The Legend of the Corgis and Fairies: Corgi Fairy Saddle Legend

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October 9, 2023

Legends abound regardless of where you live, and many people are unaware that those adorable tiny dogs we call corgis have a legend all their own.

Corgis are also called Welsh corgis because this is where they originated, and the legend states that at one time, these dogs acted as saddles to fairies to take them where they needed to go.

The legend of the corgis and fairies also states that if you have a good heart and good eyes, you can actually see harness marks on the back of the corgi dog. It’s an interesting legend that is still around today.

What Is the Corgi Fairy Saddle Legend About?

A long time ago, this legend states that fairies lived in the Welsh forests and they were happy with their lives except for one thing: they had wings that were never strong enough to take them to places that were too far away.

Because of this, the fairies could only remain in the forests but couldn’t venture out too far, meaning that they could never travel outside of the forest.

The corgi fairy legend also states that the fairies worked together to come up with a great solution. The solution involved finding something or someone whose backs they could ride on so they could see what was outside of their immediate living area.

The result was the creation of a corgi, or “dwarf dog,” which is what the Welsh translation of corgi means. And the rest is history!

When the fairies created the dwarf dog, they made sure that it looked like a fox, but it was very loyal, fast, and kind-hearted.

The fairies started riding the corgis whenever they wanted to go into town or to other places they’d never before visited. At night or at other times when they weren’t riding the dogs, they would send the dogs into town to play with the town’s children.

Why the Fairy Saddle Part of the Legend?

If you look at the corgi dog today, you’ll sometimes notice an irregular line on its back.

The line is a different color than the rest of the corgi, but according to this legend, this is because when the fairies rode on the corgis’ backs, there was a special type of saddle used to help the fairies ride the corgis a little more easily. The line supposedly represents the saddle they used to ride.

Corgis can also have rather strange marks on their shoulders and back areas, which some people claim is the fairy saddle itself.

In fact, it was the fairies themselves who created these saddles because they made it easier for the fairies to ride on the dwarf dogs’ backs. This was important because even when the fairies went into battle, they used the corgis as transportation and needed something reliable.

That’s right; it is said that fairies ride corgis into battle whenever it’s time to go and fight their enemies.

When you think about it, what better way is there to ride into battle than a corgi, especially since the dog is so fast? And without the speed, loyalty, and determination of these dwarf dogs, the fairies simply can’t depend on being on the front line whenever they need it.

Gifts From the Fairies

To be sure, corgis, or dwarf dogs, are considered gifts from the fairies, so we have fairies to thank for this amazing pet. It is also said that one day, the King and Queen of the land discovered the corgis and began to ride them for fun.

At one outing, they fell off of the corgis but the dogs kept running anyway, not realizing that the King and Queen were no longer on their backs.

When the corgis got to the town, they realized that they were alone and eventually were taken in by some of the children in the town. These children decided to keep the corgis and brought them home so that everyone in town could enjoy them.

It was the father of one of these children who declared that corgis are indeed “gifts from the fairies.” From there, the term stuck and is familiar today.

Today, you can even buy a toy for your corgi that is also a saddle. They can be made out of many different materials but they are always comfortable for the dog.

If you want your dog to wear it, make sure that they don’t show you any signs of discomfort. If they do, simply remove it or maybe keep it on for very short periods of time and then gradually increase it each time they wear it.

More About the Saddle

Finally, it is also said that the saddles were used by the fairies in order to tame wild corgis. In fact, the saddles are a very important part of this legend, which is why you can find them in toy form to entertain your own corgi.

Wherever you go to read about the legend of the corgis and the fairies, you’ll find that the fairy saddles are at the center of it.

It’s a very interesting legend, and it’s made even more interesting by the fact that many corgis today still have the markings from the saddles that were once a part of their lives.

It can put a smile on your face when you notice these markings because if nothing else, it can help you imagine the legend as it played out in the Welsh forests of yesteryear.


Corgis, also called dwarf dogs in popular legend, are said to be a creation of the fairies, who needed a way to see what was far away since their wings weren’t strong enough to take them there. They also created special saddles that they could ride on and the markings found on many corgis today are said to represent these saddles, which makes it interesting to look for them.

The legend is so popular that people in Wales are still familiar with it, and it’s interesting to note that there are even toy saddles made for these dogs to enjoy.