When Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down?

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August 30, 2022

In addition to being one of the most beautiful dog breeds out there, golden retrievers are also known for their energy levels. As a matter of fact, they are considered to be one of the most hyper dog breeds around.

The reason for this is that they have a history as working dogs. Not only that, golden retrievers love the attention that they get. They love to play, go on adventures, and so much more. If you aren’t prepared for it, that energy level could get to be a bit out of hand.

When Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down?

So when do golden retrievers calm down? Generally speaking, golden retrievers begin to calm down around the age of two or three. Of course, each dog is different and will reach this milestone in its own time. There are some instances where they can take until age four or so, as well. There are also some that remain overly enthusiastic for their entire lives.

The rate at which golden retrievers calm down depends on how quickly they get through each phase of puppyhood. It can also depend on their lifestyle and environment. Some take longer; others move through the phases more quickly.

How to Keep Golden Retrievers Calm Down?

There is not a set way to get through the puppy process for a golden retriever. But there are a few things that can be done to help calm them down.

Keep Them Busy

The most likely reason that your golden retriever is bouncing around is that it needs more activity. Golden retrievers have a naturally high level of energy, and they need to get it out by keeping busy. Whether that means playing with them more, taking them on walks, giving them something to chew on, or letting them jump on you is up to you.

Just make sure that you keep them busy in some form. Those who have enclosed yards would do well to let their golden out for a bit. Let the golden run around, play, sniff things, chew, bark at neighbors, and anything else that will help to dissipate that energy level a bit.

While there may not be a perfect regimen to keep them from spazzing out, keeping them busy will go a long way toward ensuring that they are burning off as much of that energy as possible.

Give Them Attention

Part of what makes a golden retriever so hyper is that they are just looking for attention. It is helpful to give them a lot of attention and not just when they have been pestering and annoying you with their clingy attitude. If you have wondered, “When do golden retrievers calm down?” it could simply be that they want attention.

Some of the pent-up energy that they have can originate from their inability to get the attention that they are looking for. They can act out to get you to play with them (which ties into the previous suggestion).

Make sure that you give your golden retriever regular attention to help curb that annoying need for attention. Make sure to give them attention but not just when they act out. This also helps in the sense that they won’t just associate your affection with bad behavior, which means that they will be less likely to act out to get your love.

Give Them Something to Chew On

While exercise—walks and playing in particular—are part of the required daily routine, there is another area in which giving your golden attention can be beneficial. Some of the exercise that you are throwing their way should include mental stimulation as well.

In golden retrievers, mental stimulation is meant to foster a higher level of intelligence. It can help to rid the puppies (and the pet parents) of some of the boredom that golden retrievers can experience when they are not getting the required attention.

Boredom can also lead to other problems down the line. If they bark, chew, or bite excessively, it could just be a matter of them being bored. Make sure to implement some mental activities to help reduce boredom and burn off some of that energy.

Work on Training

Another avenue that could prove beneficial is implementing training. Not only can that training turn them into stronger listeners, but it can help to burn off some of the energy that they have built up. It is the best of both worlds.

Since golden retrievers are an intelligent breed, they tend to train easily. This can help with self-control as well, which can rein in some of that extra energy and keep it from feeling as though it is getting out of control at times. It will also help to reduce their level of boredom.


Golden retrievers are some of the most beautiful, high-energy dogs out there. They get the love that they do because they are one of the most aesthetically-pleasing dog breeds around. But before you add a golden to your family, it is important that you know they have high energy levels and require a good bit of attention.

If you are okay making sure that your golden is getting lots of love and exercise, then you should have no worries. But if it feels like they just won’t quit, stop to think about what their daily routine is like and how you can adjust.