Petco Dog Training in New York

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October 15, 2022

Dog training is something that thousands, if not millions, of dog owners work on every year. Finding a better level of obedience is desired to bring both pet and owner closer together.

This is why finding the right training course is of the utmost importance. For residents of New York, there is Petco dog training in New York that can help to deliver those training needs and ensure that you and your pup are on the same page.

Puppy Training Classes Through Petco

There are a few different options when it comes to training your dog through Petco’s services. They offer puppy training courses to help you set up a foundation of obedience, adult training classes to make your older dogs into better listeners, and even private lessons if you don’t want to have to train with other dogs.

Let’s take a look at the puppy training classes first. Petco dog training in New York for puppies starts at $149. This is the Level 1 puppy training, which is a 6-week introductory group class. The goal of this course is to focus on teaching desired behaviors, learning cues, and introducing them to proper socialization.

This training course will also address some of the most common challenges facing puppies like chewing and teething, digging, potty training, and so much more. Ideally, this is for puppies that are in the two- to four-month age range.

There are also Level 2 puppy training sessions that expand on the aforementioned cues and behaviors that would be learned in the Level 1 training. There are fun games that are meant to keep your puppy’s mind both engaged and active, advanced training cues, and even learning the concept of established behaviors as routines. This level is for puppies that are in the four- to six-month age range.

The packages get a little more comprehensive from there. There is a “puppy essentials” package that runs $249 and is a 12-week course. It includes the choice between two of the puppy and adult classes as well as an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy test.

Finally, there is the complete puppy package. At $379, it is an 18-week training course that includes both of the puppy levels, one of the adult-level classes, as well as a private 45-minute lesson. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive of the packages out there and will ensure that all of your training needs have been met.

Adult Dog Training Classes

While there are more than a few options available for puppies, there are even more available for your adult dog. There are five different training packages available through Petco for your dog, allowing it to get the kind of training that your pup needs to be at its best.

It starts with the Adult Level 1 training course at $149. This is a 6-week introductory group class with the goal of improving communication with your dog and helping you to train it more effectively.

In this class, the dog will learn certain cues and behaviors, such as ‘leave it,’ ‘wait,’ and even loose leash walking, with additional behavioral tips to stop things like unwanted barking, digging, and jumping. This course is recommended for dogs that are at least six months old.

The next level, Adult Level 2, is also $149 and is held over a 6-week period. This class is meant to expand on the cues and behaviors that were learned in the Adult Level 1 class. There is also the introduction of more complex and advanced training techniques as well as fun games that can help to keep your dog both mentally and physically stimulated. To take the Adult Level 2 class, your dog will need to have passed Adult Level 1.

The essentials package, which is $249, includes the Adult 1 lesson as well as a choice between Adult 2 and the AKC Canine Good Citizen Class, as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. The Complete package, which is $379, is the same as the essentials package but with the Adult Level 2 and a 45-minute private lesson included.

If you really want to just work on separation anxiety with your dog, there is the separation anxiety course for $99. Over the 4-week course, the goal is to focus on the necessary proactive solutions that will help to address the issue of separation anxiety. It also teaches your dog that being home alone is okay and will help them to relax. This package teaches them how to calm down when stressed, develop healthy routines, and to relax when left alone.

Private Lessons

If either you or your dog is not comfortable within a group setting, then private lessons may be the best course of action. There is the starter—private lesson 101—which costs $39. This session is a 45-minute lesson that is tailored to learning the training needs of your dog, helping with the most common behaviors, and creating a customized plan that can help your pet.

There is a 4-pack of private lessons for $219 that covers four weeks. Even better, the training plan is built by your very own personal Certified Dog Trainer for the best value possible. Every session is tailored for both the needs of you and your pet. The training techniques can also vary so that you can address the various unwanted behaviors that dogs have—chewing and barking, for example—and can even include tips for potty training.

Finally, there is the 6-lesson pack which is $299. This is fully customizable, working with the Certified Dog Trainer each step of the way. The goal of this training package is to maximize your time spent during training as well as get the most bang for your buck. The courses can adapt as your dog learns, aiming to get the most out of the 6-week session pack.

Why Train Your Dog?

There are plenty of reasons why you should be training your dog. Having an untrained dog can lead to a lot of inconveniences and annoyances along the way. Dealing with things like barking, chewing, and jumping can lead to a plethora of issues over time. Let’s take a close look at why you should be training your dog.

Safer for Your Dog

Without a doubt, dog training is safer for your dog. Learning certain commands allows you to keep them from chasing after other dogs, wild animals, running out into the road, or generally putting them into situations that could be potentially hazardous.

It is also safer for your home because they learn to live within the space with a different level of respect. When you give your dog proper obedience training, it can have a difference in their behavior in a substantial way. Think potty training, since you definitely don’t want them to do their business in your house. Dogs that are properly trained won’t do nearly as much damage, leading to costly home repairs.

It Improves Your Relationship

Among all the reasons why dog training makes a lot of sense, one of the biggest is that it can improve the relationship that you share with your dog. Establishing a proper training regime means building up a better connection between you and your dog.

The more that you spend time together, creating boundaries, learning to understand one another, and sharing experiences, the greater the mutual respect will be between the two of you. On top of all that, your dog will learn to respect and trust your judgement. It also will help you to gain a greater admiration for their potential and ability to learn.

Easier to Go in Public

A major benefit of training your dog is that it will become far easier to go out into public. Taking your dog for a walk or to a dog park can become a lot easier to manage when it knows basic commands that keep it from running off or going after another dog.

Training your dog, socializing it in public, and working to build its confidence around other humans and dogs can work to make the experience of going out into public an enjoyable one for both of you.


Dog training can be a simple thing if you have the right training service. When you go with Petco dog training in New York, you can ensure that your dog—whether it is a puppy or an adult—gets the proper training to become the best listener possible.

There are a lot of training options out there to choose from. When you find the right one, you will know it. And finding that proper training method can make all the difference in the world in the relationship that the two of you share.