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September 29, 2022

There are thousands, if not millions of dog owners out there, that are looking for an effective means to train their dogs. Most of the time, it is about getting them to adhere to the basic commands, though there are some programs that can implement training that is a bit more comprehensive.

There is one controversial name within the industry by the name of Sit Means Sit. Let’s take a deeper look at Sit Means Sit, what they do, and why there is a little bit of controversy surrounding their practices and methods.

What is Sit Means Sit?

Sit Means Sit dog training is a dog training franchise that has more than 150 locations throughout the United States and Canada. They are training centers that revolve around dog obedience courses meant to make a more effective listener out of your dog.

There are a plethora of franchises available and even franchising opportunities available to potential investors. The service claims to have a major impact on your ability to train your dog, mostly through the shock collar method.

Is Sit Means Sit Cruel?

There is some controversy about whether Sit Means Sit dog training is in the best interest of the dog. There are even some complaints that the methods used in the training are cruel. This has to do, in part, with the fact that shock treatment is part of the training.

There are three things that have become main complaints about Sit Means Sit. The first is that the demo video done by the founder is not necessarily what you get from the other trainers. There are accusations that the other trainers aren’t properly trained and are not able to produce the kind of results that the founder would be able to.

One of the permanent fixtures in training is the shock collar. Trainers use this method because they don’t really know how to properly train a dog without implementing the shock collar first. There are some who believe that removing the shock collar or not using it will “untrain” the dog, but that is in dispute.

Finally, there are the costs involved. Does the training work? In some instances, yes, but what is the cost? There are some who compare it to using a shock collar on your child in order to get them to do what you want them to do. It shouldn’t have to come down to implementing a shock every time that they do something. If anything, using shocks can have a detrimental impact on the relationship between you and your dog, to the point where it fears and is angered by you.

At the end of the day, much of the criticism comes from the shock collar treatment and whether they would be able to be effective trainers without that tool. It is ultimately up to the pet owner to determine whether they are okay with that as a training method or not.

Who Started Sit Means Sit?

The founder of Sit Means Sit is Fred Hansen. It is claimed that Sit Means Sit is a tested, studied, proven, and specialized approach that will deliver the immediate results that many dog owners are looking to achieve.

The main focus is to ensure that the dog continues to listen even when there are distractions implemented into the mix. The methods that Fred uses have been well received, and he has a background that has allowed him to present Sit Means Sit dog training to professional dog trainers, K9 handlers, and pet owners at seminars for years.

In that time, he has also turned Sit Means Sit into the largest franchise of dog training in the United States. He has quite a comprehensive list of accomplishments that back his knowledge of dog training as well.

He has AKC Junior Hunt Test titles, AKC Senior Hunt Test titles, and top finishes at National Championships. He is the all-time record holder when it comes to the highest obedience score in the history of the NAPD competitions.

There is no doubting the background that Hansen has. Where the questions lie is in whether the trainers running the franchises of Sit Means Sit have the same background. The short answer is “no” and leads critics to wonder if you are getting the same level of training that you would get from Hansen himself.

What Does Sit Means Sit Teach?

Sit Means Sit also offers dog training courses so that those interested can participate in becoming certified dog trainers and even start a career out of it.

Sit Means Sit focuses on three pillars for training any dog. These are basic steps that can be found through other means, but it is meant to give your dog the tools that it needs to become the most effective listener.

1.The Training Language.

The first part is by teaching the training language. This is called “the language of the collar.” In this portion, the dog should know the commands that are associated with the various uses of the collar, all so that it knows how it is supposed to behave.

2.Teaching Attention.

There is also the meaning of attention. The goal is to teach the dog both the meaning and significance of paying attention. To do so, this means implementing a few obstacles, working on footwork, and even bringing in real-world distractions.

3.Rewarding the Correct Decision.

Whenever your dog does the right thing by obeying you, it is imperative to let it know that it has done the right thing. You can reward them in any number of ways, but it will give them the reassurance that they need when associating their behaviors with the requisite responses.

It is important to note that the crux of the training revolves around the shock collar. The collar itself is a controversial tool in the training world. This is because the belief of some is that you should not shock or potentially hurt the dog just to get them to perform the action that you wish them to perform.

That in itself is the controversy surrounding the entire Sit Means Sit franchise. It really depends on your feelings concerning the shock collar. When used properly, there is proof that it can be an effective training tool without adversely impacting your relationship with your pet. But it is a fine line to walk.


Sit Means Sit has managed to provide a franchise touch to the dog training industry. Their more than 150 franchises in North America prove that there is some measure of success to be had in their teaching methods.

That said, there are definitely a few controversial takes, especially with the implementation of the shock collar. It is up to the owner to decide if they want to subject their dog to that kind of training method, as there are some who feel that the shock collar is cruel and has the ability to harm the dog.