The Insider’s Guide to Mini Golden Retrievers

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June 3, 2020

It is a refreshing experience walking towards your door only to be greeted with cheerful hysterical barks from your small playful best friend, a mini Golden retriever. Everyone is getting a designer dog nowadays, celebrities like Jackie Chan and Nicolette Sheridan have been caught parading their mini Golden retrievers on social media. This breed is compact-sized, and looking at one will melt your heart. Hanging around these little buddies is fun; they are always energy-charged and affectionate with people they like. 

Mini Golden retrievers are safe around children, although adult supervision is essential when babies are around dogs. Apparently, dog ears look like a juicy salami in the eyes of younger kids, and it could get ugly! 

The breed is very intelligent, protective, and will give you unconditional love. While some dogs really don’t care about you, mini Golden retrievers get intimately attached to their owners and are very protective. When minis are separated from their family, they get very anxious. However, it is a highly recommended designer breed if you are a first-time dog owner. Here are a few perks you need to know about owning a mini Golden retriever.  

Are Mini Golden Retrievers Real?  

Yes, they exist!

The mini Golden retrievers are a smaller, more adorable crossbreed of their parent, the Golden retriever. They do not suffer from dwarfism but stand shorter in stature because of their genes. The Golden retriever was first bred in Scotland 150 years ago as a fowl fetching dog. Their bones are less dense, and since they are good swimmers, they were the perfect companion for hunting waterfowls on lakes, ponds, and swamps. 

Breeding Mini Golden Retrievers  

Mini Golden retrievers come from crossbreeding the Golden retriever with the Poodle or the Cocker spaniel. Depending on their parents, genetic make-up varies with distinctive physical and behavioral differences. Crossbreeds with Poodles are more popular as they are easygoing, very active, obedient, and are always eager to please. Popularly known as “comfort retrievers,” they are easier to clean after because they shed less fur. Minis with Cocker spaniel DNA are not hypoallergenic and they generally shed more. 

Mini Golden Retriever Size  

Authorized crossbreeding has given rise to popularity in designer dogs. Miniature Golden retrievers stand 12 to 20 inches in shoulder height and can weigh anywhere between 14 to 31 lbs. Their size is just right if you are looking for a dog whose care routine isn’t hectic. However, you may need to vacuum more often if your mini Golden retriever sheds more.

Their golden fur can feature straight locks or curly soft waves, depending on which genes are more pronounced. Those that take more after their Golden retriever parents tend to have straight fur, which sheds a bit more often. Mini Goldens that inherit more genes from their Poodle parents get curlier coats with a soft texture. 

Mini Golden Retriever Temperament

Mini Golden retrievers inherit characteristics of their parents – They’re extremely loyal, tolerant, playful, and super protective with family. When there is a stranger at your front door, you will definitely know with all the barks if you have a miniature Golden in your house. They are gentle and make good therapy dogs in stressful times. Mini Golden retrievers with prominent Cocker spaniel genes can have temperamental issues as they can be snappish and occasionally aggressive. They are also known to bark more often. 

Mini Golden retrievers are fast learners, and you should begin obedience and socialization training when your dogs are young. They love their playtime, and it is even better when you throw in some delicious dog treats. Minis are curious creatures and are also wonderful movie buddies after a long day of play. 

How to Care for a Mini Golden Retriever

Owning any dog is a long-term investment. Mini Golden retrievers thrive best in a family environment with constant attention and affection. They are always running around and need a lot of exercise to stay active and avoid obesity. Play fetch, let them swim, and take them to long walks to keep your furry companions mentally stimulated and healthy. The best thing about mini Golden retrievers is that they grow fond of kids, and the duo is a blissfully noisy compound. 

Moreover, mini Goldens are very smart and will learn tricks very fast with positive reinforcement training. There is no need to worry if you live in an apartment since these dogs are more than happy in a limited space.

Minis are not too selective about the food they eat. However, it is advisable to feed them on kibble that is rich in proteins and low on carbs depending on how active they are during the day. You should also space out the meals not to overfeed your dogs because they can get fat, which is detrimental for their health. You will need to feed your mini Golden retrievers quality dog food for them to flourish. It is advisable to rotate different food types on your dogs because they quickly get bored by the monotony of a single feed over and over. You have to give your mini Golden proper grooming and regular brushing to get rid of the fur they shed. Regular baths are also essential to keep these dogs clean. 

Life Expectancy and Health Issues

Generally, small dogs age much slower than their standard-sized counterparts. Expect your mini Golden retrievers to live for anywhere between 13 to 15 years. Their life expectancy increases if they live a healthy life with proper nutrition, physical exercises, and regular health checkups with the vet. It is also good to immunize your pets against common dog diseases. 

You should ensure that you inquire about the health status of your mini Golden retriever and their parents from your breeder. An authorized breeder should have nothing to hide about the health history of their dogs. Although it is rare, inbreeding may cause passing on of recessive genes that may cause health problems for offsprings. Therefore, it is wise to visit an authorized breeder that will give you the adequately documented information.  

How Much Does a Mini Golden Retriever Cost?

Nothing worth having comes cheaply. My son started the “we want a pet in this house” debate before everyone else ganged up on me. Honestly, I had no plans of purchasing one at first, and I was a bit apprehensive of the idea. I had to part with $2,500 for a mini Golden retriever on the condition that my son and daughter would take care of her. But looking at how she cheers up everyone in the house, I don’t regret my decision. Mini Golden retrievers are not cheap and will cost you anywhere between $750 and $7,000 depending on your breeder. 

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to put in the effort, time, and finances to care for a pet, then the mini Golden retriever is a choice that you won’t regret. The breed has all the likable qualities of a Golden retriever packed in a smaller, cuter, and more manageable package. Lastly, don’t forget to preserve memories with your new-found best friend on those family photos.