What Does a Puppy Newfoundland Adoption Cost?

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October 15, 2022

There are so many adorable dog breeds out there just waiting to be adopted. One that might not get as much mainstream recognition is the Newfoundland puppy. But it is one of the cutest, cuddliest breeds of dogs out there.

The question for those looking to adopt a puppy is what is the Newfoundland adoption cost? Let’s take a closer look at the breed. Find out what they are like, how much it costs to adopt one, and so much more.

How Much Do Newfoundland Puppies Cost?

Let’s get right down to brass tacks and learn about how much these puppies cost. Keep in mind that the initial price is just the cost of adopting them. There are also inherent costs that go along with raising and caring for a dog.

First-time puppy owners should be aware of the considerable money and effort that can go into raising a dog, particularly one of such a large breed. There are going to be expenses for various needs such as premium dog food, bedding, crates (optional), toys, regular vet check-ups, and more.

That said, Newfoundland dogs are gentle giants that make for great companions. They are a breed of working dogs with a long track record of being both loyal and devoted to their owners. You would be hard-pressed to find a much better dog than this.

So how much do they cost? Well, it depends on where you look. For the most part, you will only find Newfoundland puppies through a breeder. Be careful, as there are definitely a few less-than-reputable breeders out there to choose from.

The Newfoundland adoption cost with a reputable breeder is anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000. But that can change exponentially depending on whether you want a regular Newfoundland puppy or a show-quality puppy.

For the latter, the costs go up exponentially at the time of adoption. If you are looking for show-quality or a Newfoundlander of quality lineage, then you can expect to start at $3,500. That said, it can run as high as $6,000 depending on the breeder and the quality of the lineage.

What Factors Play Into the Cost of a Newfoundland Puppy?

As covered briefly above, when you look into the Newfoundland adoption cost, you will no doubt notice that there are significantly different price tags for some compared to others. Some breeds require less than $1,000, while others command a significantly higher price.

Here are a few reasons why that may be. These are the most important factors that can change the adoption costs for Newfoundland puppies.

Breeder Reputation

One of the biggest factors impacting price has to do with the breeder. If a breeder is reputable, it means that they have extensive experience with that breed, and it also means that your price tag will go up substantially.

They have invested a lot of money and time into maintaining the overall temperament of the breed and also work to ensure that every puppy that comes through them has the highest quality of health. You don’t have to worry about much when you go through a reputable breeder.


The lineage of the dog is also a great matter of importance. Newfoundland dogs can cost a lot when they have been bred from a line of show dogs. If those show dogs were of a championship caliber, expect the price to be even higher.

On top of that, these puppies are also going to have a higher chance of being healthy because they naturally have better genes. But if you don’t intend on joining dog shows, this isn’t necessarily important.

Their age matters, too. Prices can vary greatly depending on whether you want a puppy versus an adult. For instance, if you are looking into an adult Newfoundland dog, it might cost as little as $500 to get one.

Training and Socialization

Another major reason that breeders are so expensive is that they handle the training and socialization of the puppies. This is what allows them to be well-behaved before they ever go home with you. It is a great savings of time and money.

Dog training can get quite expensive, depending on where you go. By going to a breeder, you can save yourself the trouble of having to find obedience training on your own. That is just part of the inherent cost of going through a reputable breeder.

They also handle things like registration papers with the American Kennel Club and Newfoundland Club of America. Their dogs are bred in accordance with certain breed standards, especially if they have been registered with either of those clubs. That is an assurance that the breed you are adopting is nothing but the highest quality.


Owning a Newfoundland puppy, which is a naturally large breed, can come with a large price tag as well. If you are going through a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay anywhere in the neighborhood of $1,200 to $3,000.

That said, if you are looking to adopt a show-quality puppy, or one that has an exceptional lineage, the cost will go up substantially. This kind of Newfoundland puppy can run as much as $6,000, so you need to ensure that you will have the funds to make that happen.