What Causes Slip Mating in Dogs?

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March 10, 2022

When it comes down to the dogs, they are pretty intuitive to mating and hardly need guidance or assistance from the breeder. Breeding comes naturally to dogs, but young and inexperienced dogs might require assistance. Be it the female dog struggling to stay still and getting nervous or the male dog finding it hard to find the right position, it takes practice to hone the skill.

Having said that, one type of mating is slip mating, and there are various things that dog owners should know about it, such as:

What Is Slip Mating?

Slip mating is defined as mating without a tie, and it happens when the bulbus glandis of the male dog is swollen outside of the female dog. In addition, it’s a completely normal process, and it doesn’t signal any conception issues in the dog.

Regardless of being different from what regular mating looks like, not getting a tie doesn’t mean that mating wasn’t successful and won’t produce puppies. Truth be told, the chances of pregnancy are still very high in slip mating. This is because by the time the bulbus glandis swells up and the breeding tie happens, the male dog has already ejaculated rich fluid with higher sperm count inside the vaginal cavity of the female dog.

Vital Information About Slip Mating

You might be wondering what causes slip mating in dogs? And when does it happen?

Slip mating happens when the male dog’s genital is inside the female dog, and it becomes enlarged and distended but slides out before they actually tie. It can be frustrating for dog owners who are trying to assist their dogs with mating. This is because the male dog mounts the female dog, jumps off, and repeats the process multiple times.

When the female dog is fully aroused, she tries her best to accommodate the male dog, which is why it’s best to leave them alone. In fact, many dogs don’t like being interfered with during the process.

Many dog owners try to steady one of the dogs to make sure that the success rate is higher. However, it’s not needed because the male dog keeps trying intercourse on its own until he ejaculates.

Another reason behind slip mating is when the female dog is not ready for mating and starts moving as soon as the stud dog penetrates the vaginal cavity. In addition, when the female or male dog moves before the tie formation, it results in slip mating. In such cases, it’s best to try again the next day or the day after tomorrow.

The Ejaculation Stages of Male Dogs

The ejaculation process in a male dog has three stages. First of all, there is the pre-ejaculatory fluid that has little to zero sperm count and tends to have a clear texture. The second stage of ejaculation is the fluid ejaculated as a result of rough thrusting and has the highest sperm count. The third stage is during the breeding tie, which has a clear prostatic fluid with an insignificant sperm count.

When a male dog comes off the female dog before completing the second ejaculation stage, it’s called premature withdrawal. In such cases, the dog owners will notice that the male dog is dropping fluid and is enlarged, but the pregnancy’s success rate will be lower. This is the reason behind the myth that slip mating doesn’t work, but these two scenarios are completely different.

This is because in slip mating, the male dog ejaculates in the female dog’s genital cavity, which promises a higher success rate for pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Success Rate Through Slip Mating

There is no specific pregnancy success rate associated with slip mating. This is because the success rating of mating depends on multiple factors, such as male dog’s sperm quality, health and age of the female dog, and dogs’ mating experience. When it comes to ejaculation, the clear fluid that’s produced in the initial stage of mounting doesn’t have much sperm count.

However, in the second phase of intercourse, the male dog produces sufficient sperm to ensure successful mating. The peak of ejaculation is reached by the end of thrusting. Since the dogs don’t reach the tie or locking during slip mating, some seminal fluid is also spilled when the male dog pulls out, but mating is successful since the second phase with sperm-rich ejaculation has already happened.

The breeders must wait to determine if the female dog conceives. Still, if the pregnancy doesn’t happen, the breeders should wait for the female dog’s next heat cycle to try the mating again.

The Frequency of Slip Mating for Higher Success Rate

Just as with other species, repetitive intercourse increases the chances of pregnancy. This is why the breeders should encourage more intercourse among dogs to have a higher slip mating success rate.

However, it’s important to consider the dogs’ comfort level. For this reason, two to three matings on alternate days are healthy and safe for female as well as male dogs.

How to Help the Stud Dog That Keeps Missing

In case the dog is finding it difficult to hit the mark, it’s important to ensure that both dogs are healthy and are mature enough to breed. It is not suggested to physically interfere with the locking and mating process. If the male dog is slipping out too early due to sudden movements or lack of experience, it’s best to leave the dogs in a calm environment to make sure that they keep trying.

On the other hand, the dog owners shouldn’t put the female dog with a different male partner as it’s ethically questionable by dog experts. In simpler words, dog owners should follow a proper breeding plan rather than rushing the entire mating process.

Does Slip Mating Reduce the Chances of Conception?

Slip mating occurs after the second ejaculation stage. This is why it promises a higher probability of the female dog getting pregnant irrespective of the common myths that slip mating leads to low chances of conception. So, even if the breeder isn’t sure about the success rate of the slip mating, the female dog shouldn’t be mated with another stud dog.

This is because the female dog can conceive and give birth to little puppies from different stud dogs. This practice is against the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club for responsible breeding and is deemed extremely unethical. In simpler words, the breeders should make a dog couple once and let them try again and again to conceive.


Dog breeding can be frustrating, but it’s important to let the dog follow their senses and instincts because natural signals are always the best.

As far as slip mating is concerned, it’s different from common breeding methods, but it’s common and is likely to make a litter. This is because ejaculation by the male dog will get the female dog pregnant, irrespective of the fact that a tie happened or not.