Is It Hard to Potty Train a Yorkie?

Pet Training


March 12, 2023

Potty training your dog is a necessity. No matter the breed, being able to potty train them is crucial to prevent frequent accidents around the house. Those are not only frustrating to clean up, but it can give the dog the wrong idea that they are allowed to go in the house.

Yorkies in particular can present some challenges. Is it hard to potty train a Yorkie? The answer to that question can vary and there are a few approaches that one could take on the matter.

Why Are Yorkies So Hard to Potty Train?

No doubt, you have heard stories about Yorkies. You may be wondering, “Is it hard to potty train a Yorkie?” Depending on who you ask, the answer may be a resounding “yes.” But why are they so difficult?

There are a plethora of answers, depending on the dog themselves. The answer could be because the breed is naturally stubborn. Then again, it can also have to do with the level of training that they have, as well as your patience and consistency.

If you are attempting to train a Yorkie and are having trouble, look at your own methods. Are you being consistent in your methods? Are you showing the dog patience or getting annoyed and angry with every missed command?

How to Potty Train a Yorkie?

Now we know the answer to the question, “Is it hard to potty train a Yorkie?” It is a matter of getting them trained. Even if Yorkies are stubborn, there are ways to work around that stubbornness to achieve results.

Follow a Strict Schedule

No matter what breed you are training, having a potty schedule is essential. Begin with a trip outside when they wake up and do so every half hour or so, no more than an hour at the most. Take them before and after meals, and finally again before bed.

There are two reasons for the schedule. For one, it means that they will get used to going out frequently, visiting their designated potty spot. For two, it allows you to stay on top of them, not giving them the freedom needed to go off and have an accident in your home.

Crates or Training Pads

Crate training can be a reliable method of house breaking any kind of dog. That said, not everyone is keen on crating their dogs. Even if you are, making sure that you keep them in the crate whenever they are not actively trying to do their business is key.

Potty pads can be beneficial for those who don’t have easy access to yards, terraces, or dog parks. The potty pad can be their designated “go” spot, giving them the indication that it is okay to go in that spot. Either way, you will have the tools needed to properly teach them.

If you do opt for the crate, it has to feel welcoming. The crate should not just be a place for them to go when they aren’t being potty trained. It should be a safe spot, a quiet place where they can retreat and have comfort.

Potty Breaks Are Necessary

The schedule covers the when and where of potty training, but the breaks are the most crucial spot. In order to properly train your Yorkie, it is imperative that you take them for a potty break after meals and near waking up/bed time.

When young, Yorkies can eat three or four meals per day. When they have finished, make sure to take them to their designated potty spot for a brief trip. They might not have to go, but getting them familiar with the spot and when to go can ensure that they are ready to go according to schedule.

Positive Reinforcement Is Crucial

There are some pet owners who only know how to respond to frustration with anger and shouting. Though this might seem like the best way to teach your dog how to behave, it will do nothing but scare them and make them anxious.

Positive reinforcement is necessary because it is how they recognize and learn. When you reward their actions with treats and positive affirmation, they are going to want to repeat those actions. The same is true for teaching them to use the potty. When you take them out and they go to the correct spot, reward them. They don’t even have to go. The goal is to get them going to the right spot.

When they do manage to go potty in the right spot, praise them profusely and have plenty of treats ready. A few trips later, they should have the idea that going potty will create a positive response, which should make both them and you happier.


Yorkies might be stubborn and loud, but that doesn’t mean that they should have the run of the house. Potty training them might not be the most fun thing in the world, but it is necessary. Before long, you can ensure that your Yorkie is ready to meet your expectations.

Be certain that you use positive reinforcement each step of the way. If anything, Yorkies will not respond to the negative reinforcement displayed. Be sure to be consistent as well. Any small breaks can ruin the training that you have done.