizing the signs can potentially mean getting to the vet sooner, which will help in the treatment of kidney and liver issues. These issues can be life-threatening, so acting fast is crucial.


Golden Retrievers are adorable but even they are not immune to a drool session. This can be especially true when you are enjoying a nice meal or they are simply excited to have a meal of their own.

The drool can come from playing, drinking water, and so much more. So, you just kind of have to weather the storm and get through it with as little drool on you as you can manage.