Everything You Need to Know About Sphynx Cats

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March 30, 2022

A pet can be a great addition to your family. Whether you live alone or with your family, you won’t regret owning a pet. They can not only improve your mood and psychological health, but also help you form relationships.

However, raising a pet is a huge responsibility, which is why you shouldn’t go into it blind. Before you bring a pet home, you should do your research to get ready for it. It is the only way you can offer a new pet a good life.

Sphynx Cats

The most striking feature of sphynx cats is their hairlessness. Where most cats are known for their fur, sphynx cats are known for their unique appearance. However, sphynx cats are also some of the most loving breeds of cats out there. If you want your cat to cuddle with you and be affectionate with you all the time, then you should get a sphynx.

Before you decide to get a sphynx cat for its friendliness, it is important to know about its other habits and needs. Once you know what you are getting into and you have no objection to anything, only then you should get a sphynx cat.

Grooming of a Sphynx Cat

Cats groom themselves frequently, which helps them keep themselves clean. However, since sphynx cats don’t have any hair, they will need assistance with grooming. Your sphynx cat will groom itself as often as any other cat breed. But due to the lack of hair, the body of your sphynx cat will often get covered in a layer of sweat and spit.

It is important to bathe your sphynx cat once a week. If you can, you should use a medicated pet shampoo so any bacteria on the body of your cat gets killed. Unlike cats that have fur, sphynx cats love taking baths. Breeders of sphynx cats start bathing them when they are kittens to get them acclimated to regular baths.

If, for some reason, your sphynx cat is not acclimated to being in the water, you should not stop bathing them. By giving them regular baths, you can help them overcome their fear of water. You can also give them treats during and after the bath to reinforce good behavior.

Cleaning of Ears

Another thing you must know about sphynx cats is that their ears can accumulate a lot of earwax. Dirt and debris collect very quickly in the ear of sphynx cats due to the lack of hair. The breed also produces a dark earwax, which can be quite unsightly. But the worst part about the earwax is that it can stain furniture and clothes.

You must use a cotton swab to clean the ears of your sphynx cat regularly. If the earwax is not cleaned in a long time, it can block the ear canal of your cat.

What Do Sphynx Cats Need?

Sphynx cats are very friendly and they can get along with other cats as well as other animals. So, if you have a dog at home, your sphynx cat will befriend it quickly. However, the friendly and affectionate nature of the sphynx cat means that it also needs constant attention. You must be ready to give plenty of your time to your sphynx cat before bringing it home.

The sphynx does not like to be left alone. Even if you are planning a trip overseas, you must make arrangements for your sphynx cat. However, if you stay out for the most part of the day, you should get two sphynx cats so they can keep each other company. This way, you won’t have to worry about your cat feeling alone all the time.

You can also get one sphynx cat and one cat of another breed. It is better to get the cats when they are kittens so you can easily toilet train them. You can also get your sphynx cat used to bathing if you get it as a kitten.

Sphynx cats need to stay warm at all times. Even when you are not at home, you need to make sure that the place is warm enough for the cats. You can also get cat beds and small blankets so your cats can keep themselves warm when they are sleeping.

How Much Does a Sphynx Cat Cost?

Another important aspect to consider before visiting a pet store is the price. Although sphynx cats are available everywhere these days, they are still a rare breed, which means they are not inexpensive. The average sphynx cat price can range from $20,000 to $50,000.

Certain factors can affect the price of a sphynx cat. For instance, if the kitten is healthy and has been bred by an experienced breeder, then the average price range could be higher.

How to Choose the Best Breed of Sphynx Cats

Although sphynx cats are rare, they are still bred by plenty of breeders. This means you will have to find the best breed sphynx by looking at your options and comparing the features of different breeds.

Quality Breeding

The first thing to check is the breeding process. Although you cannot observe the breeding process yourself, you can find out which breeders are reputable in this industry and which ones to avoid.

The breeding itself should follow the standard practice. But the breeder must also teach the kittens basic things such as bathing with water.

If a breeder has not toilet trained the sphynx cat or made it acclimated to water, you will have to spend a lot of time on its training. Since you will be paying the breeder, it is better to choose the right one.

Health of the Cat

Taking care of your pet’s health is very important. But unlike other cats, sphynx cats are prone to a number of different health conditions, which means taking care of them is extra work. However, if you choose the right breed of sphynx cat, you can rest assured that your pet won’t fall sick often.

There are many hereditary health issues that most sphynx cats have to face. But if the cats are brought up in a clean and healthy environment, they will be able to fight off different types of bacterias and infections on their own.

Raising a sphynx cat is a lot of work. You will have to look after the health of the cat as well as take care of its skin. You will also have to give it regular baths and clean its ears yourself. But if you decide to get a sphynx cat, you will have a loving companion for a lifetime. You won’t find a cat as affectionate as a sphynx anywhere in the world.